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19th December 2013
Concerns over 275 Home Development plan
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

PLANS for 275 homes in Hesketh Bank have met with opposition from residents who claim the rural infrastructure is not able to support any further development.

A planning application has been submitted to West Lancashire Borough Council by Persimmon Homes for 275 houses, associated garages, roads and landscaping to be built on the Henry Alty site on Station Road.

The site is irregular in shape and divided into three distinct areas.

There is a restored landscape to the north, including fishing lake and woodland.

In the centre is a brownfield area, containing an assortment of commercial and industrial use, most notably Alty’s builder’s yard, and lying to the south is a green field area which is made up of a series of small scale fields, which are currently grazed by cattle.

The West Lancashire Light Railway is located in the north of the site, which currently attracts tourists to the area and runs along the north-western boundary.

This is a tourist opportunity and of local importance to the site and where possible, Persimmon has said, they will attempt to enhance this feature.

On the northern site, the developers want to build 59 two-bedroomed homes and apartments, 89 three-bedroomed houses, 54 four-bedroomed homes and three five-bedroomed properties.

On the southern site, they want to build five three-bedroomed homes, 40 four-bedroomed properties and 23 five-bedroomed houses.

Mike Ellis is a member of the Hesketh with Becconsall and Tarleton Action Group, which has been set up to campaign against the over-development of Hesketh Bank and Tarleton.

Mike said: “We believe this application will have a major impact on the junctions and road network of Hesketh Bank

“The council propose putting in a mini island but the traffic chaos will still be considerable with all the extra journeys these houses will bring.

“The water supply around the village can also be temperamental and these extra homes will exasperate the problem further.

“The sewerage system also sometimes struggles to cope and has overflowed in the past.

“We cannot let this development happen it would be disastrous for the village.

“The extra demand on schools would also be hard to meet and it’s all very disconcerting for the people who live in these rural villages that were not built to house all these people.

“We will be lodging several objections to the plans.”

18th December 2013
Source: Southport Champion

PLANS to create a new salt marsh at Hesketh Bank have been put on hold while more discussions over aviation safety and navigation take place.

The Environment Agency, Natural England, who safeguard England's landscapes and protect wildlife and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds submitted a planning application in September to create an intertidal salt marsh habitat at Hesketh Out Marsh. 

A salt marsh is a grassed or shrubbed zone between land and open salt water flooded by the tides, which delivers nutrients to coastal waters, support land animals and provide coastal protection.

The salt marsh creation would involve the upgrade of the existing inner flood defence embankment and breaches in the outer embankment to enable the creation of the salt marsh, including the excavation of lagoons and creeks, construction of access ridges through the site, installation of bird hide, extension to existing car park, improvements to the footpath along the crest of the embankment and reprofiling of existing access ramps into the site.

But plans were met with protests by a boatyard and an airport who fear that the proposal could put them out of business.

Raymond Jackson, the director of the Douglas Boatyard raised fears that changes to sedimentation and additional silt in the River Douglas could make the channel un-navigable, while a spokesman for the Canal and River Trust said affected sedimentation patterns would be detrimental to the leisure value of the waterways.

A spokesman for Preston Marina said that an adverse effect on navigation could be ‘very serious’ for their business and a spokesman for Blackpool Airport raised fears that the development presented a hazard aircraft around Blackpool Airport

The decision was made by the West Lancashire Borough Council planning committee on Thursday December 12 that planning permission was deferred for further safety discussions.

12th December 2013
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a man was left with serious injuries when a car and a motorbike crashed in Tarleton.

Around 10am on Wednesday December 4, a Mercedes Sprinter and a yellow Honda CB600 collided at the junction of the A565 and A59 in Tarleton.

Emergency services were called to the accident scene and paramedics rushed to treat the motorcyclist who suffered significant injuries as a result of the crash.

The male rider of the motorcycle, who is in his late 20s and is from Southport, was taken to Southport Hospital but has since been transferred to Liverpool Hospital where he remains in a serious condition.

Click here to read the complete Ormskirk Advertiser article

12th December 2013
Source: Southport Visiter

PLANS for a new wildlife marshland at Hesketh Bank have been submitted to West Lancashire Borough Council.

The plans involve creating 154 hectares of estuarine wetland habitat by breaching the embankment at four locations.

There will be nine lagoons created to provide wader feeding habitat and the existing inner embankment between Hesketh Out Marsh East and Hesketh New Marsh will be improved to act as a primary line of flood defence. The new embankment would measure 7.8m in height

An extension to the car park area and a new bird hide have also been proposed to be built on Green Belt land and if the plans are passed the development will begin in early 2014 and will be completed in 2016.

Click here to read the complete Southport Visiter article

11th December 2013
Reported by: HBTAG

How cynical an approach, to sneak in a planning application for 275 houses, just days before Christmas.

This proposal will swamp our valuable countryside with a massive, unsustainable housing development and will certainly lead to increased misery on Hesketh Lane, further burden our struggling infrastructure of water supply, drains and sewers and overwhelm our schools and medical services.

This must clearly be an act of desperation from a, one time respected local business and their greedy clever friends.

In the summer, we were asked to comment on the new Local Plan proposed by West Lancashire Borough Council. The Plan and the comments were reviewed by an Inspector, Mr Roger Clewes BA MSc DipEd DipTP MRTPI from the Planning Inspectorate. He was appointed by the Secretary of State.

In paragraph 98 on page 494 his report to West Lancashire Borough Council he states: “Policy EC3 (III) makes it clear that not all of the Alty’s Brickyard RDO site at Hesketh Bank will compromise built development and that a masterplanning exercise will be required...
...Consultation on the masterplan would also need to take place with regulatory bodies and the public and the Marine Management Organisation will be consulted.”

Now the Inspector wrote these comments long after Altys and Persimmon had held their presentations, where the public where were shown fuzzy maps in pastel colours and asked to complete a tick box questionnaire of only three bland questions.

Clearly, the Inspector didn't see that this constituted a Masterplanning exercise in consultation with the public.

Note “... a masterplanning exercise will be required”
not “... a masterplanning exercise has been conducted”

So why are these applicants so desperate?

The Proposals were cloaked as a Brownfield development, yet these plans included building on environmentally sensitive greenfield, half of which is within the Coastal Zone. An area where building is not permitted. The other half, judged by the council as unsuitable for development. This land is one of few remaining unspoiled examples of a Boulder Clay Cliff and is of major Geological value to the County.

The National Planning Policy Framework, introduced in March 2012, swept away many Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Guidance (PPG) and introduced “a presumption in favour of sustainable development”. The key word here is “sustainable”.

The residents of Hesketh with Becconsall and Tarleton already suffer severe congestion on Hesketh Lane at peak travel times, causing many to take a 'rat run' along Kearsley Avenue. This residential road with a 20mph speed limit is forced to suffer many thousand traffic movements each week as though it were a B road.

Like the tide, traffic flows out then back again along Hesketh Lane & Kearsley Avenue.

The proposed Green Lane link, intended to divert HGVs & farm traffic from narrow village roads is now being touted as a possible route for some of the many thousands of additional vehicle movements that this massive development will cause. Before reaching the Green Lane link, the Hesketh Bank motorist would first need to navigate the roller coaster ride of Moss lane. With regard to the traffic situation, this Planning Application is unsustainable.

The issues with poor water supply have been clearly outlined in the WLBC Local Plan and by United Utilities. United Utilities have told the applicant that the development cannot be accommodated by the existing system due to it’s size. No plans are approved that would alleviate our problems with water supply and drainage before this massive development is completed. Again, this Planning Application is unsustainable.

Parents with pre-school children cannot be certain they will find school places within these villages in future years. There are no plans for expansion of our local schools and these are already at capacity. This Planning Application is unsustainable.

So this is sign of desperation, evidence that the applicant knows they could not win by fair means with the public consultation recommended by the Inspector. So scared of public condemnation that they seek to limit it by sharp practices.

If the residents of Hesketh with Becconsall and Tarleton also Banks want to fight this unwelcome attack on their community I recommend they submit their objections by letter or by email to the planning department.

You can comment on the proposal via the Councils website, by email to:

Subject: OBJECTION to planning application 2013/1258/HYB – Building of 275 dwellings on Altys Brickworks & Greenfield. You must state “I object..” for your submission to count and you must include your name and address. For security reasons, do not include your signature. For clearer guidance on submitting your objections, please go to

Have your say on the proposed development on the letters page.

8th December 2013
Reported by: Graham Rigby

The Hesketh Bank Silver Band are holding their Annual Christmas Concert once again this year, which will take place this coming Friday, December 13th.

The concert gets the Christmas season under way each year with a mixture of popular music, traditional Christmas pieces and a chance to sing along to well-loved Carols.

The event, which has been a feature of local Christmas celebrations for well over half a century, is enjoyed by music lovers of all ages.

The concert begins at 7.30pm at the All Saints Church Hall in Hesketh Bank, with refreshments provided during the interval.  Admission is free and a seasonal raffle and collection will be held for Band funds.  All are welcome and a great start to the Christmas period is guaranteed!

5th December 2013
High Tide Floods Hesketh BAnk Boat yard
Reported by: Stephen Trippier

The high tide and strong winds flooded Hesketh Bank Boatyard today

2nd December 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Have your say on the future of transport in West Lancashire... Click Here

29th November 2013
Tarleton artist meets the Queen
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

AN ARTIST from Tarleton got to meet the Queen last week as she displayed the artwork of school children.

Tracey Eastham, who went to Tarleton High School and Runshaw College, has been working with children under the Co-operative's Green Schools Revolution programme.

The children had been working with Tracey to explore subjects such as sustainability and the environment through art and produced several pieces of work.

Tracey said "I am delighted and proud to have taken part in this incredible project which I never imagined would culminate in meeting Her Majesty the Queen."

Click here to read the complete Ormskirk Advertiser article

18th November 2013
Source: Trading Standards

Lancashire Trading Standards Service are warning of a telephone caller purporting to be representing Lancashire County Council and offering energy surveys.

They seem to be targeting the elderly.

The caller asks for personal information such as if they own their own property and which energy provider they are currently with. The Government is currently launching a scheme called the Green Deal where independent traders may seek information such as whether you own your own property and if you are claiming benefits – however, none of these traders are working with or on behalf of Lancashire County Council.

For more information about Green Deal visit or call the Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234.

Trading Standards strongly suspects this is a scam call and residents should not give any information out to the caller. Trading Standards advice generally is not to do business with cold callers, be they on the doorstep or by telephone.

Contact the Trading Standards Service via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 04 05 06

16th November 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Carol Wignall (Cropper) has sent in the following photos of the School production of 'Spangles'.

She says "I think the photo of the operetta "Spangles" would have been taken around 1958/59 at Tarleton Council School. I am the Fairy on the front row - Right - with the beaming smile."

Tarleton Spangles production

L-R Margaret Blackburn / Margaret Wignall / Linda Iddon / Margaret Rimmer / Carol Cropper / Jeanette Higson / Valerie Becconsall / Jimmy Rimmer / Christine Ball / Glynis Johnson.

Another photo from the night:

The cast of Spangles circa 1959 Tarleton Council School

"I think Mrs Dunn produced the Operetta and I think we all found it very exciting, much better to go to rehearsals than have lessons. I think it was probably a one-off for the school in those days, but was a great experience."

If you have any memories to add please email the

7th November 2013
Kim crowned winner of SouthpoRt’s Got Talent
Source: Southport Visiter

A 20-YEAR-OLD from Hesketh Bank has been crowned Southport's Got Talent winner for 2013.

Kim Harrison, who studies at the Italia Conti stage school in London, beat strong competition from the cream of local talent.

Kim, who lives with her family on Shore Road, received £1,000 in cash courtesy of The Victoria pub plus the chance to perform at the forthcoming Southport Christmas lights switch-on.

To read the complete article from the Southport Visiter click here

4th November 2013
Tarleton / Hesketh Bank Fire Safety Week
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Between the 18th and 22nd November Community fire safety staff from Lancashire Fire & Rescue will be working in Tarleton & its surrounding areas offering fire safety advice.

They will be located at various sites in the area across the week speaking to local residents about fire safety in the home and offering a FREE home fire safety check service.

Anyone wishing to have a free home fire safety check during this week (or any time) can contact the team via freephone 0800 169 1125.

23rd October 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Ever wondered where all the big pumpkins go after the Mere Brow Giant Pumpkin Competition? Well a couple have ended up as part of a quest to break maritime records!

Artist Dmitri Galitzine ( bought two whoppers from the competition winner Mark O'Hanlon and immediatly whisked them off the Portsmouth where he has turned the giant pumpkins into sea-going craft as part of a world record quest.

Saturday 19th October
Mark O'Hanlon winning the 2013 Mere Brow Giant Pumpkin Show

Tuesday 22nd October
Pumpkin boat

One, weighing 800lb, has been covered in plywood, had the seeds scooped out and an engine fitted so the 27-year-old artist can attempt to cross from Gosport to the Isle of Wight.

The other 600lb pumpkin will attempt to set a Guiness World record for the fastest time to paddle a pumpkin over 100 meters.

Click here for the full Daily Mail article

If you want to buy a giant pumpkin for sailing or carving there a still a few left! Visit

22nd October 2013
Vote for Gymzkool For Community Fund Award
Source: Gymzkool

Lloyds Community Fund - Vote For Us!Gymzkool has been selected out of the whole of West Lancashire to be in the top 4 groups to receive a Community Fund Award from Lloyds Bank.  

These 4 groups are now reliant on a Public Vote where the top two will receive £3000 and the remaining two will receive £300.

Gymzkool delivers gymnastics classes in Banks, Holmeswood, Mere Brow and Tarleton to school aged children and pre-school children. We would now like to offer classes to children in our area who have disabilities or special needs which don’t allow them to take part in our regular classes.

The award would enable us to pay for essential training and purchase suitable equipment which would benefit all of our members. We have full backing from British Gymnastics. The Award will allow us to involve more children in the fantastic sport of gymnastics. Children are encouraged work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards and their participation in gymnastics will help them adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle and make new friends in a safe and friendly environment.

Children can join us as soon as they are walking in age appropriate classes on a weekly basis, they will achieve badges and certificates and can progress onto our new Young Leaders Programme and will have the opportunity to continue to achieve coaching qualifications.

