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Local News Archive - 2003
Taking A Stand Award

Simon Campbell and Bobby Walker receive the Taking A Stand Award  at the House Of Commons

Simon Campbell and Bobby Walker, both aged 17, received an award on Thursday 4th December on behalf of the Tarleton Youth Action Group at the 'Taking A Stand' ceremony at the House of Commons. The award was presented by the Home Office Minister Hazel Blears. Simon and Bobby were hosted by Colin Pickthall, MP for West Lancashire and had a tour of the House of Commons as part of their day. For more info see news archive 27/11/03 and the TYAG webpage.

Bizarre Boundary Proposal

On 1st December the Boundary Committee for England published their Draft recommendations for unitary local government in Lancashire and are now "consulting" on the draft options put forward for a period of 12 weeks until 23 February 2004. Click Here to view the full report. The recommendations are founded on the findings of a "statistically robust" Mori Poll of 300 West Lancashire residents. Click here for the Mori Report in full.

In summary, the three options that the Boundary Commission have proposed are:

  • Option 1: We become part of a massive Lancashire County Council "Unitary Authority"
  • Option 2: We become part of a new "Sefton and West Lancashire"
  • Option 3: We become part of a new "Sefton and West Lancashire"

Rather bizarrely, our three options are actually only two. You are asked to provide feedback on these proposals but, to date, the supposedly convenient Online Feedback Form on the Boundary Commission website does not work and so any comments you wish to make must be made as best you can using pen and paper and it will cost you the price of a stamp. We have informed the Boundary Commission of this oversight and are awaiting a response.

However, we have dusted off the Virtual Village Vote and will run our own poll.
What do YOU think should happen - CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW.

Community Facilities Directory for Tarleton

Tarleton Village Design Group has obtained funding from Awards for All North West to produce a community directory that will help local residents find out about and access what is available to them in the village.

Any 'not for profit' organisations that operate in Tarleton who would benefit from being in the directory to either publicise their organisation or encourage volunteers please contact the Tarleton Village Design Group for more information or click here for the form (MS Word) which needs to be completed and returned no later than Friday 9th January 2004. Of particular interest are organisations who support carers in the Tarleton area but are not necessarily based there themselves. It is hoped that the final printed booklet will be distributed to Tarleton households in mid to late March 2004.

Any 'not for profit' organisation in Tarleton, Hesketh Bank, Mere Brow, North Meols or Rufford should also consider getting a themselves a free web page on their local community website - just send in your details and we will do the rest!

Block Bogus Callers

Tarleton Village Design Group is working in partnership with Lancashire Constabulary, West Lancashire District Council Home Safe Scheme and Identislot to encourage those people aged 60 or over who live in their own homes to increase their security to avoid bogus callers. The overall value of the project to the area is £8,000 (£7,500 from West Lancashire District Council Home Safe Scheme). Tarleton is being used as a pilot for this project which it is anticipated to be rolled out to the whole of West Lancashire.

There is a package of a security measures that will be made available, free of charge, to people who may be vulnerable to distraction burglaries. The package consists of:

  • A mechanism that is fitted into the door which allows an identity card to be passed from the caller to the householder without the door being opened.
  • An intercom system that allows the householder to control the contact with a caller through a viewcom.
  • Upgrading of front and back door locks to 5 lever mortice systems, if not already fitted.
  • Fitting of window locks to all ground floor windows and those accessible from flat roofs.
  • A bar system that allows the door to be left open for ventilation or to view a caller without fear of intrusion.
  • A smoke alarm.

This is quite a unique opportunity for older people to increase security in their homes at no expense to themselves. They will receive a visit from the West Lancashire District Council Home Safe Scheme to assess their requirements.

This project is presently for Tarleton residents only, however if people from other parishes wish to register an interest they can do so. The project is being coordinated by Dianne Hignett and John Marriot Crime Prevention Officers at Ormskirk Police Station who can be contacted on 01695 566353 or 566354. No names of any individuals wishing to participate in the project will be shared with anybody outside of the police and appropriate staff from West Lancashire District Council and Identislot who will fit the assessed equipment.

Outlook Wet for the Northern Parishes
Floodplain Map for the West Lancashire Northern Parishes and neighbouring villages -  Croston, Walmer Bridge, Hesketh Bank , Banks and Crossens at risk from the sea and  Bretherton, Mawdsley, Eccleston, Rufford, Mere Brow, Banks and Churchtown at risk from River flooding.
Get the very latest floodplain data direct from the
Environment Agency Website

The Environment Agency's new Indicative Floodplain Maps provide a general overview of areas of land in natural floodplains and therefore potentially at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. The maps use the best information currently available, based on historical flood records and geographical models. They indicate where flooding from rivers, streams, watercourses or the sea is possible. However the maps do not show flood defences which offer vital protection in many areas.
The Agency is making these maps widely accessible to make it easier for people to find out if they are in a flood risk area and what local flood warning arrangements exist.

They also inform planners and developers and are a key tool in informing decisions on controlling development in floodplains. For more information and the answers to frequently asked questions about flood plain maps, the impact it has on properties, the impact on property insurance and answers to general questions about flood risk CLICK HERE
Tarleton Youth Action Group Win National Award
Simon Campbell
London bound: Simon Campbell

Simon Campbell and Bobby Walker both aged 17 will be traveling down to the Houses of Parliament next week to receive the "Taking A Stand" award on behalf of the TYAG (Tarleton Youth Action Group).

According to British Crime Survey data, a third of people believe anti-social behavior problems such as vandalism and 'teenagers hanging around' are a big problem which can have a destructive effect on communities by creating an environment in which more serious crime can take hold.

TYAG were nominated for the prestigious national award after they sought feedback from youngsters in the village and subsequently built a new BMX track at Carr Lane recreation ground with a view to directly reducing the reports of nuisance in and around the village especially Marks Square. The £1000 cash award that accompanies the Taking A Stand accolade will go towards the next phase of the project which is hoped to include additional lighting being installed at the track.

TYAG are looking forward to an exciting 2004 with many trips, events and activities planned already.

Ages at TYAG range from 11 to 18 with over 40 regular attendees at their twice monthly meetings.

There's more info on the TYAG page or if just want more details then please Click Here to email TYAG.

Nadine, Lauren and Helen
Chair of TYAG, Lauren Barton, keeps a tight rein on her helpers; Nadine and Helen

Pedestrians Protest at Parking
Footpath obstructed outside Andrew Turpin Accountants
Parking problems outside Andrew Turpin  & Co Accountants

Pedestrians today went on the warpath when, despite there being plenty of room on the forecourt of Turpin's, the driver of this vehicle parked right across the pavement for well over an hour, apparently forcing pedestrians with prams, walking frames and mobility carts into the road if they wanted to get past.

The resident who sent in these photos, who did not wish to be named, said "It's about time the pedestrians of this village declared war on the inconsiderate drivers who treat our footpaths as their private parking spaces. This is not the usual 'two wheels' on the pavement that we have had to live with, this is a display of utter arrogance by someone who feels their convenience is far more important than the safety of pedestrians".

