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Tarleton Youth
Action Group

Tarleton Youth Action Group

Activity Holiday at Hauteville Sur Mer - July 2004

At 3.15am on a July morning 33 Young People 6 volunteers and a Youth Worker departed Tarleton to go on an Activity Holiday to a centre in Hauteville Sur Mer a small seaside resort in Normandy.

They stayed at a centre which specialises in Group holidays and focuses on developing personal skills of young people through a variety of activities. The holiday involved team building activities as well as initiative building tasks. The purpose of the holiday was to develop individuals in the group and prepare them for community capacity building tasks in the village. This was achieved through participation, working as a team and most of all having fun.
The group who were aged between 12 and 19 participated a variety of activities Over the 6 full days at the centre the group was split into 4 activity groups and each group participated in 10 different activities and had a day off.

The holiday was subsidised by a grant from Awards for All Northwest and the own group members fundraising activities.

High Ropes
Two sessions of high ropes were available the first involved climbing a pole and participants were given the opportunity, in high quality harnesses, to jump onto a trapeze or just hang loose.

The second high ropes session involved building up crates and see how high they could be built before the toppled.

All groups had the opportunity to participate in fencing which gave them the chance to learn how to control their movements and learn the correct moves to make
Fencing in France

This activity helped several young people with a fear of water overcome their fear.

It was an enjoyable activity on a river that was only 15 minutes away from the camp site, after learning how to recover from a capsize and having paddled for over a hour everybody was given the opportunity to jump in just to make sure they were thoroughly wet.

Rock Climbing Activity

Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing
The groups had the opportunity to try their hand at climbing indoors before attempting climbing in a disused quarry. Many young people conquered their fear of heights to participate in these activities.

Several people also had a go at "boldering", looked good but in reality they were only 18” from the ground

Yet again at the quarry young people had the opportunity to attempt abseiling. The instructors willingly gave their time to show members of the older group who had shown an interest in being activity instructors how to set the activity up and control peoples safety.

Low Ropes and Orienteering
This was an opportunity for people to cool down, stay on the course or get zapped by a water cannon or if you fell you stood a chance of bursting the balloon that you were carrying that was full of water so it was a no win fun situation.

The younger group ran round the orienteering course, no wonder they slept well that night! The older groups were far more demure.

This was the test of working as a team, some groups got stuck in and worked things out quite easily, but others struggled a little to start with but got it right in the end.

We hope we don’t get the bill for all the missing flights! But we did have some stars who scored well in this activity, this helped people build up their concentration skills.

Raft Building
This was one of the activities on the last day, and saving the best fun to last seemed to work. Working in teams of 6/8 people the task was to build a raft that would actually float and be able to be paddled with the “raft builders” on board. Well not everything went to plan and only 3 of the 6 rafts built managed to stay afloat with people on board. Teams worked well together and it was nice to end the week seeing everybody gel together.

Evening Activities
A range of activities were arranged in the evening which included spending time down the beach playing games, quizzes and on the last night we barbequed marshmallows.

Leisure Time
We opted for a leisurely day in the nearby town of Granville which allowed everybody the opportunity to do a bit of what they wanted which included shopping, sightseeing or going down the beach. Most days their was very little time for leisure activities but it was nice to go down to the beach and watch the wonderful sunset and just wander up and down the seafront.

The holiday was an absolute success. The group worked together as a team. The outcomes that will benefit the group in the future are:

• Both the younger and older groups worked well together.
• The group are working together to have elections next year to elect new members to the groups committee. The older members have agreed to help the younger members build their skills and be more active members of the group.
• More volunteers are now interested in the groups work and this will hopefully mean that TYAG’s activities can be widened.
• The personal skills of most young people were developed to allow them to play a wider role in their community.
• Members learned how to tolerate each other and work as a team rather than being rivals.
• The Groups willingness to work together to fundraise to make this holiday an annual activity.

Quotes from Young People
‘It was the best holiday of my life’
‘I enjoyed the activities’
‘Can we come again next year’
‘The staff were brill’
‘Enjoyed water fights’
‘Having fun’

The holiday was a superb example of Lancashire Youth and Community Service working in partnership with the voluntary sector. The help and support of the Service was very much appreciated by the volunteers and the participants.

The Group are planning a return visit next year, but this year they will not be able to get a grant and have to fundraise the full cost of £320 per person. The group is looking for sponsorship from local businesses and support on their fundraising activities. If you would like to help towards these young people having a worthwhile group holiday please contact the group by ringing 01772 811552.