You can find out more about the Community Fund and Gymzkool and cast your vote by visiting the Lloyds Bank Community Fund website at:

Community Fund 2013 voting is now open until 1 November 2013

19th October 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

A happy pumpkin!After twenty years running the Mere Brow Giant Pumpkin Show, Trevor Wilson announced that the 2013 event would be the last.

Trevor thanked the sponsors of the show, the helpers and volunteers and his long suffering family for their support over the years.

Over the years, the giant pumpkin show has raised many thousands of pounds for local charities; predominantly for the North West Air Ambulance.

For the fourth year running the show was won by Mark O'Hanlon.

Click here for the full list of the Mere Brow Giant Pumpkin Show 'weigh off' results and here for more photos from the event.

17th October 2013
Breast Cancer Crusade Event in Tarleton
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

October is the month when Avon representatives make special efforts to raise money for the Breast Cancer Crusade. Avon Independent Sales Representatives Sue and Ian Wells are holding a fund-raising event on Friday October 25 October from 4.00pm to 8.00pm in the function room of the Cock and Bottle, Church Road, Tarleton.

Sue says: 'Proceeds from the raffle and bargain box, and a donation from orders placed at the event, will go to the Breast Cancer Crusade.' Ian says: 'This is a great opportunity to pre-view the Christmas products and there will be a special display of the new lipstick range.'

Both Sue and Ian are looking forward to chatting to their existing customers and to anyone who currently isn't seeing a regular brochure, or who hasn't tried Avon before. 'Just drop in and support a worth cause.'

14th October 2013
Classes Return to Hesketh Bank Village Centre
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Hesketh Bank Village Centre is delighted to welcome back self-defence and fitness classes for the Autumn.

Activ8 Self-Defence Jujitsu classes return every Thursday from 6pm and will improve your confidence, peace of mind and fitness levels.

B-Fit Indoor Circuit/Fitness classes return every Wednesday from 6.30pm and will get you out of the house and fit.

Anthony Earles, Chair of the Village Centre said “We are very pleased that both these classes have chosen to return to Hesketh Bank offering activities for all ages and health and wellbeing for those that take part.” He added “We would like to host more activities at the centre and welcome all enquiries for the benefit of the residents.”

For more information contact Hesketh Bank Village Centre on 07784942127 or

For more local events and activities please visit the Events Page

9th October 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Local environmental group Ribble Estuary Against Fracking (REAF) are running a series of informal information events around West Lancashire this autumn starting with Banks Village on Sunday 13th October between 12 and 5pm at the St Stephens Institute & Club on Hoole Lane.

Residents are invited to drop-in at any time for an update and discussion on Shale Gas Fracking and how full scale commercial development might affect the area should it go ahead.

There will be multi-media presentations and information packs to take away as well as group members on hand to answer your queries. Free refreshments are also provided.

REAF are also conducting a survey of local views on fracking; you can still share your views by filling in the groups online survey at

For more information contact or phone 07582 809722

4th October 2013
Defibrillator installed at Tarleton Academy sports hall
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

The North West Ambulance Service are pleased to announce that they have recently donated and installed a Public Access Defibrillator (AED) in the Sports Hall of Tarleton Academy, in the case of sudden cardiac arrest.

Defibrillator installed in Tarleton Sports HallSue Rigby, NWAS CFR and Heartstart Instructor, installed the AED and delivered training to the teachers of Tarleton Academy.

Sue Rigby commented: “I would personally like to thank Tarleton Academy Head Teacher, Mrs Gwinnett, and Resource Development Manager Jack Snowdon for their help and support in making this live-saving venture happen. “AEDs are so easy to use and can only be used if the person’s heart is in a specific rhythm.”

Over the next few months, Sue Rigby will be delivering free BLS training, for which, Tarleton Academy have kindly offered the use of their school premises.

Sessions are by appointment only, all age groups are welcome and certificates will be awarded on completion of the two and a half hour training session. To book a place on a Heartstart & AED course, please visit or contact Sue on Tel: 07754 203 701 or email

If anyone would like further information regarding Community First Responders please contact:

3rd October 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Score with Blackburn Rovers’ soccer school!

Local children have the opportunity to have some school holiday football fun – for less than £10 per day!

From Monday October 28th to Friday November 1st, Blackburn Rovers Community Trust are hosting their ever-popular Half Term Soccer Camps at Hesketh Bank AFC on Station Road.

The fun-filled sessions run daily, from 8.30am to 5pm, and are for boys and girls, aged 5-11, of all football abilities.

Throughout the week, attendees will be given a great coaching experience to develop their sporting and inter-personal skills, and will take home a Blackburn Rovers certificate of participation.

The superb value-for-money offer costs just £12 per day or £49 for all five days – equating to just £9.80 per day!

That’s not all, book your child in for the full week and you will receive two FREE tickets for Rovers’ forthcoming home game against Reading at Ewood Park on Saturday November 23rd.

To book, or for more information, visit the Blackburn Rovers website ( or contact Faye Billington on 01254 296256 or email It will be the highlight of your child's half-term holiday, so sign up now before it is a sell out!

3rd October 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Harry Edmondson of H. Edmondson Car Sales presents the new modern looking kit to the first team prior to last Saturday's match at the Centenary Sports Ground at Hesketh Bank.

Hesketh Bank AFC New Kit

Long standing supporter and main sponsor of the club Harry Edmondson was at the CSG last Saturday before the league match with BAC/EE Preston to present the 1st team with their new kit. 

The new modern design incorporating the traditional Amber & Black Quartered shirts was part of a new sponsorship package with H. Edmondson Car Sales in which the reserves also received a new kit.

1st October 2013
600 Shoppers Enjoy CoURTYARD Preview EVENINGS
Reported by: Hubmaker MediaFollow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

The new Courtyard store thanked local shoppers after more than 600 people attended exclusive preview evenings.

The Courtyard in Tarleton is now open ahead of the official opening celebration due to take place in a few weeks.

And the new outlet store, on the site of the former Webster’s of Tarleton, opened up the doors to host a celebration for a select invited group of local residents on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September.

For The Courtyard, Jonathan Addis said, “We wanted the local people who have supported us most since we began the redevelopment of the store to enjoy the first look at The Courtyard. We worked hard to make sure all the right people were invited. Thankfully they came in their hundreds, and for that we are incredibly grateful.

“We received nothing but favourable feedback and kind words of encouragement on each night. We're delighted to be trading in Tarleton and hope the whole of Lancashire will come and see what we’ve created here. Because we think it’s a bit special!”

Shoppers were entertained by singer Paul Guard over the two preview evenings. And, complimentary food and drinks were supplied by Whittles Farm which remains an integral part of The Courtyard experience. The popular 50-covers restaurant plus the coffee shop continues to trade on the site under the management of Jonathan Webster, Ann Palmer and Head Chef Simon Jackson.

The five week transformation of the 10,000 square-feet outlet store has cost over £100,000 and created more than 25 new jobs. The store now offers famous fashion brands and high quality homeware concessions.

The Courtyard is seeking nominations for a West Lancashire Community Hero to officially open the new store in October. Anyone wishing to nominate a local person is invited to send their details and a brief explanation why they should win to

29th September 2013
REAF Fracking Survey
Source: REAF

It is likely that many of us will have witnessed recent news reports on the anti-fracking protests in the village of Balcombe, West Sussex. Balcombe's villagers protested, and continue to protest, overwhelmingly against energy company Cuadrilla's plans with reports suggesting figures as high as 85% against fracking.

The similarities between the Balcombe situation and that facing Hesketh Bank and Banks are striking. Both are village communities and both are proposed fracking sites by Cuadrilla.

The response to this in Balcombe is now well-recognised and documented; the views of Hesketh Bank, Banks, and Tarleton residents are very much less so. This survey is your opportunity to express your views in a format that will allow independent recognition of local attitudes to the activities that Cuadrilla proposes in our villages. If local opinion matters in Balcombe then surely it matters just as much in our vilages!

We are looking for a survey sample of 1,000 and the results will be published via the Village Websites and reported on the REAF Website.

REAF are a residence group who are opposed to the commercial production of Shale Gas in our area and are working hard in seeking transparency on proposed regulation, planing and environmental issues.

23rd September 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker Media Follow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

The Internationally acclaimed Pearl of Africa Children's Choir from Uganda will return to the North West in October to complete another amazingly leg of their UK Tour.

After a totally sold out concert last year, the choir will be at the Hesketh Bank Fellowship Centre, Moss Lane, Hesketh Bank, Lancashire PR4 6AA  on Monday, 20th October 2013 for an Evening Concert that will commence at 7.30pm.  Admission is by Ticket – the contact to organize & collect - 01772 816727

A Pearl of Africa Children's Choir concert is one not to be missed; an evocative mix of traditional Ugandan song and dance, with high octane music, dance and drumming containing infectious rhythms, enthusiastic vocals and dynamic dramatisation. Their performance will fill the Fellowship Centre with a magical atmosphere guaranteed to get your feet tapping – so book early to avoid disappointment.

The Choir is made up of orphaned or destitute children from schools run by The Molly and Paul Childcare Foundation in Uganda, East Africa.  These children are ambassadors for thousands of similar children back home in Uganda. They visit the UK to raise awareness and the desperately needed funds to help sustain and improve the standard of education, healthcare and living standards in their schools.

21st September 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker Media Follow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Nigel Haworth prsents Moira Lathom with the Best In Show cup and rosette for her prize winning Victoria Sponge

Nigel Haworth presents Moira Lathom with the Best In Show cup and rosette for her prize winning Victoria Sponge at today's Hesketh Bank Village Show.

Nigel Tweets: "Simple perfection is always a winner, great show @Heskethbank, thanks to everybody for your help, Barry and Peter in particular!"

Nigel Haworth judges the baking at Hesketh Bank Village ShowKelly gets a ducking

50p veg stall off the back of Bill Hunter's wagon

For the full results of each show category and more photos, please visit

20th September 2013
Store Seeks Community Hero
Reported by: Hubmaker Media Follow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

The Courtyard is seeking nominations for a West Lancashire Community Hero to officially open the new store in October.

The £100,000 five-week transformation of the famous Websters of Tarleton site is almost complete. The new outlet is creating more than 25 new jobs and will offer famous fashion brands and high quality homeware concessions. The re-opening of the new store on the site of Websters of Tarleton will be dedicated to an individual or group who has committed time and effort to improving the local community.

For The Courtyard Jonathan Addis explained, "In our short time here in Tarleton overseeing the new store, we've learned a lot about the strong feeling of community in the villages of West Lancashire. It's a unique spirit we wanted to celebrate with a simple gesture. That’s why we’re dedicating the start of the next chapter of this famous old retail site to a West Lancashire Community Hero.

“It's a chance for people living in west Lancashire to pick out a family member, friend or colleague who deserves acknowledgement for their community contribution. Perhaps they raise money for charity? Or give up time to help with a local social group or sports club? Whoever it is, whatever they do to make a difference, we’d love to hear their story.”

Anyone wishing to nominate a local person is invited to send their details and a brief explanation why they should win to or via the Facebook page at

The winner will be invited to a brief opening ceremony and receive a shopping voucher and a trophy memento of the occasion.

There are still last few remaining places dates available for two preview evenings have on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September 2013 from 6 pm until 9 pm. Residents of Tarleton and surrounding West Lancashire villages wishing to attend can email to request preview tickets.

19th September 2013
Bank Hall gets £50,000 restoration grant
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

One of Lancashire’s most historic buildings could be opened to the public thanks to a £50,000 restoration grant.

Bank Hall, in Bretherton, near Preston, is a Grade II listed building, which was built in 1608.

But the Jacobean mansion has suffered from years of neglect and vandalism and deteriorated to a poor reflection of its former glory.

The grant, awarded by not-for-profit company WREN, is part of a national Heritage Fund which helps to protect listed buildings and structures of historical importance across the UK.

It will go towards restoration work in the entrance hall and tower areas at the front of the house to allow public access.

Click here to read the full LEP article

17th September 2013
tribute balloon found in Holland
Source: Champion News

A helium balloon which was released in memory of a Lancashire woman who died earlier this year has been found over 500 miles away – in Holland. 

Anne-Louise Abram died from cancer at the age of 38 in March and a charity event was held in her home village, Hesketh Bank, on Saturday night at the local bowling club.

At one point during the evening, messages and pictures where attached to 100 balloons and then let off into the air as a tribute.

But Anne-Louise's family received an unexpected email the following day when a couple called Renee Abrahamsz and Joost Heystekfrom from Maarssen, Holland, claimed to have found the balloon in an empty field.

Click here to read the full Champion News article

13th September 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker Media Follow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Lorraine Fullbrook, Member of Parliament for South Ribble, has announced that she will stand down as an MP at the next General Election in May 2015.

Lorraine informed her Association Executive of her decision at their meeting this evening, held at Leyland Conservative Club (the same place that Lorraine was selected as South Ribble’s Conservative Candidate back in 2003).

Citing personal reasons, Lorraine informed the Association that she had written to the Prime Minister this morning advising him of her decision.

She pledged her continued support for both her constituents and the Prime Minister: “I intend to both serve out my term as a loyal and dedicated member of your Parliamentary team, and as a committed constituency Member.”

In her speech, Lorraine explained her decision and confirmed that she would be working on behalf of her constituents right up until the General Election. 

“By May 2015, I will have given 12 years of my life to winning and serving this seat. That is long enough in this job, and now, I will be looking to conquer fresh challenges.”

“I will remain, carrying out my duties to my constituents, full time and fully committed as the Conservative Member of Parliament for South Ribble until my successor is elected in May 2015.”

Speaking after the meeting this evening Lorraine said: “It is a huge honour and a privilege to serve the people of South Ribble and sit on the Green benches.  This has not been an easy decision but the right one for me.   I want to re-assure my constituents that this announcement will not in any way compromise the way in which I carry out my duties.  I will continue to work hard for residents in South Ribble right up until my successor is elected.”

6th September 2013
Reported by: Hubmaker Media Follow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Reminder: All entry forms need to be completed by Monday 16th September in readiness for the Hesketh Bank Village Show on Saturday 21st September.

Paper copies of the show schedule are available from local shops or you can download one now by visiting

6th September 2013
Tarleton MAN GETS AWARD for 100 blood donationS
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A veteran blood donor from the Tarleton was among those honoured for rolling up their sleeves to help save lives at a recent award ceremony.

Keith Boocock receives lifetime award for being blood donorHaving made 100 donations, Keith Boocock was recognised for a lifetime of giving blood.

