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Lost Cat - Fermor Road, Tarleton

Benny went missing on the 20th July 2015 from Fermor Road, Tarleton. He is a small black and white neutered male with a very distinctive black spot under the chin. He is microchipped. Please check your garages, sheds and outhouses in case he has sneaked in for a snooze and got locked in. Many thanks for your time. Tel 07840770151

Sharon Moreton, 22nd July 2015

Lost Advert

Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago a postcard-sized advert was delivered through my letterbox. I think it was offering garden/cleaning/maintenance services from a lady. I can't remember her name, it might have been "Becky".

In the top left-hand corner of the card was a comic drawing of a young lady carrying tools. I'd like to get in touch with her, but have lost the card.

Has anybody kept their copy? If so, please could you let me know what I've misremembered, and how to get in touch. My email is cottonbuddas (at)

Many thanks,
Glenys Simpson, 20th May 2015

Lost Cat

We have lost our cat from the Tarleton Academy area of Hesketh Lane and was last seen on Wednesday 23rd July 2014.

We have one possible siting near River View Tarleton.  

He is a grey/brown, black and gold stripy cat who is quite small (although fully grown).  He is stripy all over but the stripes on one front leg do not quite join up from where he hurt his leg as a kitten.  He is a male and is neutered and chipped.  

If you think you see him please phone 01772 815089 - he is missed very much.

Thank you,
Lynda Ward, 28th July 2014

Lost Diamond & Saphire Ring

Diamond & Saphire cluster ring lost between August 12th and 14th possibly at Booths Store and Car Park or the shops at Hesketh Bank. Generous reward offered. 01772 813590 or 07967 120634

Margaret Bamber, 24th August 2013

Lost Cat

My cat Inkie has gone missing from the Hesketh Lane/Oaklands Avenue area of Tarleton.  Please could everyone keep an eye out for him and check their garages and sheds.  He is black with a small patch of white on his chest and is medium sized.   He was last seen on Thursday evening (11th of July).

Please ring me on 01772 815089 if you have any news even sad news.

Thanks you,
Lynda Ward, 17th July 2013

Lost blue backpack Carr Lane

My 17 year old son left a blue backpack on Monday 6th May at Carr lane with a pair of jeans in and half a bottle of after shave... if anyone has picked this up please contact me on 01772 814263.

Janet Read, 7th May 2013

Bracelet Found

Small bracelet found down Station Road near the new Fish Bar (Old Bank) looks like a children’s size. Please get in touch if it is yours: Vicky Owens 07894017384

Vicky Owens 21/1/2013

Mrs Gornall – Herb Grower

Does any reader know a family called Gornall in West Lancs (Possibly Burscough or Chorley) who grow herbs for commercial sale. Mrs Gornall said her son grows the herbs for sale, she called in to see me with her price list and I’ve lost it!! I would like to place an order with her – my name is Mike from the Garden Studio on Southport New Road 01772 812 672

Many thanks!

Mike 25/5/2012

Lost Cat

Hi there - my cat is lost from Chapel Road. She is a standard long haired fluffy thing - about four years old. A bit ginger in parts. If anyone finds her - can they call me on 814283

Janet Read 18th May 2012


Would it be possible to post a letter re our missing cat please? He's called Marley and has gone missing from the Becconsall Lane area on Christmas Day.

He's black and white with an identifiable black spot on his nose and has such a lovely temperament.

Can I please ask people to look around their gardens and in garages and sheds etc in case he is trapped somewhere. Hope someone can help.

Thank you.

29th December 2011 UPDATE:

We've found marley. He'd made it back to our old house on and was hiding out in the back garden.

Please thank everyone for looking.



Jack Russel lost on Monday morning 27th June in Tarleton Village.

Please contact Sean 01704 532527


Clean second hand paving flags available in two sizes:

45cm x 45 cm x 3.5cm. £1 each 40 available.

60cm x 60cm x 45cm. £2 each 25 available.

Ideal for garden paths or a shed base. Buyer collects.

Mark 07834 324080


Two male all purpose bikes stolen from Chapel Road Sat / Sun 30th April / 1st May.

If anyone is offered these bikes please let the police know - others beware.

