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Tarleton Neighbourhood Watch
Tarleton & Hesketh Bank Area
Hesketh Bank Neighbourhood Watch
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What is Neighbourhood Watch ?

It is a group of neighbours looking after each other’s property and helping the Police in Crime Prevention and Crime Reduction.

Burglary in Tarleton is less than half the national average. According to a survey carried out when compiling the “Village Plan”, 86% of residents have never been a victim of crime. However, it did show that some residents have a significant fear of crime. Remember also a crime is committed when we least expect it.

There are now over 155,000 Neighbourhood Watch schemes in operation throughout the UK involving an estimated 6 million households. All of them make a positive contribution to crime prevention and community safety.

We have over a dozen schemes operating in Tarleton but would like to extend the coverage to ensure everybody in the village has the opportunity of joining one.

Why should one join? What does it cost? What is involved?

The purpose of being a member of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme ensures that you have the benefit of being part of a group of neighbours who have made an effort in helping to prevent crime in their area. You may also receive a reduction on your home contents insurance.

All it costs is you time to become a scheme member – that is time to seek and receive advice on home security. A Crime Prevention Officer will assess the security of your home and suggest ways of improving it. The decision to take the advice is up to you.

What is involved? If you wish to start a scheme in your area discuss it first with half a dozen or so of your neighbours. If you are all in agreement then contact the Crime Prevention Officer, Dianne Hignett, on 01695 566353 (direct line) and leave the rest to her. On the other hand you may wish to join an existing scheme – again contact Dianne and she will arrange it, if possible, for you.

How does it work? A Co-ordinator is appointed to be responsible for each scheme. Their job is to ensure that the scheme runs smoothly and acts as the contact with the Police. Everybody in the scheme signs up to the Police’s own “Ringmaster” system. When applicable, a recorded message is sent out to all the Neighbourhood Watch members that may be affected. You can receive this message in any way you choose – telephone, fax or e-mail.

Crime reduction and crime prevention are most successful when they involve everybody, not just the Police. You too can be more involved.


Neighbourhood watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives ever - getting together with your neighbours can cut crime. The Police are there to fight crime but they need your help to do an effective job and Neighbourhood Watch is all about an active partnership with the Police.

Benefits include becoming familiar with crime prevention ideas, insurance companies giving discounts on premiums to NW members, offers on security devices at discount prices and working with other agencies to help reduce the fear of crime. For more information Click here to email the Tarleton & Hesketh Bank Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator.

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