Is this the worst example of parking in the village? Send in your photos to

LINEAR PARK - Outline proposal
Linear Parks are intended to provide for informal countryside recreation opportunities, including horseriding where possible, as well as important cycling and pedestrian links between communities for leisure, travel to school, employment and shopping. Two new "Linear Parks" have been proposed for West Lancashire; one down the Canal and River Douglas Corridor and the other along the Ormskirk-Skemersdale Railway Line. The following text has been adapted from the Draft West Lancashire Replacement Local Plan - A Development Framework 2001 - 2016.(The complete original document can be accessed on the WLDC website by clicking here)

Linear Park - The Canal and River Douglas Corridor in Tarleton and Hesketh Bank.
The use of the river and canal is beginning to increase since the creation of the Ribble Link, which is a new canal linking the Lancaster Canal via the Ribble Estuary and Tarleton Lock to the Rufford Branch. There is scope to develop this area as a linear park containing footpaths and cycleways. There is also a proposal to develop a Regional Park based upon the River Ribble, and this proposal fits in with this concept.

The early consultation on the Local Plan revealed strong support for the improvement of the area alongside the Rufford Branch of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal and the River Douglas in Tarleton and Hesketh Bank. The route also contains the former track bed of a branchline down to Tarleton off the former Southport-Preston rail line.

The creation of a cycle route through the linear park accords with the District Council’s Cycling Strategy, and will provide links to the main secondary school in Tarleton, as well as between the main centres of Tarleton and Hesketh Bank, avoiding the busy main road. A route along the river will also link in with the creation of the Southport-Preston section of the National Cycle
Network, which is currently being developed by Lancashire County Council. This may involve a new river crossing in the vicinity of Alty’s Brickworks.

Most of the land is in private ownership and further consultation and feasibility work is required before a detailed scheme can be drawn up. It is expected, however, that there are several potential sources of funding which can be used to develop this proposal further.

In terms of the Alty’s Brickworks site, this is considered to form a pivotal role in the development of the park. This could form the interchange of the cycle and pedestrian route to the south and the National Cycle Network and Coastal Footpath which may cross the River Douglas at this point. The former brickworks site already contains the West Lancashire Light Railway and a large area of water, as well as small scale employment uses. These could potentially be developed further to create a more focussed tourist attraction which would complement the linear park and the wider Ribble Regional Park. Any development here, would however, need to ensure that that there are no detrimental effects upon neighbouring residential property, or that traffic generation does not adversely affect the local highway network.

There is still some feasibility work which needs to be done on bringing together this linear park proposal, and the District and County Councils are currently liaising on these matters. Discussions will also need to take place with private landowners who own parts of the line. Potential sources of funding include the Local Transport Plan, derelict land monies and landfill tax monies.


West Lancashire District Council have approved the change of use of 93, Church Road, Tarleton to a dry cleaning shop which will include an ironing & seamstress service.

Eight letters of objection were received from neighbours and people employed locally about the change of use proposed for the music school but, after a site visit, the Planning Committee granted the application submitted by Stuart Sinclair.

The proposals include the use of the site initially as a dry cleaning agency only, but with a longer term view to install dry cleaning machinery and washers/dryers within the building. In addition, sewing machines and steam-presses would also be installed.

The Council Planning Committe were assured that the dry cleaning machinery proposed will not give off any nuisance noise or toxic smells (all chemicals would be recycled within the machine and thus requiring no external ventilation/extraction or flues) and it was accepted that although the drying machines would require exhaust flues, the output from the flues would be of a non-noxious nature.

Kick off for Hesketh Bank AFC facilities

Hesketh Bank Fottball Club - new facilities  proposed.
Proposed new facilities for Hesketh Bank AFC

West Lancashire Planning Committee looked favourably on the outline planning application by Hesketh Bank Football Club for sports facilities including a floodlit all weather sports surface, changing facilities and a club house with fitness rooms and recreation hall.

HB AFC Chairman, Peter Leigh, said today "This is possibly one of the biggest steps forward Hesketh Bank AFC has made since it's formation in 1922. The proposed facilities will provide a much needed focus for the Football Club as well as providing the essential training facilities that the Club needs to develop football for the youth of Hesketh Bank and also achieve FA Charter Status. The sports facilities proposed will be a great asset to the village and will fully compliment the other sports initiatives underway in neighbouring Tarleton"

Hesketh Bank Football Club is one the the largest and most successful football clubs in Lancashire. This season the club boasts 233 registered football players, and fields a total of 14 teams ranging from under 8's through to 'veterans'. Over 50% of Hesketh Bank's players are under 18. For more information visit

More White Vans Wanted

All members of the public are asked to be on the look-out for the following 2 vehicles. They have been seen recently acting suspiciously and it is also believed they have been seen throughout the West Lancs area. The vehicles are both White Transit vans:-

H 846 RAW
P 850 KJA

The whereabouts of these vehicles are wanted by both Lancashire and GMP Police. One vehicle is believed to be involved in theft of motorcycles. Please be on the look-out for both these vehicles. Any sightings should be reported to the Police immediately.

Health Centre Extension

An application to extend Tarleton Health Centre, Gorse Lane, has been made to West Lancs planning. The proposal is for a first floor extension on the front elevation and a single
storey extension to the rear.

Booths Latest

Booths claim to have taken on board the comments made at the public meeting and will revise their plans accordingly. The revised application is likely to go to before West Lancs Planning Committee early December.

Tony Murphy, Parish Council Chairman, tonight outlined the major changes we should expect to see in the application:

  • A "Linked Shopping" footpath 2.5 meters wide will now be included down the side of Country Larder
  • A one way system will operate in the car park. The car park will cater for 104 places, will be free and will be a shoppers car park with any abuse (parking all day etc) will be 'dealt with'.
  • A recycling centre will be sited on the car park
  • HB Computers are to move to the old off licence. The Chemist Shop is still "in negotiations"
  • The mini roundabout has moved slightly up the hill in order to accommodate the Linked Shopping footpath
  • Two pedestrian crossing points are now promised; one outside Bargain Booze and one opposite No. 11 Station Rd.
  • Lowering of the bridge crown was investigated but considered impractical owing to the adverse impact on the Top Shop
  • The bus shelter (recently demolished by Safeways) would not be replaced and a Lay-by created similar to that outside Nevins in Tarleton. A bus stop sign would be placed outside No 11 Station Rd. Additionally the bus stop near the HSBC would moved up the hill and a "top of the range" bus shelter placed to cater for both directions of bus services.
November Parish Council Meeting

Parish Council Meetings can be dangerous!

Hesketh-with-Becconsall Parish Council is classified as "Display Standard"

This November Follow the Parish Council Code

WARNING: Parish Council Meetings are dangerous
  • Spectators must maintain a distance of at least 25 meters from a 'Display Standard' Parish Councilor.
  • Keep Parish Councilors in a sealed room for the duration of the meeting
  • Only let Councilors speak one at a time.
  • NEVER have a councilor in your pocket
  • Read Standing Orders carefully, using a torch or hand lamp NEVER use a naked flame
  • Always ask questions of Parish Councilors at arms length, stand well back and NEVER return to a Councilor after it has been questioned, it could explode in your face.
  • Due to the erratic conduct of some Councilors it is not advisable to allow children to approach Parish Councilors unsupervised.
  • No matter how attractive a proposition it may seem at the time, NEVER throw a Councilor.

This is a public service announcement brought to you by

Water Board Warning
Message from The West Lancashire Neighbourhood Watch Association
The police are warning the public about bogus officials who have been gaining entry to elderly persons homes by posing as water board officials who want to check water pipes. Once in the home the offenders have stolen property.

Descriptions of two offenders seen are males early 20's one of whom had red hair and spoke with a stammer. He was wearing a white anorak. Do not let persons into your home without seeing proper authority or them having made a written appointment.