Janet Read. 1st May 2011

Devitt's Chip Shop

Dear Editor,
I don't have any photographs of the Chipshop but may be some information which could be of some use; I can remember going with my Dad ( Eddie Hodson) Harry Devitt, Jack Bibby and Tommy Cookson to go shrimping and collecting 'Sampi' out at Ainsdale beach. The shrimps went on sale in the Chipshop and the Sampi used to be placed on the counter in large bell jars in front of the range. I guess I would have been about 5 years old so we are talking round about 1960-61. I remember Devitts chips being very popular and him being a friendly man with all his customers. May be Thomas Cookson ( Decorating Contractor) or Stuart Bibby may have some photos? It used to be a regular trip to the beach where my job was to collect Sampi and coal.

John Hodson., 15th December 2010

Devitt's Chip Shop

Can you possibly help with my question? Does anyone out there happen to have a photo of the shops at the end of Moss Lane in Hesketh Bank back in the 1950/60's. I am after a photo showing Devitt's Chip Shop almost opposite the end of Moss Lane junction with Station Road and Hesketh Lane. The chip shop was of a wooden construction and painted green. Can anyone help??

Neil Cookson, 14th December 2010

Dog Found

Labrador dog with no collar found this morning at Locker room at about 10 am please call for details 01772 814652

The Locker Room, Station Road. 30/11/2010

Money lost on Hesketh Lane/Spencer Drive

I took my children to a toddler group yesterday morning at TCP, and somewhere between where my car was parked (Spencer Drive) and the school, I've managed to lose some money - £285 (in £20 notes and one £5). It's a lot of money to lose at any time of year but with Christmas coming it makes it even harder. If anyone has found it please do get in touch.
Rebecca Johnson. 25th November 2010


Please could I ask if anyone has seen my medium size, black cat. He has a white patch on his neck and does not have a collar. We live on Hesketh Lane near Kearsley Avenue and last saw our much loved cat on Tuesday the 23rd of June 2010.

If you think you may have seen him then please ring 01772 815089.

Many thanks.

Lynda, 27th June 2010


We have a cat hanging out in our garden (on Chapel Road) - looks quite young - has a white face, and white paws - otherwise mainly black. Anyone lost one?

Janet Read 01772 814263

Janet Read 24th May 2010


Could I ask for a ‘thank you’ to be put on the website – my five year old male westie went missing on Wednesday after a visitor to our house didn’t close the front door properly and some very kind person handed it in to Glassbrooks vets. We are now reunited!!

Thanks also to the postie, recycling guys from WLBC and friends who all very kindly kept an eye out for him.

Lesley Standish-Gore 21st May 2010

Missing Bengal Cat

Enzo has been found this afternoon by a neighbour - trapped behind a fence panel.  He's home now and in good health.
Thank you,
Sarah Midgley. 10th May 2010

Missing Bengal Cat

Our family pet Enzo is missing in Tarleton, possibly in the Church Road area.

He is microchipped and has very distinctive markings on his coat (leopard-like spots) Please check sheds and garages as he likes to explore. Reward offered.

Please contact Sarah on 01772 811849 / 07912015061

Thank you.
Sarah Midgley. 9th May 2010

Missing Grey Manx Cat

Dear Sirs,

Our cat has been missing since Sunday 25 April from The Nurseries at Hesketh Bank.

He is a grey manx, born completely without a tail which makes him very distinctive. There has been a possible sighting of him in the Hillcrest Drive area.

We are offering a reward of £100 for his safe return home. Please help. Our number is 01772 811721 or 0786 7561774

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Lee Anderson. 1st May 2010

Missing Cat

Dear Sir,
Our much loved pet cat has gone missing from the Guide Road area of Hesketh Bank, has anyone seen her? She is black and white with a white spot on her back, 2yrs old. Please could everyone check their garages/sheds.

Any info would be very gratefully recieved as the children are missing her. Please telephone 01772 816947

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs N Currie, 22nd April 2010

Free Piano

Dear Sir,
I have a K Boyd, Paris Ebony upright piano, with markings 'Supplied by Crane & Sons Ltd' and bought by my Grandfather during WW2. Serial No. 110701. I still have the bill of sale somewhere too.

This old very piano is sadly available for a new home as we are moving house shortly. It has not been played for many years. It needs some work, stuck keys, tuning, may be more etc. Anyone who would like it can have it as long as they can collect it.

NOTE added 23/3/2010: Thank you for your interest, the piano has a new home.

With many thanks,
Michelle Stephens, 15th March 2010


Dear Sir,
We are a small, happy and fun loving group of singers who have formed a new group. Its purpose is to visit Day Centres, Homes for the Elderly etc to entertain the residents by singing old favourite songs that they can join in with. We have a vacancy for a male and female member.

