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Local News
I have just read local news and it isn't all news, some dates are 2005!! and the latest seems to be the scarecrow and pumpkin events which are over.
Mo Bentley, 7th November 2007

Dear Editor,
I usually enjoy looking at the letters on the web when I have a few spare minutes at work but there is very little action at the moment and no new posts since the middle of May!
What has happened to all the lively debate etween the councillors and the regulars at the council meetings? I miss them so please write in soon - I'm getting bored!
Sue Lunt, 7th June 2005

Having considered Andy Parkinson's letter, I feel I may have done the Forum Administrator an injustice. I made the assumption he was a qualified professional who received payment for his service. If this is not the case and he was a dedicated volunteer, then I apologise unreservedly to him for my comments.
However, I maintain that closing the Forum was not the solution.
Mike Winrow, 10th November 2004

In response to Mikes letter, the forum is certainly a big reason for site "revisits" and that as all webmasters know is what you are trying to build up.
However he seems to have a rather simplified view of the things required for forum moderation. Take for instance the idea of blocking IP addresses, yes great it works, but not everyone has a fixed one; mine certainly changes every time I drop my connection.
Then of course there is all those lucky AOL users that look to the forum server as if they are all using the same machine. AOL = ban one ban all.
If you think the editors taken his ball home Mike, well its his ball isnt it and if you'd like to bring your own out for us all to kick around (no double- entandre intended here) then you'd maybe see what a thankless and time consuming job it can be.
I think the letters page is a good alternative however. if the demand continues in line with the forums throughput your going to end up with a full time job. An alternative might be a forum (like slashcode) where posting is allowed by anyone but doesnt get shown to everyone until its been "vetted" by a moderator. That way nothing gets on that may be unwanted but its easier to administer than cut and paste emails and the job can be shared out. You can add me to the list of volunteer moderators, I think the forums important enough and should continue.
We shouldnt let the idiots win.
Paul Hipwell, 9th November 2004

I can't help but disagree with Mike. So far as I can tell this website is run by a dedicated volunteer. While I agree I would like to have seen the forum to continue, to call him incompetent is not only rude, but totally uncalled for. I suspect Mike's view is not widely held by many of the contributors to this site. The administrator runs this site for the benefit of others with no financial reward, and should be applauded.
Andy Parkinson, 8th November, 2004

I find it bizarre that considers it necessary to close the village forum due to the unacceptable posts of one individual.
While it is all very well ensuring individuals wishing to post messages have to agree to rules and conduct whilst on the forum, it is reasonably foreseeable that with this type of facility, someone will eventually try to abuse it. Forum Administrators must therefore be able to deal with this. All posters have an IP address which can be denied access to the Forum, surely this is a better solution than the rather childish "I'll take my ball home then" attitude. The community has now lost a valuable source of communication, local information and news not due to the undesirable poster, but to the incompetence of the Forum Administrator. If he lacks the ability to police a Forum, he should not be administering one.
Mike Winrow, 8th November, 2004

Just a quick note to say how gutted I am that the forum has closed. This facility was one of the main reasons I visited the site, and it is such a shame that the idiots have won. Could it not have been possible to just rescind the user accounts of the idiots, it feels like the idiots have spoiled what was a very enjoyable and lively section of the site.
Andy Parkinson, 7th November, 2004

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