Barbara Blanche, Lead Donor Relations Manager at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: "It is amazing to see the dedication of these long-standing donors. They are an inspiration to us all and we hope that others will follow in their footsteps to save and improve the lives of many people."

“We are grateful to all those donors who gave blood over the summer. We appreciate not everybody was able to do so, as they may have been busy enjoying the weather, been away on holiday or given blood too recently to donate again. If you can, please book your next appointment now.

“New donors are always welcome. The more people who register and donate, the easier it is for us to tailor our sessions, so we collect just what’s needed.  For example, if stocks of a particular blood group are falling, we have more people with that group who we can call on to donate. Now is as good a time as any to get your first appointment in your diaries.”

Anyone aged between 17 - 65, weighing more than 50 kg (7 stone 12lbs) and in general good health could potentially start saving lives by becoming a blood donor. There is no upper age limit for donors who have donated in the last two years. To book an appointment call the Donor Line on 0300 123 23 23 or visit

3rd September 2013
ASHLEY WINS Prince's Trust TEAM Award
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Congratulations are due to Hesketh Bank resident, Ashley Holcroft, (20), who has just completed a 12-weeks’ Team Programme with The Prince’s Trust at West Lancashire College.

'Team' is a personal development course offering work experience, qualifications, practical skills, community projects and a residential week.

The Team, usually of up to 15 participants, work together to uncover hidden talents, assume some responsibility for tasks, develop team working and communications, gain awareness of their local community and how they can contribute to it, and gain nationally-recognised qualifications.

At the Awards ceremony on Thursday, 30th August, Ashley wiped the board with his certificates, being awarded Staffs’ Team Member as well as Teams’ Team Member, of the Programme. A small plaque has also been put onto the wall at the College for all to see.

Because Ashley has won this prestigious title he has been asked to address the next group, which starts in November, to encourage them and to speak about his own experiences etc. during his time with the Team. Eventually, if his coursework gets selected, he will be eligible to go to London to meet the Founder of the course, HRH Prince Charles, so here’s hoping!

2nd September 2013
New Chairman for Hesketh Bank Village Centre
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Hesketh Bank Village Centre held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 21 August 2013, at which local resident, Anthony Earles was appointed Chairman.

On behalf of the centre, Mr Earles said “We have come a long was in the two years I have been on the Village Centre committee.  With the help of the Parish Council we have rejuvenated the front gardens, revamped the parking area and installed a Multi-Use Games Area, which is popular with our younger residents.  I hope to head up a continued development of the site for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to Hesketh Bank.”

Outgoing Chairman, Terry Baldwin, said “I said at the beginning of my tenure that I wanted to see more people using the site and I am pleased to say that capacity has indeed increased.”  The Village Centre now hosts a number of permanent users including Hesketh Bank Silver Band, Happy Days Nursery, Grace Church and Kings School of Dancing.

The meeting reviewed future development work plans for the site, including new disabled toilets and a facelift for the back hall exterior.

For more information contact Hesketh Bank Village Centre on 07784942127 or

26th August 2013
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12 year old Chris Gillions wins silver arrowA 12-year-old boy from Hesketh Bank has just won one of historic archery’s top prizes, beating archers from five countries.

Christopher Gillions, whose family are historical re-enactors, was the surprise winner of The Lanark Silver Arrow, a full size silver replica of a medieval arrow.

The arrow is the main prize bin an international two day traditional longbow archery competition held during Scotland’s Festival of History.

This is the largest history and re-enactment show held in northern Britain, with more than 500 costumed specialists from 13 countries faithfully re-creating more than 2000 years of history. The event is held at Chatelherault, near Hamilton, the 18thC estate of the Duke of Hamilton, Scotland’s premier duke.

Ever since its inception seven years ago the Silver Arrow has been won by archers from Northern Ireland. This time, however, it was a little 12-year-old barefooted bow from Lancashire who was the surprise – and very popular winner.

Chris was the competition leader after the Saturday heats, held in wet weather, easily beating an Irish archer who had won the coveted prize for the last three years. On Sunday’s heats, this time held in sunshine, the youngster extended his lead for a popular win.

A delighted Chris was also presented with a solid silver pendant, in the shape of a medieval arrowhead, as a permanent memento of his win by Lesley Hamilton, chairman of the Hamilton BID company.

The festival, which is now in its 11th year, is run by a small group of volunteers.

23rd August 2013
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Websters will reopen 1st October as The CourtyardWebsters will reopen 1st October as 'The Courtyard'. a superb outlet store containing a whole host of well-known brands and labels.

The latest information can be found on

Whittles Farm restaurant remains open during the refurbishment of the shops.

15th August 2013
Tarleton RUFC issue plea for players
Source: Southport Visiter

TARLETON RUFC had an exceptional season last year with the first XV winning Division One North, the Floodlit Cup and being named as West Lancashire team of the year.

The second XV had a top four finish and this year the club has set targets for the first XV to consolidate their position in the Lancashire/Cumbria League and the second XV to gain promotion.

Due to the influx of new and returning players, the club has entered a third XV in Division Five North and with large numbers turning up to pre-season training and commitment from the senior squad it is hoped that all three teams can put out decent squads each week.

The club is always looking for new players so if you are considering digging your boots out of that old bag in your garage then get in touch!

Training is on a Tuesday night (fitness) at 7pm and a Thursday night (match play) at 7pm.

If you feel like a run out and want to join a club that has a good social side too then contact Jeff Gordon (senior registrations) at jefflagger2(at) or make contact via the rugby club’s website

13th August 2013
PUBLIC NOTICE: Tarleton Endowed School Trust
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The Trustees of Tarleton Endowed School Trust invite persons under the age of 25 who are, or who have a parent or parents, resident within the boundaries of Tarleton Parish, and who are in need of financial assistance, to apply for a grant towards their educational (including social and physical) training costs.

Youth Clubs and similar charitable organisations, based within the Parish of Tarleton that provide services to the target group outlined above, are also welcome to apply for a grant. However, it must be noted that the Trustees will give a higher priority to individual rather than group applications.

Application forms are available from Tarleton Library or can be downloaded here:

Individual Application
/ Group Application

Completed forms must be received by the Secretary by Monday 30th September 2013;

Mr. N. Leadbetter,
Secretary to the Tarleton Endowed School Trust,
18 Delamere Road,

The Trustees will consider all applications in early October. The funds available to the Trust are limited and if you have not heard from the Trustees by the end of October 2013 you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful.

The Trustees decision is final and no correspondence and/or dialogue will be entered into regarding individual applications.

7th August 2013
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

Plans for a new retail destination in Lancashire, creating more than 25 jobs, were unveiled today.

Owners of the popular Ena Mill, Atherton, have agreed a deal to transform the site of Websters of Tarleton, near Preston.

The agreement will see the famous 10,000 square-feet shop transformed during a £100,000 five-week development.

The refurbishment begins next week before the new shop opens for the first time in September under a new name.

The new outlet will create more than 25 new jobs and focus on famous fashion brands and high quality homeware concessions.

The agreement between Ena Mill owners Simon Yates and Jon Addis, and Websters of Tarleton owner Jonathan Webster, will see the 50-covers Whittles Farm restaurant plus the coffee shop on the site continue to trade throughout the refurbishment period.

Once the store re-opens, the restaurant and coffee shop will be remain under the management of Jonathan Webster, Ann Palmer and Head Chef Simon Jackson.

Simon Yates said : “Everyone for miles around knows what a wonderful retail site this is. And the Websters’ legacy for high-quality retail is legendary.

“Thanks to our agreement with Jonathan, we now have a wonderful opportunity to build on that famous family legacy.”

Since 2011, Ena Mill has enjoyed steadily increasing visitor numbers from throughout the North West. Last year more than 400,000 shoppers passed through its doors.

Jonathan Webster said: “What Simon and Jon have achieved at Ena Mill is nothing short of amazing. If we can enjoy a fraction of the success they have enjoyed in Atherton, then it will be a massive economic boost for the site, Tarleton and, hopefully, the surrounding villages too.”

7th August 2013
Source: West Lancashire Borough Council

You can use pedal power to see the sights of West Lancashire thanks to a new cycle hire scheme in the area.

Cycle hire docking stations have been installed in locations across the borough to encourage visitors and residents to get out on bikes and enjoy attractions in West Lancashire and Sefton. 

Bikes can be hired for £1 an hour (although a minimum 6hr initial purchase is required).

VISIT Sefton and West Lancashire - a partnership between Sefton and West Lancs Borough Councils- has set up the scheme to promote the visitor economy in both boroughs.

The new docking stations in West Lancashire are at the following sites:

  • Park Pool (Ormskirk),
  • Burscough Wharf and Burscough Leisure Centre (Burscough)
  • The Ship Public House (Lathom)
  • Riverside Caravan Park (Banks)

VISIT Sefton and West Lancashire are looking at additional locations which may be suitable and are currently developing themed family-friendly cycle routes which will start and finish at the docking stations. 

Cllr Martin Forshaw, the portfolio holder for Planning and Development who sits on the VISIT board, said: ”We are pleased to be introducing the cycle hire docking stations in West Lancashire.  These facilities link with attractions and transport interchanges and we hope residents and visitors will take advantage of the facilities and visit the many attractions available in West Lancashire and Sefton.

Visit Sefton & West Lancashire website

5th August 2013
Local Macmillan committee UPDATE
Reported by: Macmillan Committee

Macmillan Cancer Support local committee updateMacmillan Cancer Support are a national organisation which improves the lives of people affected by cancer. There is a Macmillan committee for Hesketh Bank, Tarleton, and Banks. The committee comprise Kate and David Maughan, Sandra Johnson, Angela Jenkins, Lyndsay Howard, Jean Ross, Anne Leadbetter, Anne White, Georgie Dagnall and Izzie Iddon. New committee members are always welcome and anyone interested please contact Kate or David on 01772 811662

The local committee organise about four fund raising events per year in this area. These consist of;

  • a January Burns Night Supper (held in the Wellington Lodge venue in Leyland),
  • an event in the Spring (fashion show, flower arranging, bingo),
  • a late Summer Hog Roast or similar
  • an Autumn event of some description

The aforementioned events are in addition to the annual ‘Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning’ (which tend to be privately organised local get togethers, albeit very lucrative for our deserving cause)

Wellington Lodge has already been booked for Burns Night on 25 January 2014. All those who went last year will no doubt try to get there again so availability of tickets will be at a premium as numbers are limited by the size of the room – first come first served. If you are a business, why not consider taking a table – great entertainment idea and the bonus is it is allowable against profits to offset tax!! Win/Win and tax efficient.

As far as the Coffee morning is concerned, Sandra Johnson normally holds one in Hesketh Bank, Jean Ross has one in Tarleton and there are normally another one or two held elsewhere in the area.

This year, Macmillan have issued a challenge!! And they call it ‘The £100 Challenge’

Imagine a grid 10 x 10 with a volunteer in each box who will raise £100 from an event within next 12m – will raise £10,000 in total

  • Event could be sponsored ‘whatever’ – swim, run, walk, give up drink, give up smoking, etc.
  • Or as simple as ‘Evening In’ where you feed someone and they pay for their meal

Are you up for it? If so, contact Kate or David on 01772 811662 and get your name in one of the 100 boxes on the grid – first come first served!!!

We trust this update has been useful, get the date in your diary or on your calendar and we look forward to seeing you all at upcoming events in the future. Many thanks for all your support

The Committee

4th August 2013
Reported by: 44th Tarleton Scouts

Tarleton Beavers has enjoyed a period of continued growth thanks to some great nights being run by a brilliant leader team. Our Beaver section had so many on the waiting list that the only thing to be done was to open another evening for the 6 - 8 year olds.

We did this in the spring thanks to a number of new leaders joining the group in Easter. How ever this leaves us with a new problem on the horizon. Practically speaking we need to be able to cope two cub nights each week by some time next spring (2014) so we are now looking to recruit a number of extra volunteers to either join the new cub section or take over the original Monday Beavers as we have a reshuffle of some of the existing leader positions.

Anyone interested should contact Paul on 814317 or email

3rd August 2013
SYBIL starts new life at Hesketh bank
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The Sybil Locomotive Trust is delighted to announce that the steam Locomotive Sybil is the latest addition to the West Lancashire Light Railway Steam Locomotive collection based at Hesketh Bank.

Sybil saddle tank steam locomotive is destined for Hesketh BankSybil is a 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive built is 1906 by W G Bagnall Co Ltd of Staffold, no 1760. for the famous Dinorwic Slate Quarries in Llanberis North Wales. The locomotive worked it’s whole life at the quarries, moving roofing slates and waste, until 1965. During this time “Sybil” would have worked with fellow West Lancashire Light Railway steam locomotive Irish Mail Hunslet No. 823 of 1903.

Sybil was purchased from the quarries by the Evans Family in 1965 and moved to Cornwall and the private Inney Valley Railway. After a number of years in service, Sybil was withdrawn for a major rebuild and restoration. This included a new boiler. Still to be started and our biggest challenge.

In 2012 James Evans decided that he had other interests that would prevent him from completing Sybil’s restoration and the locomotive was offer for sale. A group based at the West Lancashire Light Railway formed a Trust group with the aims to purchase, restore and operate Sybil at Hesketh Bank. The trust includes members from all ages and backgrounds and is still looking for like minded individuals to join the Trust.

The West Lancashire Light Railway is a two foot gauge volunteer operated railway, who’s aims are the preservation, restoration and operation of two foot Industrial Narrow Gauge railway equipment. The railway operates a steam passenger service over a short demonstration line, every Sunday and Bank holiday from April to the end of October.

Further information can be obtained from Trust Chairman, Mike Spall on 0744 6841235 or West Lancashire Light Railway

1st August 2013
Source: Liverpool Echo

Lord Howell mixes North East with North West in fracking debacle. The peer who suggested that fracking be carried out in the “desolate” North East actually meant Lancashire

The peer who offended an entire region by suggesting that fracking should be carried out in the “desolate” North East of England today admitted he made a mistake – he actually meant Lancashire.

Lord Howell, George Osborne’s father-in-law, caused outrage when he described the North East as “desolate” and “uninhabited” when saying it was better suited to shale gas drilling than other “beautiful” areas.

But it appears he may have mixed up his North East and North West.

