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I've just noticed a letter dated 9/03/14 from a Mrs. Joan Clark about aircraft noise over Tarleton.

Surely there must be some way of finding out who owns the aircraft and where they fly from?

The noise is loud, annoying and obtrusive. It also seems to go on for hours. Who wants to be outdoors at anytime of year and be forced to listen to that?

If anyone is knows anything about who owns the aircraft and where they fly from please let me know so i can make a formal complaint about this noise pollution.

My email is: michaelandrewnorris (at)


Michael Norris, 14th December 2014


Dear Editor,

Is anyone else fed up with the drone of a small plane flying round and round above Tarleton and Hesketh Bank? As soon as we have a pleasant day weather wise, a plane starts to do the loop the loop over Tarleton and flying round and round for what seems like an hour at a time. It then disappears to return, probably with a different learner pilot for another hour. It is overhead most weekends and even during the week.

With what we hope will be a pleasant summer after an awful winter are we going to have to sit or work in our gardens to the constant drone of a small plane overhead?

Mrs Joan Clark, 9th March 2014

3G Communal Meeting

Dear Sir,

At the hearing of the Licensing Sub-Committee held on 4th September 2012 it was resolved that the DPS? Premises Licence Holder will advertise & hold a communal meeting giving at least 14 days notice every quarter to discuss issues relating to the operation of the premises.

I was at the hearing along with some other members of the community & Mr Steve Kirby agreed to chair the meetings, minutes of which would be taken & signed by those present.

I was under the impression that a date had been agreed for the first meeting of Tuesday 6th November but this cannot be right as it is less than 14 days away & no notices have gone up to inform people.

Can anyone shed any light on this please? I have spoken with the licencing office at Derby Street but as yet have not had a reply from them re a date.

Mrs D. Cornwall, 30th October 2012

Meadow adjacent to Plox Brow

Meadow owned by Tarleton C.E Church needs desperate attention

I’m a resident of Meadow Park Residential Park Home, and overlook the disgraceful neglected overgrowth of this meadow. It’s a terrible view from my window, has not been attended to for almost 18 months and it’s affecting my enjoyment of garden and patio as it is spreading wild growth of very high clumps of nettles in the summer.

Enviromentally unfriendly as the pheasant, wild life, bees & butterflies have no longer any plant life to gather their life source of pollen due to overgrown state of numerous feet high of wilderness.

Could the church please instruct a responsible gardener or nursery man to cut all this disgusting state down, and a planting scheme of wild flowers to protect the environment of our precious bees and butterflies that are being starved into extinction because of lack of interest in the environment.

A Christian approach to the preservation of all Gods creatures would be a wonderful start by bringing back the natural state of this sadly neglected meadow that spoils the pleasure of residents who pay their council tax in order to live in decent civilised conditions.

Pat Northall, 24th February 2012

Unsocial Behaviour

I share Tom McCleery's horror at the litter and vandalism following a drinking party outside the Hesketh Bank village hall. An analysis of this recent local trend and an action plan was presented to the Hesketh- with-Becconsall Annual Assemby by PC Phil Corrigan on 11th May. Some of the youths may be coming in from elsewhere in the district making detection more difficult. It needs public viligance to report suspicions and help squash this local criminal irritant.

Councillors Steve Kirby and Maureen Baldwin (who is also an experience youth worker) have implemented the village and improved facilities for youth in the village, as have the Kingsfold Christian School with a big youth club in their splendid new premises.

Parish councillors provide unpaid community service and - unlike Westminster - Hesketh Bank politicians claimed no expenses last year. Constructive suggestions on a viable remedy for this behavioural problem are very welcome,and I'm sure the public will obtain more voice in in the future on what goes on.

Trevor Roberts (Cllr) 18th June 2009

Welcome To Village Life (Hesketh Bank Style)

Hesketh Bank Village InstituteAnyone visiting the Hesketh Village Institute, the Band practice hall, or the Happy Days Nursery this morning would have first had to negotiate two empty beer bottles on the entrance road.  These were thrown there the previous evening by teenagers leaving the now traditional weekend underage drinking sessions held in the area.  As well as the usual loud swearing, one of the youths also relieved himself against the entrance pillar, in full view of the main road, passing traffic and the houses opposite.

Anyone who had stopped this morning would have seen a damaged pillar, left without repair, the posts which once held the sign for the Institute , vandalised and left lying on the road previously, and the obvious litter and evidence of drinking from the previous night. 

Vandalised concrete fence panels at Hesketh bank Football ClubHad they walked in the area they would see the football field perimeter fence deliberately vandalised and removed in section to give youths access to the football stand. 

The evidence of the previous nights drinking would again be clear to see.  The whole area is littered with broken alcohol bottles, and this is where parents come to drop their children at a Nursery – what a welcome.  The area is also next door to a residential care home for the elderly – at least the youth had the decency not to pee on their entrance pillar!

Why weren’t the police called?  Local residents and the Care Home staff have called the police on numerous occasions. More pertinent questions are these – This area, and this problem are both well known to local Councillors and the Police. Why do both these bodies, whose duties are to support the community continue to rely on local residents reacting to unpleasant situations.  Why have they not formulated and applied a concerted PROACTIVE response to this ongoing problem.  

Is it fair and decent that five year olds should have to step over broken beer bottles on Monday morning on their way to Nursery?Underage drinking den in the Football Stand

Is it right and proper that vulnerably old people in their care home apartment should be unsettled and scared by loud an aggressive swearing coming through their window. Is this what Hesketh Bank Village accepts?