We are looking for two people who will fit in well with the other members. Being a brilliant singer is not necessary. It is only essential that you can sing in tune and have a cheerful , happy disposition, plus a good sense of humour. You must be committed to attending rehearsals and performances and help other members in whichever way you can.

If you fancy giving it a go could you contact Anne Jones on 01772 812845 for further details.
Anne Jones, 17th January 2010

Lost tabby kitten corner Blackgate Lane / Church Road

Dear Sir,
My family and I live on the corner of Church Road and Blackgate Lane. Yesterday evening 2nd April at about 5.30 our 12 month old female tabby cat went missing. She doesnt venture out much so we suspect she may have got locked in somewhere or lost. Could any one who reads this check outbuildings.

Any information would be gratefully received and there is a reward for her safe return. Our children are desperately worried about her. Her name is BooBoo. Could call 07968742184 with any information or send it to this website and I will try and pick it up from here.
Many thanks,
Andrew Foden. 3rd April 2009

Missing African Grey Parrot

Dear Editor,
Missing Grey Parrot from Glenpark Drive approx 2:30 pm on Saturday 14th March.
If found please contact Tel: 814008 or Mobile 07802 494073
Sue Brookfield, 15th March 2009

Grey Cat Found

I Have found a cat in our garden shed, unfortunately it has an injured leg and we have taken him to the vets, he is gray with a white chest, he is safe in our home will food and comfort, if he is yours or think he is yours please contact: 01772 816373 if he is not claimed me and my family will be more than happy to keep him

Thank you,
John Flynn, 29th November 2008

Seeking Melanie Ashcroft

We are trying to find the whereabouts of Melanie Ashcroft. In 1994 we purchased a horse for our daughter Katie from Melanie. Mel had owned Tess since she was a foal. I think Mel lived in Hesketh Bank but Tess was stabled at Banks.

Unfortunately, Tess has died and my daughter would like to meet up with Melanie and show her all the photos of Tess and how well they did together in competition; at one point Tess was Welsh Veteran Champion. We loved Tess and know that Melanie did too and my daughter feels it is only right that we let Mel know. If anyone could help in the search for Melanie we would appreciate it.

[EDITORS UPDATE 4th November - Mel has now been in contact with Karen]

Karen Bury, 28th October 2008

Nursing Badge Wanted

I am seeking to purchase an Ormskirk Hospital Nursing Badge (I qualified in 1987), mine was stolen from my uniform and they are irreplaceable. The badge is blue and silver and features the bridge at Wrightingon Hospital (the 2 hospitals were combined at one time).

If you can help please either post a message on this board or contact me via my email address: vally64(AT) remembering to change the (AT) for @.

Mrs Val Wall, 1st August 2008


Family in Sydney, Australia looking for house and car swap in Tarleton and Hesketh Bank area during Christmas holidays 2008/9.

Three-bedroomed house and estate car in Forrestville is available for exchange for the period approximately 12th December to 10th January, although accomodation only needed 20th December to 10th January. 

If interested please contact 01772 815722 for further details.
Julia Cooper, 17th June 2008

Maintenance of Tarleton Church Yard

It has come to my notice recently that volunteers are needed to help with the maintenance of St Mary's Churchyard in Tarleton. I am sure many people are unaware of the situation and would be only too willing to help keep the churchyard in the neat and tidy condition, that it now stands.

Anyone interested in helping could contact the vicar or members of the PCC. Tarleton has a churchyard to be proud of, let us help to keep it that way.

Brenda Barker. 12th May 2008

Writers Workshop

Dear Editor,
I would like to ask local residents if anyone would be interested in joining a writers workshop? Meetings will be held locally and on a night to suit the majority.

Enquiries:- Sue TEL : 07754-203-701

Sue Rigby, 23rd November 2007

Can Anyone Help?

We are new comers to Hesketh Bank and love it here. We would be glad to have any local knowledge of footpaths in the area. Also does anyone know of someone who can layer a hedge, we have a badly neglected hawthorn hedge, about 12 yards, and would love to rejuvenate it as we're keen on wildlife gardening.

Does anyone know of a local handyman who could do fencing with chain link fencing and concrete posts? We have 35 yards to do and as we are pensioners, can't tackle it ourselves now.

Tel: 811528

Mo and Nev Bentley, 7th November 2007


We have recently moved into Hesketh Bank and my sister, older single lady would love to come here too . It must be a small, reasonably rented flat, in a quiet area, but in Hesketh Bank. I would be very grateful for any help in this matter.