In response to a letter from Northumberland  MP Ian Lavery, the Conservative peer said: “It was wrong of me to mention a specific region, although actually I had Lancashire, not the North East, in mind.”

Today Mr Lavery said he did not believe the well-educated Lord Howell had made such a mistake, claiming the former minister was simply trying to undo the damage his comments caused.In his letter, Mr Lavery said the peer’s initial speech appeared to be based on ignorance rather than science.

“Doesn’t the pirate digging for buried treasure normally have a map to indicate it is there?” asked Mr Lavery.

“The British Geological Society has completed an estimate of shale gas that stops completely short of the North East.”

Fracking company Cuadrilla Resources have already applied to Lancashire County Council  to perform tests at a site in Banks, near Southport.

Click here to read the full Liverpool Article

29th July 2013
Hospital welcomes Portuguese nurses
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Ten Portuguese nurses are joining the staff at Southport hospital to help care for local people.

The eight women and two men, who come from across Portugal, were recruited in its second city, Porto, by deputy director of nursing Angela Kelly and assistant matron for education Nicky Williams in May.

“We have 20 home-grown and newly-qualified nurses in training with the Trust, and more in the pipeline, but there is a national shortage of qualified nursing staff with experience,” said Angela.

“Each of the nurses joining us from Portugal has at least 12 months’ nursing experience. We were very particular about who was recruited and the successful candidates were whittled down from a shortlist of 20. They all have excellent English which was a pre-condition of interview.”

Seven of the nurses, two of whom have previously worked in the UK in Yorkshire, started work this week. The remaining three will take up their posts in September.

Sara Costa, one of the new recruits, said: "There are many nurses without work in Portugal so moving to Southport is a great opportunity to develop my career."

29th July 2013
Source: The Telegraph

Lord Howell, a Government energy adviser and father-in-law to George Osborne, has described parts of the North East of England as “desolate” and suggested controversial fracking should be concentrated away from the south.

The Conservative peer, who advises William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, on energy and resource security, called for fracking to be concentrated in the North East because it has “large, desolate and uninhabited areas”.

He claimed that it could be a “mistake” to discuss shale gas drilling – known as fracking – in terms “of the whole United Kingdom in one go”.

In comments sure to cause controversy, he seemed to suggest that there are not “beautiful” areas in the North East and that it would be ripe for shale gas exploration.

“There are obviously in beautiful rural areas, worries not just about the drilling and the fracking, which I think are exaggerated, but about the trucks, the delivery and the roads and the disturbance,” Lord Howell said. “And those are quite justified worries.”

Click here to read the complete Telegraph article

29th July 2013
Brave dad to jump 15,000 ft for charity
Source: Champion News

A BRAVE father is going to jump 15,000 ft for charity.

Alan Clough, 48, decided to fundraise for the North West Air Ambulance after friends were treated by the charity.

The salesman, who lives with his wife Mandy, 46, a civil servant and their three children Michael, 21, Jennifer, 18, Anthony, 15 in Southport will do the jump over Cockerham Sands on Friday 2 August.

He has been sponsored by for the jump by his Tarleton-based employers Bernard Dickinson television and audio specialists, and he hopes to raise more than £1,000.

He said: "I have never done one before but it is something that I have always wanted to do so I am really looking forward to it."

"It’s a mid-life thing and I couldn’t afford a motorbike!"

"I have known people who have needed the Air Ambulance before and I think that the charity is so important."

"The work that they do is amazing and rescue people involved in anything from motorway crashes to mountain rescues."

To donate, visit

25th July 2013
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Village CHATT is back with summer holiday activities in Holmeswood, Banks and Hesketh Bank.

Village CHATT is a non-incorporated voluntary group aiming to provide school holiday fun for FAMILIES with children aged 0-11. This summer CHATT are offering :

  • Fighting Fit Marital arts based exercise and action classes.
  • Funky Fit street and popular dance activities.
  • Junior Gym learning basic gymnastic moves and exercise to music.
  • Arts and Crafts with lots of things to make and take home.
  • Crafty Cooks come and bake and make all kinds of tasty dishes.
  • All our activities are just £2 per child per session.

We have linked with Tarleton Academy who offer CHATT members discounted swim sessions and with local activity centre to offer discounted admission prices.

This year we are hosting a Summer Showcase Finale on Wednesday 28th August 3-6pm at the Christian Centre Moss Lane Hesketh Bank. There you see the children dance and move; they can have a go on the bouncy castle and join in the games.

See what we have been up to over summer and meet the CHATT team as well as some friendly characters that are popping in to meet the children. This event is free to CHATT members and there will be a Hog Roast and food and drinks on sale a tombola, lucky dip and prizes.

Click here to download a CHATT Summer 2013 Booklet

Call the CHATT line on 0785437964 or Children's Centre 01772 815021 for more information or visit village CHATT on facebook.

25th July 2013
Tarleton Butcher rides from Eiffel Tower to Blackpool Tower
Source: Ormskirk advertiser

AN EX-BUTCHER has cycled from the Eiffel Tower to Blackpool Tower, raising thousands of pounds for a cancer charity.

Doug Parkin, 69, formerly of Southport butchers Graham Eyes, completed the 500-mile challenge in six days with pals from Wigan St Jude's Rugby League Club.

The group of 10 ranged in age from the youngest at 17 to Doug as the oldest at 69.

The team managed to raise almost £20,000 between them for the Christie Charity, an NHS Foundation Trust which helps support cancer sufferers in the North West.

Click here to read the full Ormskirk Advertiser article

24th July 2013
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The local pressure group 'Stop Fylde Fracking' have reported that a resident has been advised by her insurance broker that damage to buildings as a result of fracking is now an ‘Excluded Peril’ on all buildings insurance throughout the United Kingdom.

The group has suggested that all concerned residents should contact their MP about this development. View the full article and the sample letter go to the Stop Fylde Fracking Website

Coincidentally, Banks resident Doreeen Stopforth yesterday released a short animated film "Don't Frack Our Future - Doreen's Story".

Click here for all the News and Views about the Banks / Hesketh Bank Fracking site

19th July 2013
Summer Soccer School
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PNE Scoocer Summer School at 3G, Station Road, Hesketh BankPreston North End FC will again be running a Football and Multi Sports Holiday camp at the 3G, Hesketh Bank during the summer holidays.

The courses will run from Monday 19th to Fri 23rd Aug then again from Tues 27th to Fri 30th Aug. 

All coaches will be minimum of FA Level 2 qualified, with Safeguarding and Emergency Aid training. 
The price will be a daily price of £15. 1st Week price if booking all 5 days is £60. If booking all 4 days of 2nd week price is £50. You can book all 9 days for £100. The sessions are aimed at all ages from 4-14.

Times of the course will be 9am until 4pm, but there is an 8.30am early drop off and a late pick up of 4.30pm.

Children should provide packed lunch.

For a booking form, email

11th July 2013
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

Tarleton fresh produce grower, Huntapac, has diversified into the snacks category for the first time with the launch of their own brand ‘Roots’ Hand Cooked Vegetable Crisps.

Made from Huntapac’s own carrots, parsnips and beetroot, the crisps are an extension of the company’s existing Roots range of vegetables and salads.

Two years after the idea was first raised, the product is now being sold exclusively through branches of national wholesaler Booker in boxes of individual bags or in tubs for foodservice operators.

Warren Hunter, managing director of Huntapac, said the move was “adding value” to the business.

He said: “We we wanted to see what other avenues our produce could take us and veg crisps seemed to be the winner.

“Buying statistics show that they are a treat item and do particularly well around Christmas time but we wanted to create smaller retail packets so that pubs may stock them or stores could sell them alongside individual bags, as the majority of veg crisps are mainly in a sharing size bag.”

The family business, which was set up in 1942, currently employs 480 people across commercial, transport, harvesting and production.

The company grows and harvests carrots and parsnips, salads and brassicas across the country, which are then washed and packed on site in Tarleton.

Mr Hunter added: “We’ve created some fantastic packaging that will really help our new vegetable crisps stand out on the shelf in the snacks aisle.

“Roots Vegetable Crisps are also backed by the Huntapac story and heritage, which we believe will resonate with consumers, who are keener than ever to know how and where their food is produced.”

8th July 2013
Popular Beer & Wine Festival Returns to Farmers Market
Reported by: Hubmaker Media Follow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Following the mouth-watering success of the pint-sized Beer and Wine Festival at Mere Brow & Holmeswood Farmers’ Market in July and October last year, a Mini Beer & Wine Festival will be a major part of the next market on Saturday, July 13th

And with the sizzling hot weather predicted to stay,Farmers Market organiser Kelvin Pye said "If the current hot weather holds,the farmers market and mini Beer Festival will be very popular,so I advise people to get there early to stock up with beers and summer food for the BBQ"

Opening hours at the market held at Homestead Farm are from 10.00 – 1430 and it will feature Medieval Raptors and regular Farmers Market stalls …. washed down with beers from local microbreweries plus a continental lager or two.

On the bitter front, sees the return of National Hero and the Famous Golden Sands of Southport Brewery who will be competing with established favourites such as: Temptress and Victorian Oyster Stout from Prestons Hart Brewery and ales from Blackburns Three B'S Micro Brewery and even organic lagers,pale ale and cider from Samuel Smiths Brewery in Tadcaster.

There will be fruit wines,and ciders from Yorkshire’s Orchard Fruit Wines, and Dove Syke cider and even non-alcoholic herbal Sarsaparilla with “mocktails” like Thriller In Vanilla and Beetle Juice from the Infamous Temperance Bar of Botany Bay.

While for the more sober-minded, Homestead Farms licensed tea-room will also be supplying nonalcoholic, refreshments including home made cakes and lunches

The event has the enthusiastic support of the local Southport and West Lancashire branch of CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale) who will be manning an awareness and membership stand.

While for the more adventurous – or thirsty - a Home Brew beer stand showing visitors how to brew-it-themselves.

Young families can be entertained by Formby's very own S & R Birds of Prey, with a display of Falcons,Hawks and Owls.

The Festival is free and also offers free car parking. Most of the Stalls are undercover.

28th June 2013
Residents unite to oppose excessive development plans
Reported by: Hubmaker Media Follow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

A group of local residents have formed the Hesketh with Becconsall and Tarleton Action Group (HBTAG) to oppose the over development of the villages.

Houses being built on the Becconsall Hotel siteHouses are needed nationally and Hesketh Bank and Tarleton have seen a significant increase in planning applications for housing in the last few months.

Many local residents now believe the total of 425 dwellings presently proposed or agreed for the villages is both excessive and unsustainable.

West Lancashire Borough Council have a target of 4,860 new builds from 2012 - 2027 or 324 properties a year, a county-wide target that the two villages alone could easily exceed.

One proposed development at Alty’s Brickyard for 270 homes is a particular concern as it also includes a significant area of important greenfield land. The impact of these developments on the local infrastructure will be significant with the road links to the A59 already gridlocked at many times of the day.

With no apparent plans to improve the road network, water supply and sewerage in the villages, the ongoing situation for local residents does not look good.

The Action group can be found at

27th June 2013
Shale gas plan to reward communities
Source: BBC

The BBC understands that communities that host fracking sites will receive 1% of any revenues generated by the well over its lifetime.

The package is expected to be set out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change later.

BBC industry correspondent John Moylan says gas flow rates from "fracked" wells tend to deteriorate significantly over their lifetime, so it is likely that much of the cash communities would receive would be in the early years of the well's operation.

The communities would decide how any cash was spent.

Click here for the complete BBC News report. Have your say on fracking.

27th June 2013
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

ERRORS made to the Green Belt boundaries in the West Lancashire Local Plan were submitted to the government inspector.

A total of nine inconsistencies were identified by officers ahead of the council’s cabinet meeting on Tuesday, June 18.

The council’s errors occurred when officers prepared the new Policies Map for the new Local Plan and based this on the 2006 electronic version of the Proposal Map, which carried a number of inconsistencies between the paper map and electronic map.

Click here to read the complete Ormskirk Advertiser article

26th June 2013
HESKETH BANK PUZZLE PART OF Great Railway Treasure Hunt
Reported by: Hubmaker Media Follow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Families are being encouraged to explore the heritage of the country’s railways, including one in Hesketh Bank.

The Great Railway Treasure Hunt will involve families visiting steam railways accross the country and answering questions as they go.

The West Lancashire Light Railway, on Station Road, is taking part and people can puzzle their way through the treasure hunt questions while experiencing one of Britain’s great feats of engineering on a number of historic steam engines that the preserved railway has.

The Great Railway Treasure Hunt is free to enter and is open to children 14 years old and under, with the competition closing on September 30th.

A top prize of £500 is up for grabs for the top scoring entrant, £250 for the runner up and a further £250 for the entrant who has visited the most railways or museums throughout the summer.

As a special extra prize, the WLLR have offered a family ticket for free travel for the whole of the 2014 season! The winner will be drawn from all of the correct entries received for the WLLR at Hesketh Bank.

For a complete list of the participating railway venues and downloadable quiz sheets for each location please click here.

24th June 2013
Call for volunteers to support older people in hospital
Reported by: Hubmaker Media Follow Hubmaker Media on FacebookHubmaker Media on Twitter

Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust and Royal Voluntary Services are working in partnership to develop a service at Southport and Ormskirk hospitals aimed at improving the well-being of older patients during their stay.

This integrated approach between health and social care will focus on the needs of older patients with long-term conditions including dementia.

To provide this service, we are looking for volunteers who will be part of the on-ward team complimenting patient care at the hospital.

The help and support provided by volunteers will include befriending, diversion therapy, companionship, reading and techniques to stimulate the patient’s appetite, and improve social activity.

Liz Yates, Director of Nursing and Quality, said: “We are thrilled the Royal Voluntary Service has chosen to support patients in this way and I know there will be many local people who want to get involved. This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to make a difference to the lives of people in need while enjoying the personal satisfaction and reward volunteering can bring.”

Volunteers will be needed over a seven day period between 10am and 9pm, and are asked to give a minimum of two hours on the day they attend.

Everyone will receive full NHS mandatory training alongside specific dementia training and successful applicants will be subject to an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check.

For further information about this opportunity, please contact Erika O’Shea on 01704 705 156. or visit

20th June 2013
Reported by: Anne Abernethy

The centrepiece of Holy Trinity Church Tarleton’s 125th Anniversary celebrations will be a SPECTACULAR FLOWER FESTIVAL to be held at the Church on Church Road from 5th – 7th July.