A second problem concerns telephone calls to elderly residents, saying that the Environment Agency wishes to make an appointment to call. Their reason is to give advice on Crime Prevention, mentioning security alarms in the conversation. These calls do not have any connection to any Professional body.

Please do not let anyone into your home without first checking their identity. If you require information on Security alarms please contact the Crime prevention officers at your local Police station. If you wish to contact the Police please ring 0845 1 25 35 45 or in an emergency dial 999.

If you wish to pass on information anonymously about this or any other incident and then you can contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Carr Lane Cracker

Tarleton Sports Committee have announced a successful bid for lottery funding to upgrade the sports facilities at Carr Lane with a Grant Offer of £176,036 from The Football Foundation. The funding boost will allow the Tarleton Sports Committee to provide a new pavilion at the Carr Lane ground, housing eight changing rooms for male and female players and match officials alongside social areas and spectator facilities. In keeping with Foundation policy all facilities will be fully accessible for disabled fans and players.

The money will also allow the organisation to install a new drainage system for nine junior and senior pitches. With the new facilities the club hope to expand opportunities to local players of all ages and abilities and expect over 15 new teams to be established, particularly from amongst local junior players and girls.

The Football Foundation is dedicated to revitalising the grass roots of the game, constructing modern football facilities, developing football as a force for social cohesion and as a vehicle for education in communities throughout the country. Funded by the FA Premier League, The Football Association and the Government, the Football Foundation is the nation’s largest sports charity with £83m already invested into the heart of football.

Foundation Chief Executive, Peter Lee, welcomed this latest funding boost for Lancashire: “Over £3m has already been invested in Lancashire alone, funding over 40 projects. This latest grant will ensure that football in and around Tarleton will continue to flourish and that everyone will now have the opportunity to play our national game. Our sincere congratulations go to the Tarleton Sports Committee for this superb initiative.”

Chairman of Tarleton Sports Committee and Tarleton Parish Council Cllr. John Hodson, outlines the total project: “ This is tremendous news! Tarleton Sports Committee is a partnership arrangement between Tarleton Corinthian Football Club, Tarleton Cricket Club and Tarleton Parish Council. We have been working towards this goal for the past 2 ½ Years and the result is a true endorsement of partnership working. The total Project amounts to £287,00.00 with contributions from the Sports Clubs and Tarleton Parish Council. I would like to personally thank all the ‘team’ who stuck with the job and achieved such a remarkable result in such a short space of time. We aim to start works early in the new year with the first phase starting with the new Pavillion and changing rooms. The second Phase will be the Pitch improvements. This project will provide up to date modern facilities not just for Football but also Cricket and Parish Council uses. With the sharp rise in population over the past few years this is the first true step in bringing facilities in line with that increase. This is a proud day for Tarleton!

Upset over 'Visiter' Mistake

As a result of inaccuracies in the "Fork Lift Kills Boy, 8" cover story on the front of today’s Southport Visiter, Karen and Mark Baybutt of Moss Lane and also Tarleton Holy Trinity Primary School have been bombarded with calls and enquiries from parents and the media.

Karen and Mark have asked us to convey a clear statement that their son, Tom Baybutt, is fit and well.

The Tom Baybutt who was tragically killed in North Wales and the subject of the report in the Southport Visiter, is however known and related to the local Baybutt family and so the extensive media intrusion has been an unwelcome burden to both of the families involved.

Visiter Responds - Open Letter

I am writing to apologise profusely for a mistake which appears on the front page of today's Southport Visiter (Friday, October 24).

Thomas Frank Baybutt, aged 8, who died on Wednesday, was a pupil at Kingswood College and was not Thomas Baybutt, aged 8, a pupil who attends Holy Trinity Primary School. I promise I will make this clear to our readers in the next edition of the newspaper.

The mistake was made when a Visiter reporter contacted Holy Trinity School on Thursday evening to enquire whether Thomas Baybutt, 8, was a pupil at their school and was told that he was, and that the school did not wish to comment further. The police refused to confirm any details other than Thomas' name, age and the fact he lived somewhere in the Southport area.

I never imagined Tarleton Holy Trinity may have had a pupil of the same name and age at their school, but understand this will not lessen any distress. I have just been out to deliver letters of apology to: Frank and Andrea Baybutt, the parents of the late Thomas Frank Baybutt, Mark and Karen Baybutt, the parents of Thomas Baybutt, Mrs Gray, headteacher at Tarleton Holy Trinity CE primary school, and Mr Barowski, headteacher at Kingswood College, separately.

Once again I wish to apologise wholeheartedly for my error, and the upset it undoubtedly will have caused.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Brown,
Assistant editor, Southport Visiter

Could I please extend my most sincere congratulations through this web site to Christine Farrington who has just been elected to represent HwBPC as a Parish Councillor.

Christine, as we know, is more than fitting to be the representative of local views. The overwhelming response that a local member of the community has received is truly encouraging.

The recent developments at HwBPC are truly deplorable and I am sure that Christine will contribute a degree of stability and decorum to future proceedings.

There will be developments in Tarleton in the very near future which will place tremendous pressures upon HwB PC. HwBPC will be required to act efficiently and effectively to these changes. I sincerely believe that this can be achieved trough partnership working. Certainly confrontation and loutish behaviour does nothing to move things forward! We live in the modern world and presumably can act in a civil manner toward
each other. You know, we are not so different us Hecky Bonkers' and 'Turletonners'!

Let's hope that in the next few years we can start to talk to each other like the civilised adult citizens we are and move things forward.
Best wishes,
Gail Hodson.

Hesketh with Becconsall Parish Council Election
Counting the votes for the  Parish Council Election

Christine Farrington was this evening elected to the Hesketh-with-Becconsall Parish Council.

The turnout of voters was around three times that anticipated which was put down to the good weather and the increased level of interest in the Parish Council following recent events at Parish Council meetings (see news archive).

The Returning Officer declared Christine Farrington with 358 votes, Gail Hodson with 56 Votes and 3 votes spoiled. More

Thefts Continue
The Police are reminding everyone, once again, of an increasing crime trend in rural areas of West Lancashire. These are thefts from garages, farm buildings and driveways of heavy equipment such as sit-on lawnmowers and farm equipment including trailers. It is believed the offenders are from the travelling community and are using white transit vans as well as a dark coloured saloon car.
They are calling at premises offering landscape gardening services. Within half an hour of their call equipment has been stolen. Please be aware of these offences and exercise caution with any unknown callers on your property. If you are suspicious please notify the Police.

A large public attendance (25) at tonight's Parish Council meeting really put the Parish Council on the spot with regards to the lack of youth facilities, the unsociable behavior of some youths and the lack of police action when things get out of hand. The message was clear: Enough talking - start doing! A skatepark being built on the parish council owned land on Shore Rd was proposed as a realistic example of what could be done. The suggestion was taken on board, with a feasibility study and rough estimates noted as actions. Watch this space!

All but four of the public had left the meeting before the almost inevitable personal abuse started in earnest. Fueled by the Chair "not providing a report" after a visit to the Standards Board, comments from Cllr Ball left him in breach of "Standing Order 28" and thus excluded from the rest of the meeting. Spying his chance, (as technically he was no longer present and so any further comments could not be minuted) Cllr Ball launched a tirade of expletives at the Chair. The fracas ended with a nose to nose "debate" and fisticuffs being threatened. Happening only moments after the Parish Council had discussed the merits of attending a £500 course in effective communication and conflict management, the irony seemed to pass most by.