Tel 811528

Mo Bentley, 7th November 2007

Friends of Tarleton Holy Trinity School

Dear Editor,
As the new chair of the Friends of Tarleton Holy Trinity School, I and the new committee would like to extend a warm invitation to any parents, grandparents, friends or in fact anyone who would like to come along to our monthly meetings.

Although we are a registered charity and have a committee structure, we are very much a group of friends who meet regularly and organise events in order to raise money for all the children within the school. The money that is raised, from events such as the annual Spring Fayre, Fashion Shows, a sponsored Bog Eyed Jog and numerous others, goes towards many exciting and interesting things for the children. These include a newly built ICT Suite, visiting workshops (for sport and music) and a Life Bus that comes to school to help children with their Personal and Social education.

If you think you could spare some time to help, even if you can't attend the meetings but could lend a hand at an event or have a special skill we could use, we would be really pleased to see you. Our next meeting is on Thursday October 11th.

For more information, feel free to email me at joannelloyd75 (at) More information can be found on the school website at

We look forward to hearing from anyone wanting to help!

Best Regards,
Mrs Joanne Lloyd, 30th September 2007

Hospital Badges Wanted

Retired Nurse collects enamel Hospital Badges, Greaves Hall, Southport Promenade, Southport Infirmary, Ormskirk Hospital. Any others welcome especially from the local hospitals around Southport, Preston, Wigan etc. Fair Price Paid.

Contact : Arthur - 01704 821634

Arthur Wright, 31st August 2007


Lost black catLost from Norwood Avenue 28th June. Wearing a purple collar & is microchipped. A reward is offered for his return. Please contact 01772 811309 / 07834 619177 with any information. Thankyou.

Lisa Anfield, 17th July 2007




Missing Dog

Hello, my white bichon frise dog has gone missing on Monday 25th June from 16 Chapel Lane, Banks. I would like to offer a reward to anyone who finds him. Could you please mention this on the website and ask anyone who has seen him to contact me. My telephone number is 07961 826829

Fiona Mohan, 25th June 2007

Cat poisoning information

The information that has been forthcoming from readers who wished to remain anonomous has now been passed to the Police.

Editor, 14th May 2007

Cat poisoning

I live on Foxglove close & my cat came home Wed morning really sick. After a visit to the vets it was found he had a temperature of 104 and was seriously ill, possibly poisoned! After a short stay in hospital he is on the road to recovery but I would like to warn other residents who’s cat might not be so lucky.

Pauline Johnson, 14th May 2007


Dear Editor,
My husband and I will shortly be moving to Tarleton from Southport and are seeking secure caravan storage facilties within the area. We would be grateful if you could e-mail us on susan51 (at) if you have or know of any such storage.

Mrs Susan Langley, 8th May 2007

One cat found - but dead.

I mailed on the 27th April and reported a missing cat and in the same letter mentioned we had lost one a few weeks ago.

We found this first lost cat today in our garden. She had clearly been trying to get home but had died just outside our back gate... she was poisened.

If someone has any information about what / who might have done this, please contact the editors of Hesketh Bank website or contact the police. This cat was found by my young daughter..... whoever is doing this has NO idea about the pain it is causing.. I still hope to find Minty alive.....

Janet Read, 30th April 2007

My Cat Is Missing

I live on Chapel Road. 15 months ago, we lost one of our cats (Ollie - aged 18 months) to poisoning; she died in our arms in the vets. Three weeks after that, our other young cat (Minty) went missing but was miraculously found after someone found him half dead (possibly also poisoned) on Chapel Road and took him to the vets. We got a new cat in September (Tillie)and three months ago, she vanished. We wondered if she had simply left home, she was white with a bit of tabby.

This week, Minty, our two and a half year old cat has vanished - now we have no cats left and it seems that poor Minty, who survived one dose of poisoning has come to a sad end. For twelve years we lived in Glen Park Drive and never lost a cat. Our children, and us, are distaught. To lose so many lovely cats is beyond belief. Please check your garages and outbuildings for our cat, and please look around and see if there is anything on your land that could have poisoned our cats.

This is giving us a very bad feeling about our neighbourhood.

Janet Read, 27th April 2007

Missing Cat

The great news is, we found him !!! Well, actually he came home at 3am in the morning on day 10, traumatised and a little thinner. We would like to say that we were stoked by the response from the community, nothing short of astounding, it's restored our faith in people and has made us feel really comfortable in Hesketh Bank.