The Flower Festival theme “Blossom and Flourish” looks at the role of the Church at the centre of the community in the past, present and future.  Other important providers of service to the area from the local business community have provided much valued sponsorship of the event.

The Exhibits have been designed and created by a team of skilled flower arrangers from across the North West, many of whom have exhibited, with distinction, regionally and nationally, and who have been led by Eva Eccleston who is also a lifelong member of Holy Trinity Church.  Local children, working with the experienced exhibitors, will be contributing to the Festival.

Within the grounds of the Church there will also be displays and exhibits illustrating scenes from village life past and present.  There will also be a large marquee, the “Blossom Tearooms” serving a range of delicious refreshments on all days to cater for the needs of visitors.

On the evening of 4th July the Mayor of West Lancashire will attend a sponsors and exhibitors private Preview Evening at the Church, at 7.30pm when wine and canapés will be served.
The Festival will be open to the public from 10am – 8pm on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th July, and from 10am – 6.30pm on Sunday 7th July when it will conclude with a Festival Evensong.

Click here to view more events happening in and around Tarleton

14th June 2013
Reported by: The Churches Conservation Trust

The Churches Conservation Trust is holding their annual fundraiser, the Mid-Summer Tea Party, over the weekend of the 22nd & 23rd June.

Churches Conservation Trust Mid Summer Tea Party at Becconsall Old ChurchThe Churches Conservation Trust is the national charity protecting historic churches at risk. We’ve saved over 340 beautiful buildings which attract more than 1.5 million visitors a year. With our help and with your support they are kept open and in use – living once again at the heart of their communities.

So why not come along and indulge in a slice of home made cake and leave feeling virtuous knowing that you have contributed to saving part of our heritage for future generations to enjoy. So pop along to our fabulous Lancashire Tea Party at the Old Church Becconsall Lane, Hesketh Bank.  Mid Summer Tea Party - Cream Teas, Open Garden & Art Exhibition, 23rd June 2.30 – 5pm.

Come along for some midsummer tea and cake to include a delightful art exhibition in the church of local artist’s creations, and enjoy the open garden too!

For more information regarding this event please contact:

14th June 2013
Arup appointed for Environmental Impact Assessments
Source: Cuadrilla Resources

Cuadrilla appoints Arup to conduct independent Environmental Impact Assessments as part of Lancashire planning applications.

Today, Cuadrilla announced the appointment of Arup, the engineering and design consultancy, as independent provider of Environmental Impact Assessments to be conducted as part of planning applications to explore for natural gas from shale in Lancashire.

The process will start this summer, and is expected to run into the first quarter of 2014.

Arup’s work on the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) will include environment risk assessment, public and stakeholder consultation and planning application support.

“These EIAs are being carried out as part of a robust process of developing informed consent for the ongoing exploration of the very significant natural gas resources in Lancashire’s Bowland shale", said Francis Egan.

Founded in 1946, Arup is a leader in consulting to industry and governments around the world. "Arup's experience in technical and public consultation was perfectly suited to the issues and opportunities in Lancashire, where there is a mix of technical and public issues,” said Egan.

Des Correia, project director, Arup, said “Shale gas exploration is an emerging area in the UK and Arup understands the full range of environmental issues. However, the vital element in this work will be using that knowledge to ensure we fully assess, explain and, as appropriate, mitigate any implications for the local environment or communities. We are pleased to have the opportunity to assess these issues in more detail and to support Cuadrilla in its commitment to the highest environmental standards on this project.”

One of the first steps of the project will be to agree a stakeholder and public consultation plan. Discussions are already underway with Lancashire County Council.

“Shale gas exploration is a process which necessitates that communities have confidence that all material risks have been properly identified and assessed, and the appropriate control steps agreed," said Correia. “We will be working closely with Lancashire County Council, a range of technical experts, and local communities to provide the necessary analysis and consultation.

Arup has always believed in high quality community consultation, and there will be a number of opportunities for communities to be part of the process.”

Click here for more news and views on the Cuadrilla fracking site at Banks

13th June 2013
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

A PLANNING application for 94 homes in Tarleton has been put before West Lancashire Borough Council.

The development by Barrat Homes at Tarleton Mill on Plox Brow will be comprised of three and four bedroomed houses and will increase the existing 40 car parking spaces to 192.

The site will only include nine three-bedroomed affordable homes for the local area.

A previous outline application for a mixed use development comprising 70 dwellings was put in for the site in 2009 and was granted by the council.

There will be 38 three bed and 47 four bed market housing and nine immediate housing totalling 94 dwellings covering 2.70 hectares.

Conservative councillor for the Tarleton ward, James Kay, said: “There was an application approved for 75 homes a few years back and I think that this application is pretty straight forward.

“Additional homes are welcomed in West Lancashire and Tarleton as they are always needed.

“It is an old mill at the moment and, yes there are a few against the development, but there always are.

“I think that the number of affordable housing within the development is appropriate.

“The only concern is the road, but they have included plans to expand this within the proposal.”

A resident of Plox Brow has expressed concerns over the traffic congestion.

In an email to the council Mr Howard pointed out the increase in cars.

He said: “I feel that using Plox Brow as the only access is a recipe for disaster, that will not only anger residents, but also the new home owners buying on the development once they realise the difficulties in travelling to and from home.”

Responses to the council should be made no later than June 21 quoting application number 2013/0509/FUL

13th June 2013
Source: Cuadrilla Resources

Cuadrilla welcomes Centrica as new investment partner in Lancashire

Centrica plc has today become a 25 per cent investment partner in the Cuadrilla Resources operated Lancashire Bowland shale gas exploration licence area.

The ownership of the joint venture before the transaction was 75per cent Cuadrilla and 25 per cent A J Lucas.
Francis Egan, Cuadrilla’s CEO, said: "Today’s announcement represents a significant step in our on-going exploration programme for natural gas within the Lancashire Bowland Basin. Centrica, Cuadrilla and A J Lucas recognise the exciting gas potential that lies within the shale rock in Lancashire."

"Natural gas from UK shale can create thousands of jobs, generate significant tax revenues, reduce our ever increasing reliance on imported coal and gas and make a positive contribution to the country’s balance of payments."

"Centrica will bring to the Cuadrilla operated joint venture deep experience of all aspects of natural gas exploration, extraction and transportation and share the commitment of Cuadrilla and A J Lucas to explore for and develop this resource in a safe and environmentally responsible manner."

Mark Hanafin, Managing Director of Centrica’s International Upstream business, said: "With North Sea gas reserves declining and the UK becoming more dependent on imported gas supplies, it is important that we look for opportunities to develop domestic gas resources, to provide affordable sources of gas to our customers, and to deliver broader economic benefits to the UK"

"This transaction presents an attractive opportunity for Centrica to explore the potential and commercial viability of natural gas from shale in the UK, while utilising its expertise as a responsible operator and developer of UK gas resources."

Cuadrilla will keep the local community, politicians and the media informed of future developments. Centrica has paid £40 million in cash and committed to fund £60 million of expenditure on the Bowland joint venture from the transaction, effective date of 1 January 2013. A further contingent payment of £60m will be paid by Centrica subject to certain operational milestones having been reached.

Today’s news will not affect Cuadrilla’s other business operations in the UK and overseas.

Click here for more news and views on the Cuadrilla fracking site at Banks

10th June 2013
Tarleton artist selected for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
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Tarleton artist Sandie Henderson has recently been selected for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013.

Sandie is a former mature student of Southport College, where she completed a Foundation Course in Art & Design, before studying for a degree in Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire. She now works from her home studio in converted stables.

Tarleton artist Sandie Henderson selected for Royal Academy Summer ExhibitionSpecialising in Contemporary Equine Art she aims to capture the inherent characteristics of the horse through sculpture, drawing and printmaking. The artwork selected for The Summer Exhibition is a zinc-plate lithograph that forms part of an on-going series of lithographs and sculptures exploring the powerful theme of equine anatomy. Further details of Sandie’s work can be found online at

Now in its 245th year, the Summer Exhibition is an anticipated highlight of the arts calendar, serving as a window on to all areas of the contemporary art world. It is the world’s largest open-submission exhibition, displaying more than 1,000 works in all styles and media, including painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, architectural models and film.

A selection panel of celebrated artists and architects from across the disciplines, narrow down more than 10,000 entries to those that will be included in the show.

The majority of the works are for sale, offering buyers the opportunity to acquire works by high profile and emerging artists. The Daily Telegraph has described The Summer Exhibition as “a microcosm of British democracy, hanging the works of exceptionally talented newcomers alongside that of globally acclaimed artists such as Anselm Kiefer, Grayson Perry RA and Anish Kapoor RA.”

The show opens at the Royal Academy of Arts in London’s Piccadilly on the 10th June and continues until the 18th August.

9th June 2013
CELEBRATING 125 YEARS at Holy Trinity, Tarleton
Reported by: Ian Wells

Friday, 7 June 2013, marked exactly 125 years since the church building of Holy Trinity was consecrated and dedicated as the Parish Church of Tarleton in succession to old St Mary’s.

Celebrations have be going on already, and will culminate in the Flower Festival from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th of July.

6th June 2013
Source: Press Release

MP protests at Little Hoole wind turbine projectLorraine Fullbrook, Member of Parliament for the South Ribble Constituency, who has been campaigning on behalf of local residents against wind turbines, has warmly welcomed the Government announcement today outlining changes to planning law that mean local residents in South Ribble, will have more say in whether wind turbines are sited in or near their communities.

This dramatic development comes after Lorraine joined local residents in fighting unsuitable onshore wind turbine developments in South Ribble and joined colleagues last year in signing a letter to the Prime Minister outlining strong opposition to wind turbines.  The letter called for the views of local residents, to be given more weight in planning decisions.

Current planning decisions on onshore wind are not always reflecting a locally-led planning system.  Under the new planning guidance, the Department for Communities and Local Government will make clear that the need for renewable energy does not automatically override environmental protections and the planning concerns of local communities. It will also give greater weight to landscape and visual impact concerns.

Welcoming the announcement, Lorraine said:

“This is fantastic news for residents in South Ribble who do not want wind turbines blighting our local landscape.   It is absolutely right that local residents should have greater say in whether or not wind turbines are on their doorstep.”

“Let’s hope this marks the beginning of the end of unwanted wind turbines in South Ribble!”

2nd June 2013
Reported by: Suzanne Dickinson

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting our 6th Manor Farm Music Festival this year to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care and The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of local horticulturist (husband to Christine, dad to Suzanne, Shaun and Lynne) who died of a brain tumour quite suddenly 6 years ago.

Manor Farm Music Festival, Shore Road, Hesketh BankThe event will be taking place on Saturday 13th July 12 noon til 12 midnight and we are hoping to raise around £1500 for each charity this year.

Manor Farm Music Festival is an exciting family event with 12 hours of music- 20 bands and artists, all genres including rock, indie, punk, pop, acoustic, folk, blues, Gospel and jazz funk performing over 2 stages including our first ever signed artist Philippa Hanna who was recently supporting artist for Lionel Richie with his UK tour, Brit Schools finest Meghann and Resuss who are a popular indie/rock cover band from the Wirral who are also paramedics, Hesketh Banks very own Jackpot Golden Boys who have supported Manor Farm since it's birth, Crowded Scouse and Manchester based rock/punk band and Lancashire based Indie band The Articles

We have other attractions like hot food, licenced bar, tea and cake, bouncy castles (for all ages), inlatables, various stalls, childrens craft workshops and face painting. The festival is renowned for it's great atmoshere and good vibes. There is also camping available.

The youth from Hesketh bank Christian Centre have been busy making real 45" vinyl record tree decorations with the bands and artists names on and will be helping paint the backdrop. Please check out our website for more and see our About page for the story behind the festival, photo gallery and promo, you are very welcome to use any photos from our website too. video. You can follow us on Twitter @manorfarmfest and Facebook.

Tickets are available from our website and Topshop Newsagents in Hesketh Bank. Click here for more events in and around Hesketh Bank

30th May 2013
Southport Country Fair in Mere Brow this weekend
Source: Southport Visiter

Three days of stunt shows, alpacas, bug house, busking band, donkey show, falconry & ferrets plus much more at the Southport Country Fair in Mere Brow this weekend

May 30 2013 by Andrew Brown, Southport Visiter

ONE of the country’s top stunt teams will be wowing the crowds at this weekend’s Southport Country Fair with a death-defying mixture of car, motorbike, fire, escapology and high-fall stunts.

The popular show, now in its seventh year, has moved to a new home at the Leisure Lakes, The Gravel, Mere Brow, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 31, June 1 and 2.

Organiser Kelvin Pye has enlarged the main arena and hopes the new dates, at the end of the school half-term, will bring better weather for the crowds.

Appearing on Sunday only, the Stannage Stunt Team is a family affair consisting of Mark, his 18 year old son Aaron and even wife Jannine gets in on the act.

Mark’s 29-year career has taken him all over the world and he has performed stunts in numerous TV shows and films.

Aaron is one of the country’s youngest stuntmen with thousands of performances under his belt, specialising in spectacular and dangerous motorbike jumps and high-fall stunts.

Mark said: “We are really looking forward to the show and can promise some really breath-taking action including motorcycle jumps, fire stunts and our famous 50ft Tower of Death Jump – not to be missed.”

On Friday only in the main arena is a Parade of Hounds, featuring horses, huntsmen and bugle, courtesy of the Holcombe Hunt.

There will be a packed programme of events over all three days including alpacas, bug house, busking band, Donkey Show, competition and rides, falconry and ferrets walking displays plus a falconry village, Guinea Pig house (with open show on Sunday), gun dog display, H&M Dog Display Team (Saturday), homing pigeons, honey bees, Lurcher and Terrier Racing (Sunday), North West Reptile Society, rabbits, sheepdog demonstrations, Siberian Huskies, Side Saddle Association, dog agility and daily dog shows.

The event is open 10am to 5.30pm Friday, May 31, Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2. Friday tickets £2.50 for adults and children (over three) free. Saturday and Sunday tickets – £5 adults or £4.50 if booked in advance via the Ticket Hotline on 01704 212734 – OAPs £4.50, children £1.50 until midday Saturday.

23rd May 2013
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Labour and the Liberal Democrats have reached an agreement that sees Labour form a minority administration, with the support of the Liberal Democrats. 

Under the agreement, the Liberal Democrats supported a proposal for Jennifer Mein, Leader of the Labour Group, to become Leader of Lancashire County Council. 