As a resident I am angry that my Councillors and the Police are not addressing this issue.  Indeed the Councillors are actually proposing to erect an unsupervised Multi Use Games Area  facility in the area – exactly where a similar facility had to be removed from, at great expense, due to it exacerbating  anti-social behaviour.

I am ashamed that my village accepts such a shabby image, and accepts such low standards for young people going to Nursery, and the vulnerable old in a Care Home.

As a professional who has worked with young people all my life I am deeply concerned about the future. Every study conducted both in Britain and elsewhere shows that teenagers, whose community give them the message that anti-social behaviour is acceptable, and that there are no consequences, go on to become very anti-social adults.  Have any of these youths, or their parents been taken to task? 

Surely we are capable of better ?

Tom McCleery. 15th June 2009

Ignorant Dog Owners

I live on Moss Lane, and on Sunday 1st March I was looking out of my living room window, a lady, (correction a female) was walking her dog, the dog stopped and done its POO. This person allowed it and walked on without cleaning up, I went to my door and pointed out to the woman about what I had just seen. This person replied saying that she could assure me that her dog had not done a poo. I couldn't believe her ignorance, This woman was probably in her late 40's early 50's fair hair tied back she had a short brown sheepskin type jacket on and dark trousers, the dog was a black Labrador type dog. I was only sorry I hadn't followed her to see where she lived so I could report her.

I hope if any readers of this letter recognise her and her dog let her know I have written this letter, and hopefully she feels ashamed of herself because she is probably the type of person that doesn't read these type of letters or maybe can't read because there are enough signs around about dog fouling and she has never bothered to read just like she couldn't be bothered cleaning her dogs mess up. Neighbours of mine have small children who walk to school along Moss Lane and its just not fair, this person was a well dressed person so at a guess she wouldn't like to step in this type of matter and have it walked into her home just like most people, so why do these people have dogs when they can't clean up after them.

For some reason Moss Lane and Boundary Lane seem to be just one big toilet for dogs, I just can't believe how ignorant some dog owners are.

Mrs S Powell. 2nd March 2009

Footpath Fouling

Dear Editor

No doubt when you see the subject of my letter you will immediately think 'dog'. You will be wrong. I am so annoyed I just had to write a letter to someone.

Last night at about 11.30 when I was in bed reading, with the window open I could hear someone on the footpath outside our house on Glenpark Drive. When they didn't seem to be moving on I got up and looked out of the window and saw three boys about 15 years of age. As they were squatting in next doors driveway I couldn't see what they were doing but the way they were acting was enough for me to wake my husband and we both went to investigate by which time they had just gone. One of them had excreted in next doors drive, thrown some in our garden, put some on Glenpark footpath and also wiped excrement on the windscreen of our car which was parked on the road. I was nearly sick? The boy who did this must have stank to high heaven when he got home!

Dogs get bad press because of fouling the footpaths although it isn't the dog at fault its the owner who should know better and clean up after their pet. I'm speechles.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Price, 17th May 2008

Misuse of Carr Lane Sports Fields

What a great sight; hundreds of parents and children enjoying the sports fields and facilities in Carr Lane. But, recently, what a worrying sight to see parents watching their children riding miniature motor cycles around the playing fields around and amongst children and families trying to enjoy the facilities away from the dangers of road traffic.

As an ex motor cyclist I know how extremely dangerous this weight of metal can be even at relatively low speeds. Providing helmets and safety clothing for their own children to ride these small motor bikes shows that the parents appreciate the danger to their own children; but alas, appear to care a great deal less for other people and their children.

Is this activity not illegal on public land?

Alan Dickinson, 21st September, 2005

Tarleton Bowling Club

Proposal by Tarleton Bowling Club to extend licencing hours daily to 1am
Living within the immediate area of the club, we have throughout the years, been subjected to noise issuing from the club. They eventually installed extra glazing, which has resulted in less noise from within the club.

However, there is a considerable amount of noise when customers are leaving the club! People waiting for taxis, or generally shouting, swearing, banging car doors, and general levels of noise as they make their way home down the local lanes. Many nights have been distrubed, due to their lack of respect to local residents, many of whom have small children who are woken from sleep. No-one in authority seems to be around to keep noise levels down. If Tarleton Bowling Club were allowed to increase licencing hours, this would result in increasing numbers of people flooding into the club when other local pubs have served their last orders. Consequently there would be people noisily coming and going every night of the week, especially weekends, resulting in more disturbance within the area. And don't forget last orders at 1am can mean 2am when people have finished their drinks and leaving the club.

Sutton Lane, where the bowling club is situated, is a residential area, consisting largely of families and children. In my opinion and that of other local residents, it would be totally inappropriate for the club to be allowed to open for even longer hours.
I hope the licencing authority have the common-sense to reject this proposal and urge those living in the locality to express their concerns.

Mr & Mrs Heaton, 24th July 2005

Cropper Gardens

Dear Editor,
It seems that working hard, paying your bills and obeying the law means nothing when you have to be subjected to people like my neighbours.
We have to two children that can' t play outside their gate because of fear for their safety, we are constantly hearing shouting and noise from their house it doesn't matter if it's day or night or what ever the time is, to top it up there was a raid for drugs on their house only 3 weeks ago.
Cropper gardens lives in fear of speaking and puts up with these peoples behaviour because what else can we do?
We have tried to sell our house twice in the last 12 months but nobody buys it because of the street reputation. Because of these people we are being prevented from moving on, and losing money as time goes by.
something needs to be done. CAN ANYBODY HELP ?????

Ana Faria, 7th January 2005


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