In our search we also came across a number of other stray black cats, one on Station Road (towards the brow), in the churchyard opposite Spar, another on a farm on Shore Road where a lovely family had "detained" a black cat with a yellow collar after seeing one of our posters (when I say detained I mean he had happily made himself at home in their living room, relaxing on their guests knee when we arrived), I've checked with the local vet who said that a black cat with a yellow collar was reported missing from Shore road end of May, so if anyone is looking... Finally, a big thanks to you for putting it on the website for us, so..... THANKS !!

Cheers, Lisa.

Lisa Anfield, 3rd July 2006

Please help us find our Cat!

Lost Black CatA beautiful 2 year old male black cat has gone AWOL around 22 / 23 June in the Hesketh Bank area near fields backing onto Norwood Avenue. He probably has no collar (he loses one every two days !!) but is microchipped.

If you have any information please contact Lisa on 01772 811309 / 07834 619177.

Thanks for your help.

Lisa Anfield, 26th June 2006


Missing Cat

Can anyone help - our 4 year old cat has gone missing. She is a black short hair with no collar but is microchipped. She has a 2" stump for a tail and is very friendly. Last seen on The Brow, Hesketh Bank on 28 April.

Reward offered for her return. Any information to Jane on (01772) 811702.

Thank you.
Joseph Worden, 1st May 2006

Sci-Fi Books

Dear Editor,

As you may know the Library at Hesketh Bank has now closed. I have a collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy books that we had in the library and I wonder if you could put them on the website to see if any one would like to have them. It is a shame to see them all get split up as they where a gift to us from a Science fiction fan. The books are all free to a good home - please contact brianbirkby (at) for more information.


Brian Birkby, 25th April 2006

Pictures WANTED

If anyone has any old pictures of "School Houses" on Liverpool Road, Sollom, preferably when the building was a school, so before 1899. [UPDATE 30/12/2010 - Information no longer required - contact details deleted]

Mark Baybutt, 16th March 2006

To All Pet Lovers

On 23rd December our much loved 8 year old cat paased away after being suddenly taken violently ill. Clearly we were distraught, especially as she had been perfectly healthy, and the symptoms suggested that she may have been poisoned.

Since this incident four other cats from the houses in our local vicinity have also passed away. All the cats were young and healthy, and all had exactly the same symptoms. One of the cats was taken to the vets, and although it was unfortunately too late to save the cat, it was confirmed that it had been poisoned.

I am sorry to have to write such a morbid letter, but it appears that the actions of one very sick and cruel individual in our neighbourhood (Chapel Road, Hesketh Bank) are causing great distress and pain to many others.

The police are already investigating this matter, but I would urge anyone with any information that may be of assistance to please contact us either via this website or by emailing me at PJLynas (at) We would also ask any cat owners living either on Chapel Road or in the surrounding area to be extra vigilant as we would hate for this to happen to anyone else.

Many thanks,
Pete Lynas, 8th March, 2006

Max Lost

Please could you put our missing dog on your website. I noticed you have done this for someone in the past. His name is Max and he's a German Shepherd. He went missing from Hundred End Farm last night (Sun). There is a reward for his return.

Please contact Fiona on 01772 816414.

Many Thanks,
Fiona Mohan, 31st October 2005

Water Bottles Required

We (44th Ormskirk scouts) are currently on the look out two matching water bottles, no not the type that keep you warm on cold winter nights. The sort of bottle we are looking for are those really big ones that sit on the top of the coolers for drinking water. Its all part of an evening of building water rockets with the scouts.

The bottles must be identical as one is to be cut down and used as a nose cone. That combined with the fact in flight damage could occur to them means we cant guarantee the safe return of any bottles we use. If you dont really understand quite what I'm talking about here take a look HERE.

Paul Hipwell. 27th October, 2005

Adventures of a Springer Spaniel

Adventures of a Springer Spaniel or I Was Lost and Now I'm Found or I Was On a Mission - not quite sure which heading this should have. I suppose it depends on who is telling the tale, myself or Bryn.

The story really began on Friday night, when Keith decided to go out for a drink to the Anchor at Hutton, no drink driving, so a taxi home leaving the car overnight. The following day his brother picked us up to go for the car, and we left the dog in the garden as usual. We did what shopping was needed and back home, only to be told by friends across from us that Bryn had got out. They had of course tried to get him back in, but he had decided that he was not being left - my mum has gone a walk and she has gone without me - I'm going too.