The proposal was passed at today's Annual Meeting of Full Council and County Councillor Mein was duly elected as Leader of the county council. 

County Councillor Mein formed a minority administration, with a cabinet made up of Labour councillors, namely: 

CC David Borrow, deputy leader 
CC Matthew Tomlinson 
CC Azhar Ali 
CC Tony Martin 
CC Janice Hanson 
CC John Fillis 
CC Marcus Johnstone 

The cabinet members' portfolio areas have yet to be allocated. 

23rd May 2013
HOLY TRINITY 125 YEAR celebration worship
Reported by: Ian Wells

Holy Trinity, the Parish Church of Tarleton, is celebrating 125 years since the building was dedicated. This Sunday, 26 May, is Trinity Sunday, the Feast of Title, and as well as the said Eucharist at 8am, and the Sung Eucharist at 10.45am, there will be a Sung Festival Evensong at 6.30pm, with visiting organist, joint choirs, and an anthem. All are welcome.

The following Thursday, 30 May, is Corpus Christi ,when the church remembers the gift of Holy Communion, and in the 125th year since the dedication, there will be a special Corpus Christi act of worship. Bishop John will preside at a sung Eucharist and Benediction at 7.30pm. All are welcome.

18th May 2013
CLLR Iain Ashcroft ELECTED AS NEW West Lancashire Mayor
Source: West Lancashire Borough Council

Councillor Iain Ashcroft was formally elected at the Borough Council meeting on Wednesday 15 May 2013.

He takes over as Mayor from Councillor Paul Greenall.Councillor Ashcroft, who works as a consultant in the power engineering industry, has represented Hesketh-With-Becconsall Ward since 2000.

Click here to read the complete WLBC Article

16th May 2013
Reported by: Tarleton Corinthians

Tarleton Corinthians FC are looking for players for all their age groups for the new season, 2013/14.

We have an U7’s team and teams of all ages from U9’s to U18’s. We are also looking for new players for our adult teams, who play in the Mid Lancashire League.

We are also looking for coaches, to assist with our Under 14’s Red team for season 2013/14. Preferably level 1 qualified, although not essential, and FA CRB cleared. The team plays in the Central Lancs Junior Football League. All home matches are played at Carr Lane, Tarleton on a Sunday.

If interested please contact the club secretary, Simon Kenyon, at

13th May 2013
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Tarleton’s newest shop joins forces with one of Tarleton’s oldest.

The Candy Cabin, which is due to open its doors to the public on Saturday 1 June, will be part of the ever-expanding Websters of Tarleton.

Anna Heyes and Monique Hardman, proprieters of The Candy Cabin, both agreed that being part of Websters in the centre of the village made perfect business sense.

Anna said, “We are a unique new venture for the village. We will be the only sweet shop and our target market is anyone with a sweet tooth! We will stock many of the old favourites in traditional glass jars as well as lots of new sweets for people to try.”

Monique agreed, “We’ll appeal to people of all ages and, as we are both local mums, we have had many conversations with local people who all agreed the shop will be a big hit.

As well as running the shop, we will provide other products; gifts made to order, children’s party bags, wedding favours, candy buffets and lots more.” Anna added, “We’ve already got lots of excited followers on facebook (The Candy Cabin, Tarleton) who are eagerly awaiting opening day and have contributed greatly with suggestions for our stock. It’s a great way for our customers to keep up-to-date with what we offer.”

Jonathan Webster, proprieter of long-established Websters of Tarleton added, “The Candy Cabin will compliment our existing range of clothes, gifts, homeware, children’s section and our highly-regarded restaurant, Whittles Farm, to offer our customers a great day out.”

11th May 2013
Anti-fracking protest Camp set up AT MERE BROW
Source: BBC News

About 300 people are taking part in a weekend-long protest against fracking in West Lancashire. The campaigners, have set up camp in Mere Brow near Tarleton.

Organisers said Camp Frack was a weekend designed to highlight the dangers of fracking and promote environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Click here to see the complete BBC News article

9th May 2013
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Child and Family Connect is a small regional charity that provides safe premises, friendly and neutral place where children of seperated families can spend time with with one or both parents and, sometimes, grandparents or siblings.

The charity is looking for a room for the use as a central office. Two people work from the office and require space for desks and filing cabinets in addition to a telephone point (although the cost of fitting would be bourne by the charity).

The working hours for the staff are 9am - 4pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

If you can help please contact Child and Family Connect on 0151 922 5330 or email

9th May 2013
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

Two protesters convicted of storming a drilling site in protest against fracking have lost their appeal against their sentences.

Lauren Pepperell and Edward Lloyd-Davis, both university graduates, appeared at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday to appeal against their convictions for aggravated trespass.

But following out-of-court negotiations, they dropped that appeal, but then sought to object to the sentences imposed by Preston Magistrates Court last July.

Pepperell, 27, and Lloyd-Davis, a 39-year-old unemployed astro-physicist, had both been convicted of two offences of aggravated trespass after they climbed 45 metres up to a drilling platform at the Cuadrilla Resources site in Bonny Barn Lane, Banks, near Southport, on November 2, 2011, in protest at the shale gas extraction technology being used at the site.

Lloyd-Davis was also convicted of assaulting a security guard who tried to stop them but today, after the prosecution agreed to offer no evidence on that charge, a not guilty verdict was recorded and his appeal against the conviction abandoned.

The couple, both of Rugby Place, Brighton, had both been given a two-year conditional discharge, and each ordered to pay £750 towards the £4,000 prosecution costs after the five-day case.

After hearing their appeal, along with two magistrates, Judge Heather Lloyd upheld the sentences and also ordered them to pay £100 each towards the costs of the appeal hearing.

Click here to read the complete LEP article

8th May 2013
Source: Frack Off Press Release

Two activists are appealing their convictions last year for disrupting "lawful activity" at a shale gas drilling site where they occupied a fracking rig in November 2011. 

On the 2nd November 2011, 5 people occupied the Cuadrilla Resources drilling rig at Banks to draw attention to growing threat posed by the spread of unconventional gas extraction to the British Isles.

This protest was timed to coincide with an industry sponsored “Shale Gas Environmental Summit” in London, as well as the release of a report in which Cuadrilla admitted that the fracking of its first well had caused several earthquakes.

The appeal in Liverpool Crown Court begins on Wednesday 8th May and is scheduled to last three days. Two protesters who were convicted of aggravated trespass last year are appealing; asserting stopping fracking is necessary in the context of run-away climate change and the damage it will cause the environment and local communities. The defendants will also be challenging the lawfulness of the destructive process.

On Friday, Camp Frack 2 begins at Mere Brow in Lancashire, a short distance from where the Cuadrilla fracking site in Banks where the November 2011 action took place. The three day camp, which is expected to attract thousands of people, will bring together activists and local communities fighting fracking from around the country. Since fracking has come to the UK there have been a groundswell of local resistance, with numerous community groups forming to oppose it.

3rd May 2013
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Malcolm Barron (Cons) has been elected for West Lancashire North seat on Lancashire County Council with a majority of 1019. Turnout was just under 30%. Click here for the full results

The County Council is hung with no party winning a clear majority.

29th April 2013
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Hesketh with Becconsall Parish Council this week launched a new initiative in an effort to tackle the unsociable behaviour of dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets. Dog excrement is not only unpleasant and unsightly; it is potentially dangerous with the risk of catching Toxocariasis all too real.

Signs are being erected around the village inviting residents to “Name and Shame” offenders by reporting incidents to a dedicated hotline or the Council’s WebSite. The Parish Council will work with the Borough Council’s enforcement team in an effort to eradicate this disgusting habit.

If a person in charge of a dog is caught failing to remove their dog’s excrement, they can be issued with a fixed penalty notice which carries a £75 fine. Repeat offenders or people who do not pay the fixed penalty notice will face legal action in the Magistrates Court which could result in a £1,000 fine.

The Parish Clerk commented “Those who commit these offences are a disgraceful minority who give responsible dog owners a bad name. The Council has also budgeted to employ a part-time warden if necessary to take action against the perpetrators of this and other anti-social behaviour in the village such as fly-tipping, littering and fly-posting”. Members of the public can leave details of offenders either on the special hotline 01772-977513 or on the home page of the Council’s WebSite

26th April 2013
ALTY's - Railway ‘NOT Under ThreaT'
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Contrary to a recent article in the Ormskirk Advertiser the West Lancashire Light Railway is NOT under threat from the possible redevelopment at Altys Brickworks.

Henry Alty Limited have a very good, longstanding relationship with the railway and all plans that have been drawn up have worked around the land that the Railway occupies, these plans have been on display at TWO public consultation meetings.

There is NO overlapping and the development does NOT cut through the path of the Railway as stated by Cllr Hodson in the newspaper article. The WLLR are looking forward to potential opportunites the redevelopment may bring and have no anxieties about their future.

The Directors of Henry Alty Limited are disappointed that this article went to press without any contact from either the newspaper or Cllr Hodson

Steve Gautrey
Henry Alty Limited

25th April 2013
Source: Southport Visiter

A CONSULTATION has taken place over the proposed development of 270 new homes in Hesketh Bank.

Development company Persimmon has stated that the former Alty’s Brickworks site has been identified as a rural development opportunity.

Concerns have been raised over the size of the plans – and they appear to overlap the West Lancashire Light Railway.

Persimmon hopes to build a “distinctive development incorporating a mix of market and affordable housing with a sense of place and in keeping with Hesketh Bank”.

John Jackson, senior land manager for Persimmon Homes Lancashire, said: “We are confident that the housing, leisure and employment provided at this site will be popular and well received by the local community.”

The extensive plans include a mixture of two and three- bedroom houses as well as five- bedroom luxury homes, with a variety of landscaping. The consultation took place on Saturday, March 16, at All Saints Church Hall, on Station Road, with the feedback gathered being used to propose a “hybrid” planning application to the council.

Cllr John Hodson said that his constituents were not happy with the size of the plans. He said: “Everyone that I have spoken to is against the plans.

“Most people are comfortable with some development, but many feel that 270 homes is just too much, especially increased traffic levels.” Cllr Hodson also has worries over the future of the 46-year-old West Lancashire Light Railway.

Cllr Hodson said: “It is unclear what is happening with the railway, in the plans the development cuts right through the path of the railway as there is a lot of overlapping.

“It is very popular and local residents and businesses would be very angry if the developers didn’t consider this.

“While I welcome the development and reuse of brown sites, I am concerned about the greenfield site to the south.”

22nd April 2013
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Tarleton Methodist Church is looking to serve West Lancashire by offering its premises for use by the local community.

The church claims to have one of the best facilities for the use of clubs, societies and organisations in the whole area. Not only does it boast a downstairs meeting room, but a large room which could be used for a variety of sports and leisure activities and yet more rooms upstairs. It also has a recently refurbished kitchen.

Minister, the Rev Stephen Foster, said: "For many people Tarleton Methodist Church is a hidden gem, with some people not even knowing of its existence, but it has been there faithfully serving the local community for more than 100 years."

"It is part of the West Lancashire Methodist Circuit, which consists of 10 chapels, and Tarleton has probably some of the best facilities of them all. At the moment it is under used, which beggars belief when you consider that Tarleton does not have a village hall. Any organisation wishing to find a meeting place will find it in a central position in Church Road and can be used day and night for six days a week."

Anyone wanting to find out more can contact Stephen on 01772 600213

19th April 2013
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Bird scarers and deterrents are an essential tool to protect many crops from damage. However, if used thoughtlessly they can seriously disturb neighbours unnesecarily.

The NFU has recently reminded all members that just a few inconsiderate actions could threaten the ability of all growers to protect their crops in future and provided the Code of Practice as a download.

Click here to download a copy of the NFU Bird Scarers Code of Practice

16th April 2013
Question Time comes to Tarleton
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Friends of the Earth have invited your local County Council candidates (West Lancashire Northward), from across all political parties, to answer your questions and give their views and policies on Fracking.

Lancashire is at the forefront of the UK's fledgling shale gas industry. Shale gas is being promoted as a safe, clean energy source that can help cut energy bills and create much-needed new jobs for Lancashire. Its advocates claim it has transformed the US energy system and that the same could happen in the UK.

But what is the cost to our communities, environment and local economy? And what can we learn from the Fracking Industry elsewhere? Hear from Dr Mariann Lloyd Smith, Senior Advisor to Australia's National Toxics Network, a former UN advisor on chemicals and the environment, and co-author of a report on the chemical impacts of hydraulic fracturing in the Australian shale and coal seam gas industry.

Decisions on shale gas in the next few months and years will change the West Lancashire villages forever. Come along to this event to ask YOUR questions to your local County Council candidates.

Wednesday 24 April 2013 7 - 9pm, Our Lady's Catholic Hall, 152 Hesketh Lane, Tarleton, PR4 6AS.

Click here for more local events

15th April 2013
Cuadrilla wins gold in 2013 Health & Safety Awards
Source: Cuadrilla Resources

Cuadrilla wins gold in 2013 RoSPA Occupational Health & Safety Awards

Leon Jennings - Cuadrilla HSSE DirectorCUADRILLA has been awarded the Gold Award for Occupational Health and Safety by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). The RoSPA Awards scheme, dating back 57 years, is the largest and longest-running programme of its kind in the UK.

It recognises commitment to accident and ill health prevention and is open to businesses and organisations of all types and sizes from across the UK and overseas. The scheme not only looks at accident records, but also entrants’ overarching health and safety management systems, including practices such as leadership and workforce involvement.

Cuadrilla will be presented with the award at a special presentation ceremony, at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, on Tuesday May 14.

Leon Jennings, Cuadrilla’s Health, Safety, Security & Environment Director, said: “I’m delighted that RoSPA have recognised Cuadrilla’s achievement and commitment to raising the standards of health and safety management. “This gold award is a great recognition of all the efforts Cuadrilla staff and our partners have made in the last 12 months as we continue to explore for shale gas in a safe and responsible manner.”

David Rawlins, RoSPA’s awards manager, said: “RoSPA firmly believes that organisations that demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement in accident and ill health prevention deserve recognition. “Cuadrilla has shown that it is committed to striving for such continuous improvement and we are delighted to honour it through the presentation of an award.”