Other PC news
The 6ft high concrete fence to required to replace the felled trees around the Station Rd pitch will cost £3,100
The bus shelter opposite Alty's which was destroyed by a Safeway lorry (see news archive) will cost £1736 to replace. Hopefully this sum will be recovered through insurance although apparantly the driver 'forgot' to report the incident; an oversight which has made sorting out the claim even more difficult than usual. Not such a good advert for Safeways.


Newly promoted to Section Two, Hesketh Bank Band came away with a third prize from the North West Counties Brass Band Championships which were held at Fleetwood yesterday. An excellent performance for the first contest in the higher division.

The Band played a piece called Resurgam by Eric Ball. The adjudicator, Mr. Richard Evans said, “This was a very brave performance with some fine musical directing.” Well done to MD Stuart Pullin.

The Band also received a trophy for last season’s achievements, a lovely piece of glassware with 2002-2003 Third Section NorthWest Champions written on it. Here’s to the next prize hopefully not long off!

Controversial Smith Avenue "People Farm" Approved

8/2003/0275 Gilbert Johnson Esq

Land at Smith Avenue, Tarleton.
Use of land for stationing of 5 static caravans for occupation by seasonal agricultural workers during the months of March through to October.

Wanted: White Van Man

All farms and Neighbourhood Watch members are asked to be on the lookout for the following vehicle:- A white Transit Van reg. no. S817 SRJ.

This vehicle was seen in suspicious circumstances in Bickerstaffe at around 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon. It is thought they may have been attempting to steal a caravan but when challenged the driver( who spoke with an Irish accent) said they were cutting hedges and then made off towards Rainford. About 2 hours later a shed was reported broken into when lawnmowers and other property were stolen. Please be on the look-out for this vehicle and report any sightings to the Police immediately. To repeat:- A white Transit van S817 SRJ.

Name and Shame Update
Bus Shelter - Safeway driver did not see it and failed to report  the damage caused

Culprit Named!

Whilst the villian himself hasn't come forward we do have an update from a eye witness who tells us that, rather worryingly, the bus shelter was vandalised by a reversing Safeway lorry at 10:00 am last Sunday morning. What on earth a Safeway lorry was doing trying to reverse down Station Rd is anybodys guess.

Dear Editor

There is a lack of places available to paying school children on the buses running to Tarleton High School. After two years of being able to catch the 724 service which runs down Chapel road in Hesketh Bank to the High School, my Son (aged 13) has now been told he can't get on because there's no room this year as the number of children with school passes has exceeded the buses capacity (if this is the case, then the bus is unlawfully carrying more people than it should. I think the current bus has a capacity of 73, and there's 76 passes been issued).

Because of local Council funding, Chapel Road is not gritted during winter, there's usually a few accidents, and plenty of near misses to watch on freezing mornings, the thoughts of my Son walking to the High School, or trying to get another bus from the junction of Chapel Road and Station Road (741 service) isn't appealing. Especially when the 741 arrives at 7:56am and leaves the child at the school around 8:15am. That's a long wait for lessons to start.

My Son is not alone, there are few other children who are now having to either get parents to add to the traffic problems by providing lifts, or risking themselves on bikes, or walking. There are even pupils from Crossens who pay and are now also having difficulty getting to and from school.

I spoke to the School Travel help line on 01772 849111 and they were very good in trying to find alternative bus routes. They were also good enough to fill a form in over the phone to pass on to the Council regarding the bus situation. The main argument being the dangers during winter for children on foot.

For anything to be achieved it's going to take all the parents impacted by this problem to fill in the form.

Graham Lawton

107 Chapel Road
Hesketh Bank

Proms Success

Hesketh Bank Band's "Last night at the Proms" at All Saints Hall was a roaring success. The Band, under the direction of MD Stuart Pullin, played a wonderful programme, encompassing a huge range of music, from the traditional Florentine March to start the evenings entertainment, through the theme music from Batman The Movie, Nimrod from The Enigma Variations, Montagues and Capulets from Romeo & Juliet, Time To Say Goodbye made famous by Andrea Berccelli & Sara Brightman, Famous British Marches and not forgetting the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.

The evening was made complete by our two returning heroes, our guest soloists Paul Turner & Dean Wright. Both of these fine musicians used to play for Hesketh Bank before moving to bigger things. (BBC Phil. & Welsh Nat.Opera Orchestra.) Both of them brought the house down. Paul playing on the whole range of percussion with the band and soloing with Drummers Delight and piece featuring the Glockenspiel, Forgotten Dreams. He then encored by playing the kit alla Paul Turner on The Theme From The A Team. Dean Played the very famous Nessun Dorma and Rule Britannia with variations. All the were played to perfection. It was an honour and a privilege to have them both back "home" on the All Saints stage.

The evening drew to its finale by the traditional playing and singing of Jerusalem and Land of Hope And Glory complete with flag waving, party poppers and streamers. The hall was decorated in Union and St.George's flags and bunting, which all combined made it a very special night for Hesketh Bank. Sadly some people had to be turned away because they had no tickets and the hall was full to capacity and some. We can only say sorry. Next year make sure you have tickets.

Here's to next year's Last Night At The Proms!

Name and Shame
Vandalised Bus Shelter

Presumably the people who did this are extremely proud of their handiwork and would wish to publicly take the credit for such a gesture. We will happily publish their names, photographs and addresses if they would be so kind as to get in touch.

Virtual Village Vote on the local issue of the day
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Tarleton Village Plan available

After the successful launch of the Tarleton Village Plan at the Cock & Bottle on Monday night you can now download a copy of the excellent document and browse at your leisure the Village Vision, and hopefully get involved - you can really help with the activities that will turn the Action Plan into reality. Download a copy by clicking the link below. You will need adobe acrobat to read it - click the link to get a free copy of the software from adobe.

Download Tarleton Village Plan

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Have Your Say
Virtual Village Vote on the local issue of the day
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£50,000 loan to be returned

Hesketh-with-Becconsall Parish Council tonight decided to return the £50,000 loan taken from the Public Works Loan Board earlier this year. The controversial loan (see news archive) was for the supposed purchase of land in Hesketh Bank for sports and public recreational use. In a letter clarifying the options open to the Parish Council, the PWLB confirmed that returning the money would not jeopardize any later application but this very brief encounter with the world of high finance will cost the Hesketh-with-Becconsall ratepayers a £567.20 in interest charges with nothing at all to show for it.

Other Parish Council news
The proposed car park at Booths will be an amenity for the village and not just for Booths shoppers (but watch out for any parking "constraints" which may creep in at the detailed planning stage).

A £190 advert has apparently delivered seven applicants for the Clerk position which means there are at least six people who will have cause for celebration when the interview panel makes its selection.

The position on the Parish Council vacated by Cllr Birkby will go to a by-election in October so now is the time to get your application in! If you want to stand and would like to send in your mugshot and your "election speech" we will set up a page especially for the candidates.