I have found out from different people this seems to be the route he took in his task to find us:

  • First stop the Tarleton playing fields and the woods then
  • over the fields to Meanygate and back around to the playing fields no sign of mum so played a while then
  • down the public footpath through to Hesketh Lane towards Tarleton village then
  • down Gorse lane towards Moss Hey and the main Southport Road
  • then down the main road to the traffic lights and back into the village but this time down Blackgate Lane and round again (he was seen at the top Blackgate Lane near the Nat West Bank Sunday lunchtime), if he walked along passed the shops he would have been back on Gorse Lane, then home.
  • By Sunday night he had crossed the carriageway over to Holmes and was seen by a worker from HuntaPack running up the road towards Blundell's nurseries on the grass verge.
  • Next sighting was on Tuesday on Longton bypass at Walmer Bridge - the school crossing lady found him asleep on the grass verge but, being startled, he shot off down Dob Lane.
  • The next we heard was he had been seen at Midge Hall by a lady who tried to get him in her car but no way was he having that so he ran off again into the nursery at the cross roads where the roads go to Bretherton or Leyland and that was the last sighting we heard of until he was found.

As all this happening to him we had put posters about him everywhere, phoned all the vets in a twenty mile area around, and left our phone numbers. Chorley, South Ribble Preston and Ormskirk dog wardens and the Police in the area had all been informed as well. We even put it in the Evening Post and all the local village web sites and it was going on Radio Lancashire on the day we found him.

Every day we set of looking for him at first going all the routes that we go on our walks then all around on my bike and then after the calls about him in the car to the area, even called at the butty bars at Leyland and left posters just in case someone saw him - it was at one of these that we met one of South Ribble cleaners. "Tell my boss" he said, "he will put it out over the radio to all the lads working the area to keep watch for him". They then sent me round to the lads that collect the bins, so the network of people looking kept increasing in size every day.

We could do no more only keep looking and wait . Friday morning we drove around again setting off at seven in the morning going round and round, back for breakfast about ten thirty, it was then we got a call from the kennels at Oswaldtwistle they were sure they had him. "Brought in on Wednesday" they said. When asked them to see if the dog had one black claw on his front paws, yes, its him, she said. Off to the kennels but no, it was not our dog yet felt so sorry for the dog, his tail wagging ninety to the dozen thinking he was going somewhere. Bryn was still missing.

The adventures of Bryn the SpanielHalf way back we got the call from South Ribble dog warden that a Springer had been found at Hutton at the Anchor Inn. We got there, and yes, it was Bryn. He had been found asleep in the bushes by the chef and and one of the bar staff. He was worn out and hungry and the dog warden was with him and feeding him with bits of chicken he was shaking and very scared but soon came round when he saw us and got stuck in the chicken. After all the thank you's he curled up in the well of the car at my feet as close as he could get looking very bedraggled and sorry for himself ready to go home.

This is as much as we knew until Friday night a gentleman rang to say that he thought the dog he saw near the Police Headquarters may have got hurt by a cars wheel and was not sure if it was ours Bryn has got a limp (there was a report of a dog of Bryn's description being clipped by a car outside the Police Headquarters at Longton) but has seen the vet and we will be keeping watch on it otherwise he just wants to sleep and eat.

We walked just to the shops in the village with him today and he seemed to look at me as if to say” call that a walk”

All I can say is that he has been a very lucky dog, and that we thank everyone out there for all the help and good wishes we have received over the six days he was missing - just all the posters to take down now if we can find them all!

Again Thank you.
Bryn, Joyce & Keith Walmsley, 26th September 2005


A BIG THANK YOU. We have our dog back... Yip Heeee. Many thanks to all the businesses in Mere Brow who were more than happy to have our posters in the shops regarding the missing dog, the dog walkers on Leisure Lakes who I bumped into, the local school for putting a notice on the Notice board, Boarding Kennels and Caravan Park.

She was found a mile from Leisure Lakes by Mr. Pimlott of Banks Southport while walking his friends dog. She had made her bed in a dry ditch on a local farm, and lived rough for 10 days, I don't know how much longer she would have lasted living rough with little or no food.

A big thank you to Mr. Pimlott and to Vanessa your local Dog Warden for returning her to us. Our family is now complete.

Bev Forber, Prescot, Merseyside, 23rd January 2005


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