10th April 2013
NEW Neptune HOME & GARDEN Centre OPENING in Mere Brow
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Neptune Furniture Store at Mere BrowJoe and Kate Webster are delighted to unveil their new showroom the Neptune Design Centre this month at Southport New Road, Mere Brow, Tarleton.

Kate Webster comments “We are delighted to have regenerated a local building into something so fantastic and we are looking forward to offering everyone the full Neptune Home and Garden experience at the grand opening on 26th -28th April.

This stunning new home store is one of a handful of showrooms that offer the full range of Neptune handcrafted furniture and accessories for the whole home. Kitchens, bathrooms, living and dining furniture will all be available and shown in the sympathetically restored building with over 6,600ft of beautiful room sets.

Right from the very start, Neptune has had a clear set of goals; to create the finest quality furniture, with outstanding design, and all at a price that need not cost the earth.

As the seventh Neptune Design Centre to open in the UK and Europe it makes excellent and affordable designs more accessible to everyone. With a friendly team of experts, headed up by the owner’s Joe and Kate, the showroom will offer the full range of Neptune Kitchens and Interiors with the best in-house design service available.

9th April 2013
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The nominees have been published for the Lancashire County Council elections on Thursday 2 May 2013. The following candidates are standing for the West Lancashire North seat:

BARRON Malcolm, The Conservative Party
HODSON John, The Labour Party Candidate
HORNSBY Barry, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Candidates have until noon on Wednesday 10 April (tomorrow) to withdraw their nomination.

9th April 2013
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Hesketh Bank Village ShowLocal gardeners, growers, bakers and crafters can start to plan which categories they are to compete in as the Hesketh Bank Village Show shedule is now available to download.

The show will be held on Saturday 21st September and will include categories for cut flowers, pot plants, floral art, fruit and vegetables, home produce, baking, preserves and arts and crafts.

For more information, a show schedule and entry forms please visit

Download a show schedule

8th April 2013
Meet your local NHS
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The new leaders of your local NHS from West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are to host several open public events in West Lancashire to meet with the local community.

Anyone is welcome to come along and meet some of the GPs and management team that are running the local NHS commissioning organisation.

All the events are one hour and will include a short introduction and a chance to ask questions directly to the GPs. NHS West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) takes over the responsibility of commissioning local healthcare services from NHS Central Lancashire from 1 April 2013.

Come and meet your local NHS at Tarleton on Wednesday 10 April 5 - 6pm The Sports Pavilion, Carr Lane, Tarleton, PR4 6BT

4th April 2013
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Hesketh Bank CC is currently looking for new players and coaches to join the club for the 2013 season.

Players are required for the First and Second teams that play in the Southport & District Amateur Cricket League. The club would really be interested in hearing from anyone looking for a change in club / scene along with any young players looking to play competitive senior cricket.

They also now have a new junior section and are looking for players for their Under 13s team. There are opportunities for volunteer coaching roles and coaches are encouraged to enquire.

For any further information e-mail or search for Hesketh Bank Cricket Club on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @HeskethBankCC

4th April 2013
Dan Birkby CELEBRATES his 100th goal
Source: Southport Visiter

HESKETH BANK’S first team skipper Dan Birkby receiving an award from manager James Smith for becoming the first Hesketh Bank player to score a century of goals since the club joined the West Lancashire League 26 seasons ago.

Dan has been a member of the club since he was seven years old and has scored those 100 goals in 220 first team appearances.

3rd April 2013
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Wainwright and Edwards Estate Agents have opened up a new branch in the village this week.

Occupying the former clothing boutique on Station road (Opposite Booths) they are the estate agents with a wealth of experience in Southport and the surrounding area.

Covering all aspects of property sales, rentals and management the team hopes to breathe a new lease of life in to the local housing market with their individual approach to selling property.

Of the move Lee Wainwright said; “Whilst many other agents are closing their doors, blaming the housing market for a lack of property sales, we are finding that our different approach is helping reassure vendors that the market is on the move, by combining both modern and more traditional sales techniques, we have realised a strong presence in the local area.

We know that many vendors in our semi-rural locations remain unsure as to where is best to market their property, with Wainwright & Edwards there is the benefit of both our Southport and Hesketh Bank branches, a service not all local agents can provide, and with a property management portfolio as broad as ours, landlords, tenants, vendors and purchasers can rest assured they are all in capable, knowledgeable hands.”

You can call the team on 01772-814863, alternatively email

2nd April 2013
ALTYS BrickworkS developer "confident"
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

A developer behind plans to turn a historic village brickyard into a housing and business area, said he was sure it will be well received.

Persimmon Homes has carryied out two public consultation meetings over the Henry Alty’s site off Station Road, Hesketh Bank.

John Jackson of Persimmon Homes Lancashire, said: “As part of the consultation process for the former Alty’s Brickworks site, we have proposed a development of 270 houses in a range of styles and prices. These include homes from two to five bedrooms, with a proportion designated as affordable.

“We believe the scheme will deliver an attractive development of residential properties and open space for recreation and leisure, as well as protecting existing natural features and wildlife habitats.

“There is also 4.5 acres of ‘employment’ land allocated, to support new and existing rural businesses.

“Hesketh Bank has been identified for redevelopment under the local plan as a ‘Rural Development Opportunity’ and we are confident that the housing, leisure and employment provided at this site will be popular and well received by the local community.”

28th March 2013
Three Year Community order for HB Primary school VOLUNTEER
Source: Southport Visiter

A volunteer helper at Hesketh-with-Becconsall All Saints C of E Primary School was found to have children’s underwear in his bedroom and obscene images of youngsters, a court has heard.

Police officers raided Zbigniew Kadlubowski’s home after suspicions arose about him downloading indecent images and they arrived to seize his computer. Liverpool Crown Court heard Kadlubowski, of Hesketh Lane, Tarleton, was arrested by police on the day of the raid, February 11, at Hesketh with Becconsall All Saints C of E Primary School, Hesketh Bank.

Sentencing him Judge Clement Goldstone, QC, the Recorder of Liverpool, described it as a sad case involving “sexual perversion.” He imposed a three year community order with attendance on the demanding Northumbria Sex Offenders Programme, He warned him that if he breaches the orders he will face jail. The judge also imposed an order restricting his computer and internet use, banned him from working with children and ordered him to sign the Sex Offenders Register for five years.

Click Here to read the complete Southport Visiter article

24th March 2013
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It's the last week for nominating Hesketh Bank's Hot Spot and Grot Spots (See News 9th March below).

Email the with your top three nominations for each category. Your suggestions will be compiled in a list and passed to the Parish Council anonymously.

21st March 2013
Submitted by: HB AFC

Preston North End FC will be running a soccer school at the 3G, Station Road, Hesketh Bank from Monday 27 May until Friday 31 May.

All coaches will be minimum of FA Level 2 qualified, with Safeguarding and Emergency Aid training.

The price will be a daily price of £15 or all week for £55.00 and is aimed at all ages from 4-16.

Times of the course will be 9am until 4pm, but there is an 8.30am early drop off and a late pick up of 4.30pm.

Children should provide packed lunch. For futher information contact Simon Kenyon on

20th March 2013
Alty’s Brickworks Proposed Redevelopment
Submitted by: Henry Alty Ltd

Henry Alty Ltd would like to thank everybody who came along to our consultation meeting on Saturday at the Church Hall. We are very grateful for all the feedback, which will help us develop the plans. We are holding another public meeting in Tarleton on Tuesday 26th March 5pm to 7.30pm at the pavilion, Carr Lane Playing Fields, Tarleton.

In the meantime we would like to reassure our Horticultural customers that, should the development go ahead, we will be relocating our Horticultural business to new premises in the local area. We are confident that new premises, with better transport links, will enable to enhance our customer service and allow us to continue our expansion policy.

9th March 2013
Nominations for Village Hot Spots & Grot Spots
Submitted by: Steve Kirby

Dear Editor

Reproduced below is an article on the Best Kept Village Competition which appears in the February edition of the Hesketh with Becconsall Parish Council newsletter, Shoreline Summary, asking readers to nominate their top three Hot Spots and Grot Spots in the village.

The Parish Council's Best Kept Village Committee are aware that some of your readers may not get the opportunity to read the newsletter or even if they do, they may prefer the option of an on-line response

Could I take this opportunity to encourage your readers to participate by responding by email to the on the understanding that their anonymity will be respected. Your suggestions and comments will be collated by the editor and passed to the Parish Council at the end of March.

The newsletter is normally delivered with the Champion Newspaper approximately every three months but, unfortunately, however the Champion does not get delivered to houses in the more outlying parts of the Parish. We are looking at ways of achieving a more inclusive circulation and spare copies are held at the Top Shop Newsagents and also an electronic version can be viewed on the Parish Council Website at

Yours sincerely
Steve Kirby

Shoreline Summary: Issue No.31: February 2013 - Best Kept Village Competition (BKVC)

Last year Hesketh Bank came fourth in the large village class of this annual competition. This was a major improvement on previous years and reflects some significant developments that have recently improved the look of the village. The changes brought about by the arrival of Booths, the new street lighting and tree planting on Station Road, the vast improvement to the car park and garden area in the grounds of the Village Community Centre together with the provision of Christmas trees and wreathes, hanging baskets and floral planters have all contributed to making Hesketh Bank a much brighter place than it was a few years ago.

Of course this is not to say that certain parts of the village might have gone in the opposite direction in the eyes of some residents. Buoyed by the success of his last campaign, Councillor Ron Tyson has once again accepted the challenge and is determined to do even better this year, helped, as he will be by the three other councillors on the BKVC Committee, Julie Lancaster, Gillian McKean and Steve Kirby.

At their first meeting the Best Kept Village Committee considered the good the bad and the ugly parts of Hesketh Bank and what could be done to improve the blots on the landscape. Some like the former Becconsall Hotel site will clearly be resolved in time, as will the container on the Shore Road Car Park, currently used as changing facilities, which is due for replacement by purpose built changing rooms. Other areas of blight are more problematical and these will form part of a further report.

As a first step the BKVC is asking for your feedback. We want to know which parts of Hesketh Bank you find attractive and those which you think spoil the look of the village. You are invited to use the tear off reply slip at the end of this newsletter to nominate your top three Hesketh Bank Hot Spots and Grot Spots. Results will be published in the next newsletter.

8th March 2013
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Sue OHanlon is running the 2013 London Marathon to raise funds for MindA nurse from Hesketh Bank is taking on the London Marathon to raise money for the mental health charity Mind. Sue O'Hanlon will complete her 6th London Marathon in an effort to raise much needed funds for the charity.

The 53 year old is a community IV Therapy nurse in St  Helens and  is hoping to raise at least £1600.

Sue has completed 16 marathons over the years raising money for Macmillan and breast cancer charities. However, following the death of her 39 year old nephew after suffering with depression she decided to raise funds for Mind.

To prepare for the race Sue runs 35 miles a week spread over 3 or 4 runs and has entered the Coniston 14 race this month as part of her training.

Family, friends and work colleagues have been very supportive over the years so if anyone would like to make a donation to this worthwhile cause please visit Sue's justgiving page at

6th March 2013
Submitted by: Cllr Malcolm Barron

I am delighted to announce that the County has agreed in the Budget that the Green Lane Link which will take HGV's out of the villages of Tarleton, Hesketh Bank and Banks has been allocated £100,000 for years 2013/14 and £1,150 mil for 2014/15.

5th March 2013
3G @ Hesketh Bank AFC
Submitted by: Paul Sergeant

The committee of Hesketh Bank Association Football Club are pleased to announce that they are now managing the 3G All Weather Floodlit Pitches at Station Road, Hesketh Bank as and from 1st March 2013.

There are three individual 5-a-side pitches available or alternatively you can book the full pitch which is approximately 60 x 40 metre. The‘Superior’ advanced XPS synthetic grass offers outstanding characteristics with a sand and rubber infill which gives a superb playing surface all year round.

The pitches are available to hire throughout the year from 9am through to 10pm seven days a week in one hour slots. Peak time is obviously in the evenings during the winter months and each pitch is charged out at £32.50 for a one hour slot. Off peak times will be priced accordingly.

Everyone is welcome to book either as a club for serious training and coaching or as individuals for a kick-a-about or for any other use such as birthday parties. Block bookings are available especially during the winter months from September through to the end of March.

Hesketh Bank Association Football Club is a Charter Standard Club and are also full members of the Lancashire Football Association. They are fully insured through the LFA’s brokers and operate the FA’s Child Protection Policies and Procedures, Code of Conduct and the Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policies.

For bookings a dedicated phone line will soon be in operation however for now please contact the Chairman and General Secretary of the club Paul Sergeant on 07713158393 or email:

1st March 2013
Growing Farmers Market Re Rooted
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Mere Brow Farmers Market is re launching on Saturday 9th March with a move to a new farm home, that commercially grows root crops.

The market previous held at Mere Brow Village Hall for the last 12 months has outgrown this venue and has been resowed to a nearby working farm, Homestead Farm in Holmeswood. Seddon & Sons Produce Ltd operate from the farm, producing Leeks and the on site Farm Shop attraction specialises in Food Made in Lancashire.

Organiser Kelvin Pye who also runs the successful Southport Country Fairs stated “On many occasions we would run out of car parking and the market could not grow any more because car parking was replacing room for food producers.” He added “We have moved locally to Homestead Farm, a popular farm shop and tea rooms and with it being a working root crop farm, it adds value to our farmers market”.

Mr Pye stated that the new venue has enough capacity for car parking and more area to expand the market. He went on to say “ I would like to thank the committee of Mere Brow Village Hall as they had always backed the market and had been very supportive, helping with the parking, but you cannot get better than a farmers market being held on a working farm.”

The market will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10am to 2.30pm. Homestead Farm Shop and its tearoom will be open for Lancashire food, teas, coffee, cakes and even a farmers hearty meal. The farmers market will include fresh meats, poultry, game, vegetables, cheeses, seafood, cakes, pies, bread, chutneys, plants, flowers and much more.

Homestead Farm will be operating a BBQ food outlet cooking local bacon and sausage for hungry visitors.

The first market at Homestead Farm is Saturday 9th March which is the day before Mothers Day so there is plenty of opportunity to visit the market and and treat Mum.

Homestead Farm is situated on Wiggins Lane, Holmeswood L40 1UJ. Admission and car parking is free.

28th February 2013
Submitted by: Paul Damen

Tarleton 1984 - Hesketh Lane Nursery

The above panorama photo was taken by my wife in 1984 at the Hesketh Lane nursery end of year fancy dress party.