Altys rebuke Parish Council Alty's took umbrage at "the tone" of the letter from the Parish Council regarding the request to reconsider the newly introduced razor wire now topping sections of their perimeter fence (see news archive) and wrote back to the Parish Council telling them as much, explained how they took legal advice before erecting the razor wire and in any case, possibly only did it because the Fly Fishing Club had asked them to. Rumours that the fence will now also be electrified and a minefield laid are clearly not true.
Recent Planning Applications
Application No.: 8/2003/1028
Two storey side extension
Location : 71, Chapel Road, Hesketh Bank.
Applicant : Mr D J Bamber
71 Chapel Road
Hesketh Bank
Application No.: 8/2003/1033
Horse exercise track together with associated
reception/stable block & trailer park.

Location : Land at Dib Road, off Shore Road, Hesketh Bank.
Applicant : Mr C Haughton
3 Woodland Ave, Scarisbrick
Application No.: 8/2003/1036
Two storey extensions to side and rear
Location : 23, Meolsgate Avenue, Tarleton.
Applicant : Mr and Mrs T Rimmer
28 Hesketh Lane, Tarleton
Application No.: 8/2003/1039
Incorporation of land into residential curtilage.
Location : 415, Blackgate Lane, Tarleton.
Applicant : Mr & Mrs Clayton
Hollydene, 415 Blackgate Lane, Holmes
Application No.: 8/2003/1059
Change of use to dry cleaning agency incorporating ironing & seamtress service.
Location : 93, Church Road, Tarleton.
Applicant : Stuart Eric Sinclair
2 Fulwood Avenue, Tarleton
Application No.: 8/2003/0986
Provision of car park at front & playground at rear.
Location : Tarleton Community Primary School, Hesketh Lane, Tarleton.
Application No.: 8/2003/0990
Erection of animal shelter & construction of
boundary fencing.

Location : Land at Johnsons Meanygate, Tarleton.
Applicant : Craig Parkinson
24 Fermor Road, Tarleton
Application No.: 8/2003/1002
First floor and two storey side extension.
Location : 122, Chapel Road, Hesketh Bank.
Applicant : Mr J Calvert
122 Chapel Road, Hesketh Bank
Application No.: 8/2003/1003
Conversion of garage to study and conservatory at rear.
Location : Ledaig House, 1F, The Green,
Applicant : Mr & Mrs E James
Ledaig House, 1F The Green, Hesketh Bank
Application No.: 8/2003/0959
Two storey and single storey extensions.
Location : Becconsall, Hunters Lane, Tarleton.
Applicant : Mr and Mrs J Caunce
Becconsall, Hunters Lane, Holmes
Website Milestone
The Tarleton & Hesketh Bank website yesterday delivered its 100,000 page of information to a reader yesterday. With the trend continuing upwards and with your continued support we hope to hit the 1 million mark in the near future.
Booths Public Meeting

All Saints Church Hall was packed last night with around 140 local residents, shopkeepers and traders from Tarleton and Hesketh Bank attending the Public Meeting called by Hesketh-with-Becconsall Parish Council to gather views on the proposed development of a Booths Supermarket on land to be sold by Alty's.

Booths Hesketh Bank

Predictably, no one from Alty's or Booths attended the meeting (at least in an official capacity) but, to the anger and frustration of many at the meeting, no one from West Lancashire planning was in attendance; the invitation declined with the department claiming that in order to retain a "neutral" outlook they could not attend. How listening to the pros and cons as seen from the perspective of local residents rather than the developer detracts from this ideal was not explained.

The speakers at the meeting were evenly divided in their views but a straw poll at the end of the meeting determined a majority in favour of the development in principle.

One issue crossed the divide; the potential adverse impact of the development on traffic in the village(s). It was a clear wish that the conclusions of an independent traffic assessment be made public and serious consideration be given to improving the proposed road layout in the area of the development in advance of detailed planning permission.

Canal Breach Latest

British Waterways have now installed stop planks between Bridge 36 and Giants Hall Aqueduct to enable repair work on the 200 year old embankment to proceed as quickly as possible. The Rufford Branch is still closed due to lack of water following the breach, in which around 100 million gallons spilled on to adjacent land. A dedicated team of engineers is on site working to repair and re-water the stretch of canal around the breach, which is now less than two miles in length.

The craning point for boats wanting to travel from the west to east of the breach is located at Mayors Boatyard at Tarleton. The craning point for boats wanting to travel from the east to west of the breach is located at White Bear Marina, Chorley. Boaters are asked to telephone Vaughan Jones at White Bear Marina on 01257 481054 for a current status report and to take advantage of the craning facility. Boaters planning to travel from the Lancaster Canal are asked to telephone Anne Marie Mount at BW’s Galgate Office on 01524 751888.

Roof Fall

Earlier reports that local painter and decorator Mick McCluskey of Blackgate Lane has suffered a serious accident have been confirmed. Whilst details are still vague it would seem that Mick fell through a roof at Len Wrights.

He was taken by air ambulance to Preston this morning and has apparently suffered injuries to the head, pelvis and elbow. Our thoughts are with Mick and Sue at this anxious time.

Clerk Chaos

Within minutes of last nights Parish Council meeting starting, the public, press and the Clerk were excluded whilst the council discussed their position regarding the Clerk. The Clerk was later called into the private meeting and then left altogether. On resuming with the public present, the Chair advised the meeting that the Clerk had been dismissed with one months notice given. Cllr Hunter agreed to take the minutes and a motion to advertise the position of Clerk to the Parish Council was carried.

A note leaked after the meeting detailed a long list of reasons why the named Councilors were dissatisfied with the Clerks execution of his duties. We also understand that the Clerk has already involved ACAS and is considering a claim of unfair dismissal.

As the Clerk had left with all the correspondence and details pertaining to the bulk of the agenda it quickly got around to public participation which centered around two themes, the outline planning proposal from Booths and the ongoing drainage problems within the Poppyfields and the surrounding area.

Alty's Attack
From those who spoke, the sentiment on the outline proposal was most definitely against, with traffic issues and the detrimental impact to existing shops topping the bill but with Alty's rather than Booths on the receiving end of the frustrations of the parishioners and Councilors. It was agreed that a public meeting would be held on the 18th of August at 7.30pm in All Saints Church Hall to allow comments from the public to be noted but also to hear from a Planning Officer how current planning policy impacts or enhances such a proposal and, hopefully, we will also hear from our WLDC Councilors on their reaction to that tabled.

It was noted that the Parish Council had not been given a copy of this planning request as apparently is custom, and that any comments that the parish council would wish to make about the proposal were required to be submitted to WLDC PRIOR to when the HwB PC was scheduled to next meet. For once, the nasty odour in the room was not from the Poppyfields drains.....

As for the long suffering Poppyfields residents, who remain at the mercy of Morris Homes and WLDC who apparently STILL haven't resolved the long outstanding issues over the suitability and thus the subsequent adoption of the drains (first raised as a problem in 1997). Mr Arthur Fowler again raising the matter as an utter disgrace and a total failure of the processes, legislation and elected representation which is supposedly in place to protect home buyers from such a situation ever arising.

Parish Council Vacancy
The Parish Council vacancy created by the resignation of Cllr Birkby has apparently appeared on some notice boards around the village with responses from the public dictating that the vacancy will require an election rather than a co-opted selection.

Councilors reviewing planning requests noted applications totaling a further 20 (TWENTY) caravans to house seasonal workers.

Hesketh Bank 2 Fleetwood Hesketh 1

Hesketh Bank stormed to success last night, beating their newly promoted arch rivals Fleetwood Hesketh in a pre season friendly game at Station Rd. Looking resplendent in their new kit, the premier league Fleetwood Hesketh failed to impress on the pitch and lost convincingly to an upbeat 1st Division Hesketh Bank. During the good humoured post match drinks at the Becc, the FH coaching staff claimed it was "the taking part and not the winning" that really mattered which, of course, is absolutely correct.