Lauren Barton - Chair of TYAG

Lauren Answers Back

"What's TYAG all about?"

We are a young teenagers looking for a future whilst having fun and making new friends. Sharing our experiences, with other groups from different villages close by.
We have lots of trips and have lots of fun!!!!!!!!!

We have planned a trip to Normandy in the summer and are looking forward to it. We have been on lots of other trips including Skiing, ice skating, go-carting, adventure holiday at Borick Hall, swimming in waves in Blackburn and lots of other trips like that. We went on an Ickley moor moonlight challenge, which was an orienteering night starting at 12 midnight and ending before lunchtime the next day.

We are planning a shopping trip to the Trafford centre, self defence classes for the girls because the boys can all look after themselves (or so they think). We have made a bike track for BMX riders (See the Take A Stand niomination below). We meet twice a month and we do detached youth work, where youth workers come around the streets and speak to us.

We also go to other groups meeting which are fun and friendly. There are 62 members and their ages vary from 11 to 18.

The TAKE A STAND Nomination in full...

Tarleton Youth Action Group was formed following intervention from Lancashire Youth and Community Service on the request of a community group carrying out a community audit.

The aim was to encourage young people to become actively involved in the process and to capacity build them to represent their own views. The young people came forward in large numbers and eloquently put their views forward. They participated in filling out a questionnaire that along with the community audit clearly identified the need for more facilities for young people, what was encouraging was that the views of the older generation mirrored the need for more facilities for young people.

The group of young people decided that they wanted to set up a formal group, they had an election and nine young people were elected to form a committee. They have developed a constitution which has been adopted and their main areas is campaigning for better facilities for young people and representing their views to the appropriate authorities. The group meets on both a formal and informal basis and have represented their views to the County, District and Parish Councils. They have been successful in raising funds from a variety of sources which enables them to fund a meeting place and they are currently working on setting up a youth website and youth directory.

One of the main areas of concern was the number of young people who “hung around” the village centre although not causing a great deal of nuisance it was perceived by the older generation that they were trouble makers. The group have campaigned for upgrading of a BMX facility on the Parish Council playing fields to be extended to meet their needs. They received the support of the Parish Council having put forward a design plan and costings and were given permission to work on the area. They have planned the project and taken into account the implications of Health and Safety of working on a site that is constantly in use by members of the public. They carried out a risk assessment and implemented the safeguards needed to protect both themselves and members of the public.

The upgrading of the facility which is nearly finished has been carried out by a group of 20 young people under the supervision of the Parish Council and volunteer youth workers.

They have spent over 200 hours designing and building jumps and are yet to reach the final phase of landscaping the area.

They have carried out the project in a way that has impressed many local people and they have earned the respect of a large number of the community through the life of the project to date. They have put in more volunteer hours to the project than the value of cash support they have received and have tackled the project in a mature manner.

The group have achieved in the last 18 months more than any group of young people have ever achieved in the village before. They have by their own efforts given all the young people in the village and surrounding area a facility that will be used for years to come.

Lancashire Constabulary are pleased with the way that the young people conduct themselves there has been a significant decrease in the number of young people “hanging out” in the village centre. The project has attracted more interest and more ideas of what they would like to do in the future.

Currently the area where the Cycle recreation area is sited is unlit and there is no shelter or seating. To improve the safety and accessibility of the area is one the main priorities to ensure that young people are not at risk whilst enjoying a community facility that they have developed they themselves have developed.

One of the groups next aims is to work towards getting themselves a permanent place to meet rather than having to borrow other peoples premises. There is no doubt that these young people are determined have the capacity and will continue to work towards obtaining better facilities for themselves and their peers.

They have made people listen to them and respect their views and the Tarleton Youth Action Group have proved that they are leaders in campaigning for facilities for young people in rural areas. With the development of an outside recreation facility they have provided through their own hard work they feel they have ownership of the of a tangible asset that they are proud of.

The award would be used to enhance the area by putting seating, shelter and lighting to ensure that young people feel safe whilst carrying out their recreational and social activities.

The Youth Project is supported by Lancashire Youth and Community Service, Tarleton Parish Council, DfES Community Champions and members of the business community who have provided equipment at cost to enable the project to progress within a limited budget. It is extremely important to note that without the young people giving their leisure time to this project it would not have gone ahead.



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