After gathering on the green, which is now Mark Square they went on to have refreshments at Tarleton cricket club. Apart from my own daughter and one or two others I can’t recall the names of all present, but I am sure it would be of interest to other parents.

If you can add any names please click here!

More local photos

27th February 2013
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A £100 reward has been offered for the return of a diamond brooch lost in Tarleton.

The brooch was lost on Tuesday 29th January 2013 when the owner was attending a funeral in the village.

Retracing her steps; Blackgate Lane to Over 60's car park, Hulls Undertakers to Holy Trinity Church, to Cock & Bottle and from the roundabout at Coe Lane to the Old Church Yard.

Please ring 01772 813590 if you can help.

26th February 2013
Submitted by: Henry Alty Ltd

Henry Alty Ltd. are shaping proposals for the re-development of their site in Hesketh Bank together with land adjacent to the River Douglas. We feel it is important to consult with the local community on these plans so that we can establish a clear framework in which all stakeholders can participate and which will provide a consensus to allow us to focus clearly on local needs.

Our public consultation session is the perfect opportunity for you to take a look at our suggested scheme and to speak with members of the development team who will listen to your comments and answer any questions you may have. I hope you will be able to find time to attend.

Our exhibition will be held on:
Saturday 16th March from 10:00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m at All Saints Church Hall, Station Road, Hesketh Bank, PR4 6SQ

Anne Price
Chairman, Henry Alty Ltd.

25th February 2013
Appeal following serious road traffic collision in Tarleton
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POLICE are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a man and a woman were injured in a four car road traffic collision in Tarleton this morning (Monday 25th February).

The collision took place at 8am on the A59 Liverpool Road at Tarleton, outside Old School Houses around half a mile prior to the traffic lights at the junction with Windgate.

A grey Nissan Qashqai has been travelling from Rufford towards Tarleton when it has been involved in a head on collision with a black Vauxhall Corsa travelling from Tarleton towards Rufford.

The female driver of the Corsa and a male passenger in the Qashqai were taken by ambulance to the Royal Preston Hospital. The man is being treated for suspected spinal injuries and the woman for whiplash and minor facial injuries.

A grey Nissan Almeria travelling behind the Corsa and a silver WV Passat travelling behind the Qashqai were also involved in the collision.

Sergeant James Power said: “This collision has taken place on a main road at rush hour so I would appeal to anybody that witnessed it to come forward and contact Lancashire Police on 101.”

The A59 was closed at the junction with A565 with traffic diverted through Croston whilst recovery took place.

21st February 2013
Sports Award Renamed in memory of michael jones
Source: Ormskirk Advertiser

A PRESTIGIOUS sports award is set to be renamed in memory of Tarleton football coach Michael Jones.

This year’s Advertiser Sports Awards is set to be held on Friday April 19 at Edge Hill University and the "Coach of The Year" trophy is to be renamed the Michael Jones Coach of The Year trophy.

Mr Jones, who played football for both Tarleton Corinthians and Hesketh Bank AFC, was murdered in New York in October. The 25-year-old Edge Hill graduate had been working in the USA as a youth coach for American soccer side New York Red Bulls.

Click here for the complete Ormskirk Advertiser article

19th February 2013
Football Tournament HELD for Michael JONES
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

A football tournament featuring scores of players from home and abroad was held in honour of Michael Jones. The 25-year-old football coach, from Tarleton, near Preston, was stabbed to death in New York in October last year.

The competition at the all-weather pitch in Station Road, Hesketh Bank, featured ‘Jonesy 6’s’ sides - his shirt number - made up of family and friends.

And coaches from the New York Red Bulls, for whom Michael coached, came over from the US for the event to play alongside ex-teammates from Tarleton Corinthians FC.

The tournament was followed by a trophy presentation at Mere Brow Social Club and an auction to help raise funds for Michael’s family. It included signed football shirts and boots worn by Wayne Rooney, Alan Shearer and Gianfranco Zola and photographs of Liverpool’s fifth European Cup victory in Istanbul.

Family friend Karen Walton, 55, from Tarleton, helped organise the day.

Click here for the complete Lancashire Evening Post article

12th February 2013
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Village C.H.A.T.T. are looking for volunteers and committee members to be part of the planning, organising and delivery of holiday activities and events in the local villages.

Village C.H.A.T.T. is a "not for profit" voluntary organisation that organises school holiday activities and events for the villages of Rufford, Tarleton, Hesketh Bank, Mere Brow, Holmeswood and Banks. All activities are family focused and parents and carers stay with the children and join in the fun!

Karen Cookson said "Last year we were successful in securing funding to run CHATT Summer 2012 scheme and we had over 180 children attend our events and activities. This year we hope to do the same, but we need help. If you are looking for volunteer activities to enhance your CV, enjoy working with children and families, and you want to be part of something in your local community then please contact us for more information."

"To make sure all our activities are safe for families and children, all of our volunteers and committee members are subject to our CHATT policies and procedures and have an enhanced CRB clearance."

Village CHATT meets at Hesketh Bank Childrens Centre, Shore Road, on the second Tuesday of the Month from 1-3pm. For more information call Karen on the CHATT line 07858437964 or Anne at the Children's Centre on 01772 815021

9th February 2013
PACT hoping to have an impact
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Hesketh Bank’s Police and Communities Together (PACT) will hold their next open meeting in the coffee shop at Booths Supermarket, Hesketh Bank, on Thursday 7 March from 1pm.

“The Public Participation meetings are designed to give an open forum for any local resident to have their say, raise concerns and find out first-hand what is happening with policing in the village,” said ECSO (Emergency Community Support Officer) Andy Curry, who will be at the meetings.

5th February 2013
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Tarleton Holy Trinity C of E School are pleased to announce that tickets for the 2013 Starlight Ball are now on sale!

The Ball is on Saturday 29th June 2013 at the Floral Hall in Southport. 

Tickets, which can be purchased individually or in tables of 10, cost £35 per person which includes three course sit down dinner, live music and dancing until 1am.

If you would like to buy tickets, or if you are a business and are willing to either sponsor the event or offer an auction or raffle prize, please email

5th February 2013
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Arden Lea Nurseries are featured in a Hesketh Bank special from Lancashire Life.

Click here for the full Lancashire Life article

4th February 2013
Source: WLDC

Examination hearings about West Lancashire Borough Council’s blueprint for future development will start on Tuesday 19 February.

The West Lancashire Local Plan 2012-2027 Development Plan Document (DPD) will guide development in the borough over the next 15 years. It covers everything from new homes and jobs to retail and leisure facilities, transport and local services and energy and the environment.

Certain specific sites are allocated within the West Lancashire Local Plan where the Council would expect the more significant developments to take place. The plan has to make sure development is located in the most sustainable parts of the Borough and can be supported by infrastructure and services.

Further information is available at the  West Lancs 2027 web pages 

3rd February 2013
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

The EH Booths group pleaded not guilty to 22 allegations centering on its flagship store at Lytham.

The company is being prosecuted by Fylde Borough Council under its head office address at Longridge Road, Ribbleton, Preston.

District Judge Feff Brailsford, sitting at Blackpool Magistrates Court, heard the case will last five days and adjourned proceedings until August.

Click Here for the full LEP Arcticle

30th January 2013
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Hesketh with Becconsall Rainbows are appealing for any unwanted Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers.

Rainbows Leader, Aimee Midgley said "If anyone who shops at Sainsburys and dosn't know what to do with their active kids vouchers please consider donating them to us. Thank you!"

"Please ring me on 01772 816904 and I will collect them or you can drop them into our meeting place which is held at Hesketh Bank Christian Centre, Moss Lane on a Tuesday between 5-6.15pm."

29th January 2013
Southport man jailed for series of farm raids
Source: Southport Visiter

A 27-YEAR-OLD man who carried out more than a dozen farm burglaries in West Lancashire has been put behind bars.

But a judge was only able to sentence Christopher Taylor to a maximum of six months imprisonment for the raids because his case had been committed to Liverpool Crown Court under the wrong legislation.

Judge Brian Lewis told Taylor, of Crescent Road, Southport, that his hands were tied but if they had been unfettered the sentence would have been much longer.

He imposed five months for a break-in at a Tarleton farm and activated eight months of a suspended sentence for wounding which had been hanging over Taylor at the time making a total of 13 months.

Geoffrey Lowe, prosecuting, said that Taylor struck at Johnsons Meanygate Farm in Tarleton on September 28 last year and broke into an outhouse and stole various items.

Click here to read the full Southport Visiter article

25th January 2013
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Cuadrilla have recently commissioned two telephone surveys of 500 adults in three local authority areas in Lancashire. Selective highlights of the surveys have previously been issued via press release but the full survey results have now been made available. Click Here

24th January 2013
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Interview with Cuadrilla CEO Francis Egan and Mark Linder, Director of Public Affairs.

Q.Will my house fall down?
A. Goodness, no! Even the larger of the two events in 2011 was well below the threshold of structural damage. Going forward, the fracturing process will be managed using an established system from other seismically sensitive operations. This includes arrays of sensors and a Traffic Light system which requires us to stop when seismic activity reaches a magnitude of 0.5ML on the Richter scale; a level of activity which will not be felt at the surface. There are many such surface movements at this level occurring every hour in Lancashire, primarily from human activity (traffic, aviation etc). This is many orders of magnitude below the level at which damage to property would be expected to begin to occur. DECC and Cuadrilla will have real-time access to the data gathered from the sensors installed around the village.

Q. Will there be any benefits to local people?
A. Yes, assuming we successfully fracture and flow test wells, and assuming we are approved for development. In operation, there will be around 75 people employed at and in support of each "resource hub" of which the majority will be operations-related staff. Figures from the US suggest that there is a "multiplier" effect of three times the number of jobs created as a result of the direct jobs. Cuadrilla has hired a number of local people, and prefers to do so going forward, but there are specialist skills required which may necessitate hiring non-local people. As a long term local employer, we envisage providing real opportunities for youngsters. Next week, for example, we are engaging with year 9 pupils to explain the potential career opportunities.

We are also actively considering other ways in which we contribute to the local area beyond employment opportunities.

Q. Why is your Corporate Structure so fragmented?
We actually believe the Cuadrilla organisation is a clear picture of accountability. We have operating units in each country reporting into one Cuadrilla entity at the top of our structure which reflects the accountability we have as operator across all countries. For legal and tax reasons, like all companies in this sector, we maintain operating subsidiaries for each of our license areas -- in the UK, Holland and Poland.

The structure reflects the way in which Government licences are granted and operated, and where taxable income is measured. We do draw on many consultancies and sub contractors but Cuadrilla is always accountable for the whole operation, including subcontractor performance. Unusually, we own our own rig and fracturing equipment. It is our brand on that rig because it is our rig, and we take accountability as operator.

Q. How will you communicate the ongoing operational activities?
A. We do recognise that what is happening at the Becconsall site is of interest to many locals and we are working on ways to make information available in a timely manner and are considering setting up a website for the Becconsall Pad to let everyone know what is going on.

23rd January 2013
Cuadrilla bids to resume WESTBY and Banks fracking
Source: BBC News

A company carrying out shale gas extraction in Lancashire is hoping to resume fracking on the Fylde coast.

Cuadrilla is to submit a planning application to Lancashire County Council to hydraulically-fracture a well at its Anna's Road site in Westby.

Managers are to meet residents in February to explain more about what is involved in the extraction process.

Cuadrilla staff will also meet residents of Banks near Southport later today over plans to drill for gas there.

Protesters say fracking could have "enormous implications" for the local area.

Tony Young, of Ribble Estuary Against Fracking, said: "We're missing out on unlimited supplies of renewable energy. "This is just distracting us from that."

Cuadrilla Resources chief executive Francis Egan said: "It's about exploiting our natural resource - we're running out of it.

He said there was "nothing wrong" with renewable energy "but it's not going to be enough".

Fracking is a controversial process that involves pumping water and chemicals into shale rock at high pressure to extract gas.

It was temporarily banned in the UK after it was blamed for two earth tremors in Blackpool in 2011. A government review has now concluded that fracking is safe if adequately monitored.

17th January 2013

High-speed fibre broadband is going live in Hesketh Bank.

BT has announced that super-fast fibre optic broadband has gone live in another Lancashire community.

The region of Hesketh Bank is set to benefit from download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps as a result.

More than 3,800 local homes and businesses will be joining this high-speed revolution, which is being funded in part by the £2.5 billion rollout by BT.

Regional director of the north-west for BT Mike Blackburn underlined the fact that his firm's fibre network is rapidly expanding across the area.

Furthermore, local economies are thought to be enjoying a considerable boost wherever it goes.

Indeed, research indicates that in the coming 15 years, fibre broadband could bolster the economy of a typical town by around £143 million, as well as leading to the creation of new jobs.

"The arrival of fibre in Hesketh Bank can really help local firms in these economically challenging times, opening up new ways of working and speeding up vital operations," Mr Blackburn commented.

6th January 2013
Pensioner hospitalised after SILVERDALE HOUSE FIRE
Source: Lancashire Evening Post

An 83-year-old woman has been taken to hospital after a fire at a home.

Firefighters were called to a home on Silverdale, Hesketh Bank, just after 2pm on Saturday.

The elderly woman had escaped the blaze before fire crews arrived.

Crews from Penwortham and Tarleton fire stations attended the scene and said ‘significant’ damage had been caused to the ground floor of the home.

They were at the scene for around five hours.

An investigation is now underway into the cause of the blaze and fire crews have urged people to make sure they have smoke alarms fitted after discovering no working alarm at the property.

Watch manager Tom Cookson said: “On arrival we were met with a well developed fire on the ground floor in the living room.

“The living room has received substantial damage by fire, heat and smoke. The rest of the ground floor, and the rest of the house, has received substantial damage by smoke.

“The lady was taken to hospital with smoke inhalation. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

“We would urge anyone without a working smoke alarm to call our freephone number 0800 169 1125. We fit free smoke alarms, and give free fire safety advice.”

5th January 2013
Viewpoints: Fracking's risks and benefits
Source: BBC News

The UK government recently lifted its moratorium on the controversial process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The technique involves pumping fluids into a well to recover natural gas from shale rock.

However, fracking has been linked to some minor earthquakes, and there are concerns about its possible environmental impact. So what benefits could hydraulic fracturing bring, and how concerned should we be? Click here for the full BBC Article

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