If you want to sponsor the Winning Side contact Peter Leigh or Don Hand
Click Here for contact details

Outline plans have now been submitted for the new £1.3m Sports Hall, changing facilities, additional car & cycle parking and a new access route at Tarleton High School.
Tarleton Hiigh School Sports Hall

The new Sports Hall is needed to provide improvements to sports and games facilities at the school necessary to meet the curriculum needs of the 900+ pupils but will also be available for use by the local community.

The proposal outlines a 900m2 ‘4 Court’ Hall to be built on what is currently the All Weather pitch, enclosing the current car parking area for a large outdoor area where pupils can gather at break and lunch times with minimum supervision. The new access is proposed to run in parallel with Haig Avenue.

Layout of the proposed new Sports Hall at Tarleton High School
The contributions by the local parish councils to Lancashire County Council (the main funding source) have ensured ongoing local community access and also representation on the new “Community Users Sports Committee” which will oversee and manage the access and involvement of local clubs and associations in partnership with the High School.

Outline plans pertaining to 12-22 Station Rd, have now been submitted for the erection of food store 1765 square meters plus car parking, service area, new access and extension to the existing shop.

Further details
New access is understood to mean a mini roundabout approximately opposite the Post Office/Johnson's Tool Shop, the car park will be at the front with the store at the back and the boundary extending from the rear of the HSBC through to HB Computers (Mcleods). Booths apparently will submit a traffic impact survey within the next week or so.

If you wish to take the opportunity to inspect the details contact West Lancs Planning Office 52 Derby St Ormskirk (Mr A. D. Wells 01695 585270). If you do have any comments you wish to make about this application then you have 21 days to respond in writing or email

There is the possibility of a public meeting to discuss. Whether you feel that we should or shouldn't hold a public meeting you should vote now. The Parish Council will take stock of the voting at the end of July and act accordingly.


Fight Night

One resignation, prospects of police involvement, lots of shouting and a (rumoured) sacking - it can only be a HwB Parish Council meeting........

Round 1
Cllr Brian Birkby submitted his resignation from the Parish Council by letter, citing a long list of recent issues and problems that have plagued the council as his reasons. The Council accepted his position and paid tribute to the work he had done on behalf of the community.


During matters arising from previous minutes and after 20 minutes of allegation and counter allegation about cheque books, cheque stubs, inter-meeting payments etc, a proposal by Cllr Ball to bring in the police regarding the parish council accounts was passed.


A subset of the Parish Council reported back after a meeting with the Football Club over "The Trees" in summary proposing that in order to restore the usability of the pitch they have asked the parish council to consider:

  • Layer the hawthorn hedge such that it can regenerate and, in the long term, hide the...
  • 2m high concrete panel wall to be installed along the Station Rd end of the pitch and join up with that proposed to be installed behind the Village Hall
  • Erect temporary netting behind the Station Rd end goal and
  • Plant a small row of conifers to the rear of the goal as both a memorial and as a longer term solution to the temporary netting.

Quotes are to be requested for the work outlined


Cllr Ball submitted the observation that razor wire had appeared on the boundary at the rear of Alty's woodyard and the Boatyard. He went on to report that the RSPCA had already been out to deal with a badly injured swan who had been severely cut by the wire. The council recognised the danger that this presented to any children playing in the vicinity and to wildlife and asked the clerk to write to Alty's requesting the removal of the razor wire.


Cllr Standish-Gore made a plea for a permanent speed camera to be sited on the approach into Hesketh Bank on Shore Road as the speed with which traffic pass the primary school is far from acceptable. Whilst an assessment is made of the most suitable traffic calming measure, a temporary speed camera may well appear without notice SO BE WARNED - SLOW DOWN.


Round 2
The Council went into the so called Part II of the meeting midway through the agenda; the public and press ushered outside to wait for the main meeting to resume. Raised voices (understatement) could be clearly be heard outside prompting the suggestion that the agenda item be renamed Round 2. On being allowed back in there was no official statement made about the agenda items discussed during the closed door session or any comment on any decisions made, but rumours circulating after the meeting suggested that the session may have been to discuss the termination of the Parish Council Clerks services.


Round 3
Items of interest in the Finance section centered around the first repayment of our £100k loan (see news archive) which was in excess of £1600 and a solicitors bill received for £146 for legal advice taken by the Clerk and previous chairman.


The meeting closed prior to agenda item 13. The REAL Project update. We hope to be able to bring an update to you directly rather than wait for the next Parish Council meeting which is currently scheduled for September.

Local Planning News
More bad news for local farmers as planning permission was recently refused for agricultural buildings at Rimmers, Blackgate lane, at Harrisons on Hunters Lane and also at Hazeldene Foods on Taylors Meanygate. Certificates of Lawfulness were also refused at Suttons on Southport New Road and Johnsons at Banks (click here to read more). One application that did meet with approval was from Henry Iddon & Sons Ltd for the erection of three detached houses with garages on Chapel Road, Hesketh Bank.
Old Church Sunday
The procession makes its way down Becconsall Lane for the 'Old Church Sunday' service. The annual All Saints "Old Church Sunday" service was blessed with beautiful weather (More Photos) and later, The Friends of Becconsall Old Church together with many visitors to the church enjoyed a concert by Tarleton Brass Band. Walkers venturing down to the banks of the Douglas saw 26 Narrow boats heading for Tarleton lock after navigating the Ribble Link on the afternoon high tide.
Trouble at t' tip
Permit to Deposit Household Waste
Permit to deposit household waste - Lancashire County Council Environment Directorate
Click on form for enlarged image

Following our story yesterday we had a full inbox this morning with many of you commenting on the "job creation scheme" surrounding the administration of the new access policy to the Recycling Centres and the detrimental impact this will have on recycling initiatives.

Clearly many householders are annoyed by the introduction of this policy, the lack of communication with regard to it's necessity and purpose and also the knock on impact to the environment (fly tipping) and recycling (large volumes of green waste diverted to landfill that would have otherwise have been composted).

We believe that the situation has already been raised with our County Councilor, Robert Hodge and we warmly extend a right of reply to all parties involved.

On a lighter note, we observe that within their permit numbering system, LCC have made provision for over 1 billion unique permits to be issued for Rufford tip. Imagine the queues on a bank holiday!.

We still have not had sight of a permit for a pedestrian - could you be the first?
Ring 0845 0500957

LCC waste opportunity
Lancashire County Council have confirmed they will go ahead with plans which have been described as 'making a bureaucratic mountain out of a recycling molehill'. In readiness for the 1st of July, LCC have begun administering and issuing permits for visits to the Recycling Collection points.

From 1st July...
Trailers longer than 3m long are banned altogether
4 wheeled trailers of any size need a permit
A van or pickup of any size needs a permit
Even a pedestrian needs a permit
A permit will allow only one visit per calendar month

The council claim that the new measures will reduce the amount of trade waste being processed through their domestic waste facilities although no one has yet been able to offer an explanation as to how the number of wheels on a trailer correlates with its contents. Incredibly, the LCC Environment Directorate did confirm that if anyone removes two of the wheels on a four wheel trailer (presumably one from each side - Ed) then a permit would not be required.

A local farmer added "it may well reduce the amount of trade waste at the tip but by default these people have not made proper arrangements for their waste and are highly likely to just chuck it out at the side of the road if denied access"

A spokesman from Green Waste Compost said "it is a shame that a council who previously have been at the forefront of recycling initiatives should discourage the very people who bring in large volumes of domestic green waste over the summer months. If there is a problem with trade waste then use some intelligence to tackle the specific problem. Arbitrary measures that in any way reduce the amount of green waste collected for recycling cannot be right for the environment or for a council who has committed to meet stringent targets in this area.

Ring 0845 0500957

Public want £50k contribution
Whilst murmurings about procedure continued, the public voice at this evenings Parish Council meeting was very clearly in favour of the HwB contribution to the Tarleton High School sports facility. The contribution was said to be less to do with ensuring parishoners access to the facility but more to do with representation on the sports facility management board thus ensuring Hesketh Bank is not left "picking up the crumbs" after all the facility block bookings are let.

A move to extend public participation to accomodate all members of the public requesting to speak was voted down and many walked out clearly dissatisfied.

However, the Parish Council subsequently buckled down to business and, with only a few minor skirmishes, made significant progress through the backlog of issues listed on a two page agenda.

"The Trees" only just made it to the table and the meeting closed after the PC agreed to seek quotes for netting to be placed behind the goal at the Station Rd end of the pitch.

On a positive note, Cllr Hillary Tompkins provided the Parish Council with the much postponed update of the REAL project and outlined areas and actions which need to be moved forward. This was extremely well received by the Council and members of the public alike and we hope to bring you a comprehensive update of the REAL project and details of how you can get invovled in the very near future.

Harvest Help for farmers in southern Africa
Local business woman travels to Africa to find out more
With reports of the food crisis in Africa over the past 18 months and their accompanying relief efforts, many are asking how Africa will ever feed herself. Christine Jackson, Director of Douglas Marine in Hesketh Bank, travelled to Africa earlier this month to see the answer for herself.  
Christine spent ten days in Zambia, finding out more about the work of Harvest Help. Harvest Help is a UK-based charity working with poor farmers in southern Africa, helping them to feed their families, earn a living and work towards self reliance. Christine saw with her own eyes what this means for families in the region. As she told us, “The families I visited were so keen to show me their grain stores, which are now overflowing with maize and other crops they have just harvested. Last year, things were very different. Many farmers only grew enough food to last two or three months.”
The farmers that Christine met were using some of the improved farming methods being promoted by Harvest Help. These basic and straightforward methods can greatly increase harvests without harming the environment. Of course, there is still much left to do and Christine was particularly moved by her visit to George Hanamaila. As she reports,

“I was amazed to hear that families in this region of the world were judged as being wealthy if they could afford to eat three meals per day, all year round. So, I asked George how many meals his family were eating. He was clearly delighted to tell me that his children were now eating three meals per day – but I soon realised that this meant George and his wife probably weren’t eating three!”

Of course, Christine’s visit wasn’t all plain sailing. The areas Christine visited did not have running water or electricity and the poor state of the roads made journeys long and uncomfortable. As Christine tells us,

“One of the worst moments was when one of the tyres came off the vehicle. The road we were on goes straight through a national game park and we were a little concerned, having already been chased by one elephant, that we might have pushed our luck too far this time. But we were all fine and it just brought it home to me how difficult life really is in this part of the world!”

If anyone is interested in supporting Harvest Help or would like to hear more about their work in southern Africa, please contact Christine’s daughter, Sharon Jackson, on 01952 260699 or visit their website at

The Council that likes to say Yes
In yet another tedious display of appalling behavior from people who should know better it was nigh impossible to glean any facts out of the accusations and counter claims flying about the room at tonight's Hesketh-with-Becconsall Special Meeting - the actual financial status of the Parish Council thus remains somewhat of a mystery to the mere mortals of the village.

Predictably, "the trees" again featured as a topic worthy of many minutes debate although the simple question of whether due process was followed before spending in excess of £2300 of the parishes funds remained unanswered (the council moved to continue this discussion under part 2 of the agenda thus excluding public and press) We would welcome a (preferably short) statement from any councilor on the final outcome of this debate.

A later agenda item did provided for some raised eyebrows; certainly amongst the public present and possibly even amongst some of the Parish Councilors themselves... seemingly the Hesketh with Becconsall Parish Council has plunged the parish into debt by taking out a loan out for £100,000 from the obliging Public Works Loan Board (PWLB).

From this loan, a sum of £50k has apparently been transferred to Tarleton Parish Council (as a contribution to the High School sports facility) allegedly on the day before the last HwB PC meeting although, amazingly, no one who knew of this (including the Clerk to the council) felt it necessary to mention it at the last PC meeting. Commenting on this oversight Cllr Ball tonight said "I didn't get a chance to say anything".

The remaining £50k is apparently 'earmarked' to buy an as yet unidentified and thus hypothetical recreation ground in Hesketh Bank. In anticipation of this unlikely event the borrowed funds apparently languish in the council coffers, slowly being eroded by the interest charges already payable on the loan.

As always, we extend an open invitation to the Parish Councilors and the public to comment, put their own views or offer any clarifications they feel necessary or appropriate. Email the editor or go straight to the discussion board.

Beckham Signs for Hesketh Bank
Well not quite..... but YOU CAN.

Hesketh Bank AFC urgently require players for the following teams:

Under 11's, Under 12's and Under 16's. Click Here for details.

Players of all ages are always welcome. If you want to find out more check out the Who's Who at Hesketh Bank AFC and give them a ring.

Parish Council Finances
There will be a 'special meeting' of the Hesketh with Becconsall Parish council on Monday 16th June 2003 at 7.30pm at the village institute to discuss the Parish Council Finances. This is not an ordinary Parish Council meeting and the only agenda items are of a financial nature.

The next scheduled meeting on Monday 23rd June stands and will be a "normal" meeting with a full agenda.

HB Band Promotion
It's official! Hesekth Bank Band are 2002/3 North West Counties Area Brass Band Third Section Champions.
They will be presented with the trophy at the Fleetwood contest in October. In the 2003/4 season they will now compete in Section Two against the likes of Morecambe sponsored by Lancashire Life magazine, Greenhalls (Yes the brewery.) and Bolton sponsored by Hoover. Wish them luck and if there is anyone out there who fancies seeing their name as the sponsor of Hesketh Bank Band get in touch.
Cheques, Lies and Videotape
Hesketh-with-Becconsall Parish Council Meeting 20th May, 2003. Summary of events:

AGM Opened 7.30pm by the Chairman, Councilor Ray Ball

Election of Chairperson
Councilor Tony Murphy elected to Chair
Councilor Paul Sergeant elected Vice Chair

Police called to eject a member of the public, Mrs Hodson, who refused to stop videotaping the proceedings when asked to do so by the Council. The Police advised that the council could only have grounds for asking someone to leave if the filming became disruptive.The meeting resumed 8.06. Mrs Hodson plus another member of the public continued filming the meeting.

Meeting agenda followed through until Finance Report whereupon a number of observations were made regarding the timing, authorisation, and process followed for a number of recent payments made on behalf of the Parish Council.
[Legal advice prevents us from offering further comment at this time. Ed.]

Meeting closed 10pm midway through the agenda Item Finance Report

Next Meeting June 23rd. Be there!

We maintain an open invitation to all councilors or members
of the public for comments or articles for publication

There's no such thing as bad publicity.....
Hesketh Bank residents again wake up to find their Council making the news for the wrong reasons (see news archive and 'Annual Bash' below). In an excellent article, the Village Visitor gets right behind the long suffering public who are weary of the childish games being played by certain councilors and extremely concerned at the way in which our parish funds are being spent.
Village Visitor 21st May
Click for a bigger image

The Village Visitor Today

Yet again the antics of Parish Councilors make the news.

For information on the expected standards of behavior and how to make a complaint go to the Standards Board Website

Public turn out for Caravan Debate
Members of the public came out in force to raise awareness of the problems they have observed with two specific sites used to accommodate Seasonal Agricultural Workers. Tarleton Parish Council extended the public participation agenda item to allow a wide section of people to speak in order to gather material to be tabled at a County Council review of the Gorse Lane and Smith Avenue sites this coming Thursday.

Other TPC News:

Over 60's... 1 Tarleton Parish Council... 0

In a move possibly unrelated to recent attempts to absorb the Over 60's into a new Police House/function room, the Over 60's Club have taken an advanced booking for the next twelve months on a Monday evening - traditionally the day on which the Parish Council meets. In a motion carried by the Chair's casting vote and with the exception of the 4 statutory meetings, the Parish Council will now meet on an ad hoc basis at various venues all decided from meeting to meeting!

Linnets do the business

FA Trophy Final at Villa Park Sunday, 18th May 2003
Burscough... 2 Tamworth... 1

The above date, the most memorable in the club's long history, will remain firmly etched in the minds of all Burscough supporters for evermore. The "Impossible Dream" came to glorious reality as the Linnets took the FA Trophy (from odds of 400-1 at the start of the competition) against the champions of the Dr Martens Premier League, Conference-bound Tamworth. Click Here for the full match report.

Hodson Film Festival
More submissions of possible titles for Mr and Mrs Hodsons forthcoming video release (See Annual Bash below):

The Great Dictator
The 'Esket' Chain Saw Massacre
Keep Your Eye On The Ball.

Have you got a suggestion?

Dance Lessons Starting Soon
Ballet - Modern - Tap - Jazz
Starting Soon on Wednesdays at Rufford Village Hall
Classes for all ages
Fun Adult Tap
Children prepared for Examinations and Theatre Performance
RAD & ISTD Syllabus
Fully qualified and friendly teachers
For more information call
01257 271417 - 07810 602386
Annual Bash

Members of the public who attended the HwB Parish Council Annual Meeting report little newsworthy items; the meeting sadly being branded "little more than yet another slanging match".

However, the appearance at the meeting of Mr and Mrs Hodson with a video camera (for reasons unspecified) has prompted a light-hearted distraction from recent events as people ponder the possible title of the forthcoming Hodson's video production. Submissions so far include:

Carry on Councilor
Gone With The Wind II
I'm A Councilor, Get Me Out Of Here

Our favourite suggestion to date is a possible remake of the ever popular 1937 Laurel & Hardy classic: Way Out West (Lancashire)

Email your suggestions now!

The next meeting of Tarleton Parish Council is on Monday 19th May at 7.30pm in the Over 60's At the convenience of the Clerk, the next meeting of HwB parish Council is on 20th May at 7:30pm in the Hesketh Bank Library. "The Vote" is on the agenda!
Chairman & Clerk walk out

After only seven minutes of tonights Parish Council meeting had elapsed the Chairman, Clerk and a number of councilors got up and left after the Chair "closed" the meeting amid yet another debate over the necessary procedure required to be followed to allow a vote of no confidence in the Chair to take place.

The remaining councilors immediately took legal advice by telephone and established that they could proceed with the meeting. After the appropriate protocol had been conducted the meeting re-opened and the much postponed 'normal business' resumed in a much welcomed dignified and respectful manner.

The council graciously extended the Public session and a number of issues were tabled, ranging from the tree felling incident to the still ongoing problems with drainage on the Poppyfield development. In a much revitalised spirit, the quorum of remaining Parish Councilors jointly expressed a wish to make parish council meetings more inclusive by extending awareness of the date, location and agenda of forthcoming Parish Council meetings together with more accessible access to the meeting minutes. We hope to have links to these documents from as soon as this occurs.

Stop Press:
The Village Vote For April closed with the following results:

Do you believe the Chairman
of the Parish Council should step down?
1.) Yes
2.) No
3.) Don't Know
4.) Don't Care

.....which would seem to unquestionably make
Councilor Ball our very own 'Ace of Spades
Click Here for an A4 Poster!

Don't Just Spectate - Participate!
Virtual Village Vote on the local issue of the day
Virtual Village Vote on the local issue of the day
Hesketh Bank AFC

From this weeks news we feature the Southport Champion Article highlighting the ongoing alignmement of Hesketh Bank AFC with Everton as a "feeder club" - fantastic news for the players and the ground as much needed funds will be raised.

For the third season Everton will be involved with Hesketh Bank junior teams through its Coaching in the Community initiative (which has already produced a couple of players in the area of a standard to warrant an invite to Everton's Youth Accademy.

The Hesketh Bank and Everton Saturday Soccer Clubs are for children aged five to fifteen and will run for twelve weeks from May 3rd until July 26 inclusive. For more details ring Dave Sherwood on 816044

Hurrah for Hillary

After many weeks of protracted political posturing (see archive) at last a sense of normality returns to the village with Hillary Tomkins getting the front page of the Village Visitor to highlight the two sides of the debate around the proposed Booths supermarket - worth a read!

Some residents have expressed concern over the wellbeing of Cllr John Hodson after he failed to appear in this weeks paper. I am assured he is fine and looking forward to many appearances in the near future.

We, of course, extend an ongoing welcome to any villager who would wish to write a weekly column or article - failing that you can always Have your say on our message board.

Shanty Town Shocker

This weeks Village Visitor again wins hands down in providing the village with some controversy in reporting that Tarleton Parish Council apparantly claim that our population of migrant workers are currently "living in squalor" and believe their lot would be dramatically improved if they were to be housed "in some of the empty council houses of Skemersdale".
"A practical solution that adresses a real problem" and "Tarleton Parish Council has no mandate for such a vile and racist 'not in my back yard' position" are the two extremes of conversations overheard today.

Have your say

Kangaroo Court Circular
Village Visitor 9th April, 2003

Media attention unfortunatley continues to dwell on the public slanging match between certain members of the HwB Parish Council. Many feel this to be a convenient distraction from the issues raised by parishoners who cannot grasp how it could be possible for the necessary legal obligations under the landlord/tennant relationship and the defined procedure for expenditure of parish funds on this scale (quotations, tendering etc) to have been fulfilled in the matter of hours between 'the vote' taking place and the trees being felled? A simple question for which a Yes/No answer should be forthcoming as an official statement from the Parish Council.

Online Vote | Have your say

Parish Council Debacle
Village Visitor 2nd April 2003: More bad press for Hesketh-with-Becconsall Parish Council

The public humiliation of Hesketh with Becconsall Parish Council reached a new level with the Village Visitor's front page report on the latest antics of the Parish Council. A parishoner today commented that "It is very sad to see our council brought into such disrepute but I guess this is the price we must pay for our apathy when selecting our councillors. In any case, and as any parishoner who has attended any of the recent Parish Council meetings will tell you, the report in the Village Visitor actually grossly understates the appalling behaviour on display at these meetings."

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